Harry sat on the bed; he looked at the two men that walked into his room the door closed and locked behind them and wards went up around the room no magic can enter and no magic can leave, Harry looked scared as he watched them stand in front of him, he was wearing a green silk robe he couldn't see the point in wearing clothes that day, but he knew the other two wear dressed so he watched them take their clothes off and placed them in a chair.

Tom was the first to sit by Harry on the bed, the teen looked down to the floor and sniffed as he felt tears rolling down his cheeks "Shhhhh it will be okay, we will make sure it as painless as possible." Tom said as he moved a side the silk robe to kiss his shoulder feeling the teen shudder under his touch, Luicus walked over to them and sat on the other side of Harry and pulled the other side of his robe off

"Maybe we should give him something to claim his nerves?" The blonde said

"Perhaps your right." Tom stands and walks over to the table that had a empty glasses and a bottle of Pixy wine, he poured some into three glasses and pour a small bottle of calming potion into Harry's drink, he then handed it to the teen and let him drink it "To us." Tom said

"To us." Luicus said

"To us." Harry said quietly and threw back his drink.

It wasn't long before Harry was kissing Tom back as he let Luicus kiss and nip his shoulder as he undressed him, Harry let out a moan as he felt someone's cool fingers grab his cock and start stroking him "Ahhhhha!" he cried out as two fingers fingered him

"Ooooh Harry you are beautiful "Luicus." Moaned into his ear as he nipped at it as he twisted his fingers into him, Tom stroked Harry in time with Luicus movements making Harry a whimpering mess, both men moved their mouths to the teen's neck and started sucking on the tender skin.

Luicus moved his hand and placed it on Harry's stomach, there he could feel the teen's magic build he looked up at Tom who looked back at him with a smiled as the blonde pulled his fingers out of Harry and got a groan of disappointment making Luicus grin as he laid back and sat on the bed propped up by pillows and smiled as Tom helped Harry down on the blonde's length, Harry let out a cry as he felt his self get stretched open, he bite his lip to stop him from crying as he felt Luicus' hands on his hips "Shhhh it's okay my Raven." Luicus said to him, Harry looked down at him and sniffed as he tried to get the pain to go. Tom sat behind him and whispered in his ear

"Relax beautiful your only hurting yourself." He whispered, Harry let the men's touches wash over him as they move their hands hoping to help there husband relax, when he did finely relax he started rocking his hips which made Luicus growl and gripped his hands around the hips.

Tom watched as Harry slide up and down the blonde's cock, he licked his hips as he fisted his own hard cock "Ahhhh!" Harry cried out as his hand created long deep scratches in Luicus' chest, the Dark Lord couldn't take it anymore he moved closer behind Harry and pushed him down until he was laying on Luicus' chest with the blonde man's arms around him, Tom them coved his own cock in lube and then gently started to push it into Harry along side of Luicus. Harry let out a scream as he buried his face into Luicus neck as he felt the dark hair wizard side into him

"Tom?" Luicus looked up at him as he felt Harry cry into his neck

"Shhhhh Harry it will feel good soon I promise."


Hours later Harry laid curled in between Tom and Luicus who was watching the teen sleep, the clocks in the manor chimed midnight and both mean looked back at the teen waiting to see something happen, here was a small glow from under the sheets and Tom pulled it back "Does that mean it's work?" Luicus asked

"Of course it does love." He smiled as they watched the faint blue glow on Harry's stomach "Happy birthday Harry."

"Happy birthday love." The blonde said kissing Harry forehead.

Harry woke up the next day alone in bed, he frowned as he rolled over wincing in pain before he sat up, and he sat in the bed and looked around the large empty room, he see a note on the bed side table and picks it up his body aching as he moves, opening the note "Morning our love, sorry we're not there in the morning we have your birthday to plan, take the potion we left for you and have a hot soak in the bath. Always love Tom and Luicus" he read, Harry smiled feeling a million times better than when he first found himself alone, he picked up the potions and read the labels before downing them after a few minutes he felt better and less achy as he slide off the bed and headed into the bath room.