Harry found it hard to explain why he felt so save with these two men, one has been trying to kill him since he was born and the other showed no signs in caring for him at all, but finding out the truth can made people change, Dumbledore wanted him become a killer so he could control him, he also learnt that Luicus wasn't really Luicus but a piece of Tom Riddle's soul that lives inside of Luicus body, the real Luicus died long ago when the dark soul consumed his. He rested his head on Tom's lap while he sat on a throne; Luicus is sat next to him in his own throne and Harry is waiting for him to be made, Tom showed him a drawing of it and it will be placed in the middle of the two men, but for now he is content to sit on the large fluffy soft pillow by their feet and rest his head against Tom's lap.

Harry didn't want to see what was happening at the Death Eater's meetings go he always put on a muggle IPod on with head phone and closed his eyes, he didn't want to see what they were doing or who they were hurting, but one day Tom tap Harry's shoulder and the teen looked up at him and took the head phones off "Yes?" he asked

"Someone is here to see you; I want to know whether or not I should kill him?" Tom asked, Harry turned his head and looked back at the room, hundreds of black cloaked men and woman gathered around in a circle and in the middle was a man and not no one to Harry someone special to him

"Remus?" Harry whispered, he stood up but Luicus stopped him

"H...Harry?" Remus called out, he bloody and beaten he gasped as he tried to move out of Luicus grip,

"W…What are you doing let him go!" he called out

"You wish for the wolf to live?" Tom asked

"Yes… I want Remus to live!" he said looking pissed off, Tom didn't want his throne room ripped apart like last time, he smiled at the teen and took his finger's under his chin and made him look up at him

"Your dear friend may live because I want a happy Queen Consort not one who hates me."

"My Lord I do hate you." Harry said raising an eye brow, Tom chuckled and kissed him on the lips and Harry allowed him to

"Of course you do, but slowly you are not or otherwise you will hate my kisses." Harry frowned

"Please don't hurt him, he's already hurt so much." He whispered

"Of course." He tells him.

He turned back to the group who have been watching closely at the men's interactions "Severus." He called out; the dark hair man walked out from the other side of the room and bowed to them

My Lords." He said with a bit of a long 'tsk' instead of a 'sss' he looked at Voldemort

"You are requested that his wolf be kept alive have you not?" he asked

"I have my Lord." He said Harry watched him closely, he still didn't trust the man at all…why would he want Remus?… Harry wondered out to himself

"He is yours to take care of, see to it whatever that old fart did to him is gone and my dear vampire friend he is yours." He said, with that the dungeon bat nodded, turned and gathered the unconscious werewolf in his arms and left.

"Snape is vampire...I knew it." Harry said looking a Tom, who smiled at him, Lucius chuckled as pulled Harry onto his lap and made him looked up into the slivery blue eyes, Harry smiled up at him and nuzzled into his chest…nope still don't know why I feel safe with them…he thought. Harry was quiet happy to drifted off to sleep when he heard a scream and man scream, not a very mainly type of scream but still it belong to a man, opening his eyes he looked up to see Draco standing there wand pointed at Harry

"What is he doing here on your lap father?" the younger blonde growled…he must not know?… Harry thought as he watched him

"Draco put your wand down." Luicus said as he moved to stand up, he helped Harry to stand

"But is the light's golden boy, your meant to be killing him not using him as a pet!" he growled again, moving closer to the dark hair teen

"Draco, he is on your father's lap because Harry here is going to be our Queen Consort." The Dark Hair man said as he stood next to Harry and Luicus, Harry looked up at Tom with an innocent look, it made Tom wonder how anyone can look so innocent in the middle of all this war and blood shred,

"WHAT!" he yelled "Y...You going to have him in your bed?"

"Well we can't have you now can we." Tom smirked, Luicus chuckled as he looked back at Draco, the younger blonde seem to be getting anger and anger at this

"Don't say something you will regret Draco." Luicus said darkly, Harry jumped a little at the dark voice that sounds like Tom with he was pissed off

"Regret? Oh I will regret nothing when I get rid of that freak!" Harry jumped at that word and felt like slinking back as Draco raised his wand higher as was about to get say a curse but not before Luicus yelled

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" The green curse hit Draco square on the chest.

Draco let out a scream as he fell back onto the floor, Harry's eyes widen as he see he blonde boy on the floor his eyes widen and glazed over, he swallowed and looked up at Luicus who had a smiled on his face "Y…You just killed your own son?" he said

"He was not my son…remember."

"B…But you have been, you've been raising him like son all these years!" Harry started to panic, what if Luicus or Tom did the same tho their son or daughter, they haven't had sex yet but that was for the day before Harry's birthday,

"I will have other heirs." He said, Harry looked at the pair and felt himself panic his mind racing and it didn't take much for him pass out, he blonde frowned and turned and looked at Tom "What did I do?" he asked, the Dark Lord bent down and picked up their Consort and held him close

"I think he's worried that you will do the same to your really children love." He tells him as the blonde run's his hand though Harry's hair

"I would never do that not to our children, I have given Draco many chances to redeem himself but he failed very time, no his father cowardice has infected his mind. The children we will raise with Harry will be perfect because they are our blood."

"Ummm do we always sound soooo self righteous." Tom asked with a smiled as they walked over Draco's body, Luicus chuckled and turn to look at the group behind them

"Put a soul in the body and then give him to Fenrir." Luicus chuckled "It would be a shame to waist a good body."