Tom Riddle sat in his manor waiting for Luicus return, a cracking pop sounded off and the blonde man walked into the room, where the new and improved Tom Riddle sat waiting for him, he bowed onto his knee and kissed his Lord's hand "What news you have for me my dear Luicus?" He asked as he ran his hands though his silky hair

"I'm afraid the prophecy you asked for we could not find, we searched my Lord we even looked at records but we could not find any of this prophecy, however we did find one that maybe of impotence to you." He holds out the orb and let the dark hair Lord take it from his hands and looked at it,

"I the one I want was a lie…for what reason? What does this one say?" he asked as he threw the orb against the wall, a ghostly figure appeared that neither men knew, it was a child with and young girl

"An equal is born for the darkest of souls; to give him the light that he lost long ago a child he will bare him, conceive the day before of his age, but lovers beware of a man with hair white a snow for this equal could be his equal if the takes him before the Dark Lord." She then disappeared into the air like she was never there leaving only question and anger in her wake, Luicus looked at him wondering what he is thinking and also fearing it

"I don't care how you do it Luicus love but get me Harry Potter before his 17th birthday!"

It at the end of the 6 year that Luicus managed to captor Harry, the boy was walking the quiet halls of Hogwarts looking for a place to sit and think when Luicus walked over to him, at first Harry wanted nothing to do with the blonde man until he said "Has Dumbledore told you about the prophecy?" he asked Harry looked up at him wide eye

"What do you know about that?"

"I know he lied about the one where you kill the Dark Lord or the Dark Lord kills you." Harry frowned

"What are you talking about?"

"You are being lead like a lamb to slaughter; I can show you the real one if you like?" Harry watched him wearily

"How can I trust you, you have done nothing to show me I can trust you." He said looking so tried

"I only do what my Lord wants me to do." He said watching the boy closely; he bruised some of his unruly hair behind his ears seeing scars on his neck leading down to his shoulder…I wonder what is going on there then… Luicus thought to himself

"I don't want to kill anyone." He muttered "I just want to…"

"You don't even know what you want; Dumbledore has been controlling your life for so long, that what he tells you what you want." Harry looked at him and wondered if he was that readable, and sudden burst of anger swept thought him as he looked at the blonde that he stands up and clocks Luicus in the jaw

"DON'T SIT THERE AND...AND BE NICE TO ME!" He yelled as he turned away and started to walk away; standing up Luicus grabbed Harry by the wrist and pulled him back towards him then apparated out of the school while the wards was down.

They appeared in Riddle Manor's hall, Harry push himself away from the blonde before punching him again "WILL YOU STOP HITTING ME!" Luicus yelled as he went to strike the boy

"Luicus Riddle you will not hit him." Harry spun around and stared at the man in front of him, gone was he ghostly white skin and slit for nostrils, there was hair thick dark hair and a nose, pale healthy skin Tom Riddle looked hot …Oooh no…Harry thought, the blonde looked at Tom

"The boy has hit me twice?"

"Yes but the boy is use to abuse I think don't we should put this child though any more pain." He said as he ran a finger down the teen's face

"What are you going to do to me? What is this about the prophecy?"

"So many questions young one." Tom smiled as he looked at Luicus who smiled back with a wince, he nodded and pulled his wand out and pulled out the memory out the ghostly girl and placed it in a pensieve and placed it on the floor and waved his wand again and the ghostly child appeared again and spoke the prophecy again.

Harry stood there watching the girl speak; this is not what Dumbledore told him, once again anger bubbled up side of him and it started lashing out at object in the room, the pensieve was throwing into the wall were it embedded into the wall, others things were destroyed burning and smashing, Tom chuckled and laughed as he watched the object be destroyed, he grabbed Harry and pulled him close to his chest warping his arms around his arms "Shhhhh shhhh, don't fight me any more Harry." The teen struggled against him sweat dripping off his face, his chest heaving as he tried to get free; Luicus watched in amazement at the Dark Lord stopped the boy's destructive spree.

Once he calmed down Harry pulled himself away from Tom and sat on the floor looking up at them, his man still trying to wrap around what he heard what he saw, his grandfather figure thrown out the window "Let me get this straight I am your equal?"

"Yes."Tom said

"And that ghostly girl said I will bare you a child which I will conceive the day before my 17 birthday." Harry said

"Yes." The teen looked up at him

"If I gave you a child you will win the war... but the man with white hair, Dumbledore I'm guessing, if he got me pregnant than I will bare him a child and the light would win but it would cost more lives, if I'm getting this right?" he said, it was Luicus turn to speak up about things

"You magic is pure Harry you have never killed anyone, and with purity even so called Light Wizards will want to destroy it, they may think they are not but ill intention will kill the light you hold and will turn you dark." He tells the teen

"But if I let…let him…" Harry stopped unable to speak

"Your pure magic will stay pure, Dumbledore will want you to kill Tom, he will try to get you kill someone before he takes you he make you feel like you have no choice, he would say it will keep you out of prison or tells you that you owe him." The blond tells the teen, Harry sat there weighting up his options

"What will happen to me after it's born, it's clear you to are married of some sorts." Harry asked

"Nothing will happen to you, I have no plans on killing you now I know the truth, I have two equals you and Luicus, both of you hold a piece of my soul both are horcruxes , where with Luicus my soul shows the real Luicus Malfoy died some years ago when he agreed to take my soul to protect himself and me and the other one an unwilling child who destroyed me but took a part of my soul marking yourself in the process, my soul that lays with you has mixed with our own soul and magical core making who you are, you are both my equals and both special to me and I will keep you safe Harry and our child." Harry blinked at the man

"As will I Harry, I will keep you save." They stood there with open arms and pulling feeling hugged at his soul begging him to go to the men, he stood up and walked over to them, letting them warp his arms around him and letting him brake down and cry.