Author's Note: Hello guys, so I'm starting a new Kaitmus fic since they are the perfect pairing. My last Kaitmus fic did really well so hopefully this one will be even better. It's AU, and it may be a bit boring to start out with but bear with me, okay? Thank you guys for reading, reviewing and most of all, supporting me. Let me know what stories you guys would like to see in the future. Okay, enough of my chit chat... Enjoy.

It was another late night, another beer, another fight. That was the motto for the brawler Sheamus as he pulled up in the alley to park his car. A smile crossed his lips as he exited the vehicle. How many times had he came to this place? How many nights had he spent here beating up other tired souls like himself? The sound of shouting and chants filled the Irishman's ears as he walked into the all too familiar old building; the smell of sweat and old gym mats infiltrating his nostrils. This was his haven.

Sheamus couldn't feel more at home, because this was it.

Fighting. That was what he lived for. There was just something about it; the superiority, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, and people chanting your name in victory. He had loved it from the very beginning, street fighting, ever since he was living in the streets of Ireland by himself at the age of 15. Sheamus fought to entertain, to get pleasure, to earn money, and most importantly, because he loved it. He lived for fighting, it was all he had.

Tonight, he was lined up for a handful of fights and he couldn't be anymore happier. The ginger ran a hand through his fiery hair as he made his way to an empty room to change and get ready for his fight. He'd be facing his longtime enemy, Daniel Bryan, but that wouldn't be much of a fight for Sheamus.

A part of Sheamus felt content with fighting for the rest of his life, but another part of Sheamus felt like that there was something missing from his life.

Kaitlyn was working late night shift at the hospital again; but she didn't mind. She knew she'd be working wacky hours when she was going to college for being an emergency room doctor. The hospital was quiet that night though as the two toned blonde made her rounds on the many different floors of the big building smiling at different patients and offering friendly waves every now and again... Kaitlyn adored her job. This was her haven.

Kaitlyn couldn't feel more at home, because this was it.

Helping people. That was what she lived for. Ever since she was a little girl, playing pretend doctor and nurse with all her friends from school. She loved that little warm fuzzy feeling she got inside from just seeing the smile on someone else's face. Kaitlyn loved the fact that she could make other people's lives better. Working at the hospital was fun and adventurous. She never knew who she was going to meet, or who she was going to come across. She lived for helping people, it was all she had.

Tonight, the hospital was rather empty, so Kaitlyn was hanging out in the cafeteria until someone needed her. The food wasn't at all good here, but she had friends down there and the two toned blonde didn't feel like being alone. Only a few more hours and her shift would be over.

A part of Kaitlyn felt content with helping people for the rest of her life, but another part of Kaitlyn felt like that there was something missing from her life.

"Sheamus! Sheamus! Sheamus!" The crowd chanted as they circled around Sheamus and Daniel. The two were about to fight as they stood glaring at each other. Many people had bet a lot of money on Sheamus tonight so hopefully he would win. Suddenly a gunshot fired through the air, signaling the beginning of the brawl. The ginger and Daniel then ran and locked in a forceful grapple as the watchers and betters stared.

Punch after punch was delivered. Harsh kicks were sent into sensitive places. Hell, even some head butts had taken place as the people cheered on. Sheamus had control at the beginning of the fight, but by now, his nose was bleeding, and he couldn't hardly see out of his eyes.

Sure, he got injured a lot, but never this bad. Daniel was on his game tonight, because just like that, he had easily knocked Sheamus out and won the fight. The watchers booed and jeered as they saw Sheamus crawling away. Sheamus didn't care though, he was hurt, and he had to hurry and get to a hospital.

"This isn't over..." The Irishman spat out. He would get Daniel back eventually.

"Kaitlyn, we need you in surgery." Kaitlyn's pager had sounded and a smile came to her full lips. Finally, some action tonight. She was beginning to get bored but now that she was paged she headed to the operating room to help out with whatever surgery she could. Kaitlyn had a reputation around the hospital for being one of the best surgeons to have ever worked there, and she rightfully deserved that rep.

Surgery was always easy for the doctor. She never felt pressured, or rushed. Kaitlyn took her time and always got the job done. It was something that came naturally to her; like a hidden gift or talent. Finally, she was finished, after all, the surgery was only a few simple stitches.

"Kaitlyn, why don't you head home?" One of the nurses suggested. "There's really nothing here that we can't handle." The nurse explained. Kaitlyn nodded. Going home did seem like a good idea.

"Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow." Kaitlyn said and made her way out to the parking lot.

"See you."

This is the story of two people who need each other, and this story starts now.

As Kaitlyn reached her car, she looked up at the sky and admired the stars, when suddenly she heard a groan coming from somewhere. Confused, the blonde looked around but found nothing. Deciding it was just her imagination, she continued to unlock her car door, when suddenly she heard the groan again.

"Is someone there?" She asked aloud as she looked around again. This time she saw something off in the distance that caught her attention. Somehow, Sheamus had managed to get to the hospital, and there he was, laying in the parking lot practically bleeding out. "Oh my gosh!" Kaitlyn said as she ran towards the Irishman who was sprawled out on the ground. "Are you okay?" She asked as she took in Sheamus' rugged demeanor and appearance.

"Are you...?" Sheamus managed to get out in a recognizable Irish accent. "Are ya gonna help me or not, lass?" He rasped, as his green eyes glazed over. Was this girl an angel? That was all he could think as he looked up into her hazel eyes and memorized her two toned colored hair. Suddenly, he no longer felt like something was missing.

"Uh, yeah... Yeah... Just hang on..." Kaitlyn replied as she paged her team. There was something about this man, like something inside of her had just clicked. Kaitlyn was always taught that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this man was vital to her, and she was vital to him as well.

Author's Note: To be continued...?