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Oral Talents


Derek paused as he held up the little figurine of The Bean and stared over it at Spencer and his mother. It was now four p.m. and they were heading out to dinner, their day filled with random facts about nature's workings and the Buckingham Fountain.

The doctor was happily chatting animatedly to Ms. Morgan, her head nodding, enthusiastically urging him on. Derek's eyes were glued to his lips, the thin lines of flesh that had been catching his attention all day.


"Morgan, your mother says wake up," Spencer ground out, rubbing his irritated eye -his contact was giving him trouble- and sighing. He yanked the sheets off of Derek and threw them on the ground. He was fully dressed in tan slacks with a white shirt and a dark blue tie. His converse were of course at the door but his mismatched socks were thick on his feet, one light blue with darker blue anchors and the other with green and yellow stripes. He turned towards the door and started heading out of it when Morgan stopped him.

"H-how'd you sleep last night?" He asked, his eyes determinedly avoiding Spencer's, settling for the man's thin nose.

"Really? You're going to carry this on to today?" Spencer shook his head. "Of course you are, you already did. Were the marker and pig tails not enough, Morgan?" Spencer glowered, his mouth pulled in a pout. "As you obviously know, I slept like a log. I suppose I have you to thank for that?"

Derek looked taken aback. Did Reid know what he did? "Huh?"

"The pea. You must have gotten rid of it because I slept like a baby last night, Morgan. Thanks," the doctor snarled sarcastically, stomping down the hallway and stairs.

Morgan realized that Reid thought he was still teasing him and knocked himself upside the head. This could have been a blessing or the root of more problems. Should he apologize for the piggy tails?

He dressed and went downstairs, noting that his sister's shoes and coat were already gone and that the house smelled like pancakes. When he walked into the kitchen, he was immediately bombarded with a plate full of the delicious breakfast, teeming with syrup.

"Looks like you got your wish, Reid," Morgan teased, not sure whether or not to take the joke further.

Ms. Morgan sat down to her plate as Morgan put his on the table and grabbed a mug from the cabinet.

"What?" Spencer asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You dreamt about pancakes and now you have some."

Spencer lifted another bite into his mouth and chewed with a questioning look on his face. "How did you know I dreamed about pancakes?"

"Last night you were all 'Gimme my pancakes! Leprechaun, stop!'," Derek laughed as he poured the coffee.

The brunette blushed, his fork dropping onto the table and consequently the floor. "I talked in my sleep?" He demanded in horror.

"About pancakes, no less." Derek mouthed, "Weirdo," after he sipped his coffee and sat.

Ms. Morgan giggled and covered her mouth before speaking. "Aw, Dr. Reid, that is completely normal! Especially if it's something you're passionate about," she joined in the teasing good heartedly.

"Right. Passionate. Like pancakes."

Spencer's cheeks were still very red as he finished his pancakes. A light pink as Ms. Morgan asked him if he'd like to sit in the front seat and he declined. Almost normal when they were parking in front of the Museum of Science and Industry. And red again with excitement as he explained why lightning exists and how fires burn, much to the chagrin of the exhibit guide.

They then drove the thirty minutes to the Museum of Natural History, where the genius' instincts kicked into overdrive and any/every question that was asked -even under someone's breath- was answered to its fullest extent.

Most people learned to stay away from the doctor for a bit while he was in 'Must-give-information mode', but apparently not Fran Morgan. She questioned everything and anything she could and Dr. Reid was completely forthcoming with the information he had. Derek actually didn't find it as annoying as he thought he would. Spencer talking gave him an excuse to stare at those beautifully defined lips all he wanted. Unfortunately, that was as far as they had gotten even though they left the house at nine a.m. that morning.

They were in the gift shop now, looking at key chains for Dr. Reid to add to his satchel. Derek personally thought that there were enough but he couldn't be bothered to make his opinion known. His mother was enjoying herself and Spencer was a lot less angry. That was enough for Derek to keep his mouth shut.

The two key chains, $6.99 each though they were the size of a thumb, were now hooked to Spencer's man purse and both of Derek's arms were slung over his mother and his coworker.

Surprised as he was by the action, Spencer said nothing, remembering that he had woken up almost completely pressed against Morgan's side. He closed his eyes for a second as he remembered. Derek was lying on his back, his arm draped over his face. His other arm was tucked under his pillow, palm up, his legs spread out. Spencer's legs were tossed over Derek's right leg and his head was half hanging off the bed. He rolled out and grabbed his glasses, fully aware of how his privacy had been invaded. No bother, really. He considered Derek his best friend and was fine with sleeping together, though it was a little strange.

Angering, really, when he stepped into the bathroom and realized there was sharpie on his face and pigtails in his hair. He quickly pulled the ties out and scrubbed his face 'til it was raw. He noticed his lips were a little red and swollen as well, but he tied that to the vigorous assault to his face he had just finished.

"Please, momma," he came out of his daze to Derek's voice reminiscent of a thirteen year old.

"Derek, honey, I think we should ask Spencer." Both arms were still thrown over the other two and Derek held them close so that Ms. Morgan and Reid were facing each other on his chest as they walked. It was cold. It was really cold. It was snowing, Spencer noticed, his nose starting to burn. Oh, he hated snow. Hated it. Give him his dry heat and he was fine, but a little bit of rain or snow and he turned into a four year old.

"I don't care, Morgan. Anywhere, just out of the snow, please," he voiced, his head a little fuzzy from watching the snowflakes fall and stick to the ground.

"Alright, alright, alright." Derek happily lead the way to a sports bar half a block from where they were.

"Do you eat at these places often, Derek?" Ms. Morgan asked, probably looking at all of the meat and potato dishes and almost complete lack of vegetables.

"Often is an understatement, Ms. Fran," Reid chided jokingly as he set the menu down, already knowing what he wanted.

"Jolly, this isn't weird," Morgan frowned as he stared between his mother and Reid, the sarcasm oozing like juice from a lemon.

"What, sweetums?" Ms. Morgan questioned.

"My coworker calling my mom by her name like he's in middle school." He adjusted the bar stool underneath him so that it was closer to the small round table only big enough for four people.

"And Ms. Morgan was better, hon?" She smiled at him teasingly.

He juggled the idea in his head before shaking it. "True, true. Ms. Fran it is, then."

"You know," Ms. Morgan started as she sipped her water. "You're not working right now, why do you two still call each other by your surnames?"

Spencer shrugged. "I think it's because that's what we're used to. It's like those are our first names now seeing as how we only go by that daily."

Derek gulped his soda, his mom having banned him from beer since he was driving. "I think it bothers the ladies but not so much us," he said.

"Really?" Spencer scrunched his face. "I never noticed."

"Yeah, when we're at bars or clubs and we call Prentiss Prentiss, I see her flinch. JJ is JJ, that's been her name since she was young so it makes no difference. I never really call Garcia Garcia."

Reid gagged. "No, you just call her by pet names that aren't appropriate for the work environment."

"Oh, does he?" Ms. Morgan prodded. "Is there a relationship blossoming?"

Derek choked on his soda and Spencer giggled from behind his hand. Before getting a chance to explain, their waitress came back and asked what they wanted.

Derek ordered a steak and Fran and Spencer both got the grilled chicken salad. The waitress most obviously rubbed against Derek but he pretended not to notice and turned towards his mother to explain the situation.

"Momma, please, believe me. Absolutely no chance of a relationship going on there."

"Oh, but I love Penelope," Ms. Fran said, smirking at the look of confusion on her son's face. "We talk on the phone a lot and she loves to send me pictures through the mail of all of you. I was kind of hoping you two were together because she's so sweet," she explained.

Spencer started full out laughing, attracting a few looks from surrounding customers. "Ms. Fran, please believe us both when we say there will be no relationship between them. They flirt like there's no sun in the sky but it's really just an ongoing joke between them."

Derek nodded his head quickly, picking up his drink and talking before sipping. "I'm not exactly her type, momma. She's into the nerdy, computer geeks that she can have cyber warfare with."

Spencer choked on his apple juice when he realized that Morgan had used an euphemism.

Ms. Morgan took no notice and decided to change subjects. "How is Clooney, hon?" She asked, her eyes watching the bartender ignore a larger woman who was trying to get his attention.

"He's fine. Getting along in age and I have him put up in a doggy kennel for now. I feel really bad but I thought I'd go see my momma anyway."

She nodded, her eyes still narrowed at the bartender. "I don't know why you chose to raise a dog when your job takes you around the country daily."

Derek was about to open his mouth when the food came and the waitress eagerly stood behind Derek while passing it out.

Ms. Morgan was already annoyed and this woman annoyed her even more. "Young lady, I suggest you get your paws away from my son before I do it for you. He's out enjoying the day with his boyfriend and mother and I'd appreciate it if you could back off."

Spencer was surprisingly calm as he dug into his salad, his eyes meeting the woman's briefly before taking another forkful. Derek said nothing but if the waitress was standing in front of him instead, he'd have given away the ploy before it had even started.

"Y-yes, ma'am," she said, backing away.

"You better tell that bartender to do his job properly and serve everyone before I get behind the bar and do his job for him, understood?" Fran was menacingly narrowing her eyes, the fork in her hand being used as a pointer.

"Yes ma'am," the woman replied, turning on her heel and heading to the bar. When her back was visible, Spencer's face immediately turned red and he clapped his hands over his face.

"Ms. Fran," he whined.

Morgan gulped before cutting into his steak. "Momma, no kidding. That was bad ass and all but warn us next time?"

"Language, Derek," she reprimanded. "Did you want that woman all over you or not?"

Derek shook his head. "Then it was fine. She won't bother you anymore and I solved that nasty bartender's problem," she snarled as she watched him serve the larger woman. "I'm sorry, Spencer, Derek. It just popped out of my mouth, I wasn't even planning on it."

Spencer shook his head, taking another forkful of his salad.

"Hey, kid, you took that pretty well until the end. I could barely contain my yelp," Derek raised an eyebrow.

"Unlike you, I'm amazingly superb at my job," Spencer shot, a smile on his face.

"So because my brain isn't the size of a basketball, I'm less efficient than you?" Derek quipped.

Spencer finished chewing before talking again. "No, it just means you have the smarts of a Neanderthal."

Derek gasped around a mouthful of steak, putting a hand to his heart. "Why, baby, you hurt your hunk." He found that he quite liked calling Spencer 'baby'.

"Baby?" Spencer dropped his fork and the corner of his mouth rose. "Baby?" He repeated. Ms. Fran was watching the two with amusement as she munched on her salad. "I am not a young child who cannot walk or speak. As you can see, I'm quite capable of oral communication."

Derek swallowed his steak with much difficulty, his face feeling hot as he thought about last night. "Trust me, Spencer, I'm fully aware of your oral talents." He rolled the name off his tongue and loved the way that felt.

For some reason, the use of his name made the doctor blush and the way Derek had spoken actually made Ms. Morgan pause in the process of bringing food to her mouth.

Derek seemed to realize he had taken it too far. "You lecture me for at least thirty minutes a day, if not an hour or two. I could do without that, you know," he saved.

The doctor regained his footing. "I think sometimes you just need some sense talked into you."

"Hallelujah, amen to that, Spencer," Ms. Fran joked, clapping him on the back playfully.

They were in the house by seven p.m. and Spencer immediately sprinted towards the shower.

Fran and Derek were in the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to brew. "You two are such good friends, hon, I'm glad you're so close to your coworkers."

Derek read the undertones in that statement, his heart aching as he thought about his mother all alone in her house and the fact that he only visited her twice a year in close succession. "I'm sorry, momma," he said, his voice soft as he stood to fix them both coffee. "I've already planned a vacation in summer time to come down here and spend time with you."

Ms. Fran visibly perked up, her eyes shining as her son handed her a mug. "I wasn't really trying to say-"

"I know, momma. You wouldn't. That's why I took the initiative. Next year, right around the fourth, I'll come down and pamper you, alright?"

His mother nodded, leaning into her son as he hugged her from the side. "Come on, hon, lets move to the living room."

When Spencer came out in the pink pajamas, both of the Morgan's were shocked. Just as he had hit the last stair, Desiree walked through the door and stopped dead in her tracks. He blushed as the three pairs of eyes stared at him and adjusted his glasses.

"Ms. Fran, I w-was hoping you'd let me use these again. Th-they're comfortable and I slept wonderfully in them last n-night."

The mother immediately allowed it, telling him he could keep the pajama's if he'd like.

"No, I couldn't, Ms. Fran-"

"I never use them and I was planning on giving them to Good Will! Take them, take them," she insisted.

Spencer nodded as he sat on the loveseat and concentrated on the television. "Hello, everyone. Wanna know how my day's been?" Desiree asked as Derek got up.

"No thanks, vulture, I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a fork." She threw a pillow at him as he ran up the stairs and was promptly told to pick it up by her mother.

"He keeps calling me vulture! I took his turkey leg once and he won't let it go!" She complained.

"Then maybe you shouldn't have skimmed off of your brother's plate," Ms. Fran smiled at her daughter.

"Fine, gang up on the youngest." She took a seat on the couch next to her mother, unwinding the scarf around her neck and pulling her legs under her. "Momma, seriously, wanna know how awesome my day was?"

Fran settled into the couch to make herself comfortable, sure this would be a long story.

"Sure, hon, pray tell."


Derek watched out of the corner of his eye as his mother gave Spencer a sweet goodnight kiss on his forehead. Apparently she was overjoyed about their 'date' today and would gladly volunteer for another. The brunette was also immensely happy, his face pink when she pulled out of the hug. She did the same to her two children and went to bed, bidding them good night. She had work in the morning and Spencer and Derek were going to give her a clean house when she came home.

Desiree was dozing off on the floor, her laptop still on her FB page. Spencer was reading a medical book from the Morgan bookshelf and was flipping through it quickly.

Derek fake yawned just as Spencer made to close the book. "I'm tired, kid. Think you wanna turn in with me?"

Spencer tilted his head and closed his eyes for a second, licking his lips to moisten them. "Yeah," he nodded.

Derek woke his sister and helped her to her room, Spencer not far behind them. Once Desiree was in bed, Derek joined his coworker on the bed, their bodies only just touching by their hairs.

"And why am I uncomfortable while you're supposed to be uncomfortable on the floor?" Spencer asked, staring at the ceiling.

"No way in hell am I sleeping on the floor, kid. I'd die." Derek stole a glance at him.

Spencer rolled his eyes and took his glasses off, setting them on the bedside table. "Goodnight, Derek."

The darker man found that he also liked the way his name came off of Spencer's tongue. "Night, Spencer." He waited until the doctors breath was even and a little more after that before he did what he had been waiting for all day.

This time, after making sure the doctor was sleeping, he trailed his tongue over soft lips and down his chin, wondering what the stubble on Spencer tasted like. He took in breath when he tasted lotion, cherry almond by the smell of it. His right hand pressed Spencer's lips apart and he licked the doctors mint-y gums before closing his mouth. Spencer's hands clenched and Derek thought he had been caught but they released themselves and he relaxed against Morgan's chest. The darker man smiled and cupped Spencer's cheek before diving in for another kiss, returned exactly like he wanted.

He started to get greedy, his hands wanting to do more than just holding himself up and holding Spencer still. His fingers started wandering, roving over the pink buttons on the pajamas before slipping under the shirt and gently caressing the soft skin with his nails. Spencer moaned quietly, the sound causing a vibration Derek liked on his tongue. He ran a finger tip over a nipple and received a small jerk as Spencer turned his head, his eyes squeezing in what Derek was sure was pleasure. Another moan came out of Spencer's mouth when Derek slipped his tongue over Spencer's Adam's apple, not noticing that he was practically straddling the doctor.

He moved back to the thin lips and played with them between his teeth. About ten minutes later, as the problem in his pants could no longer be ignored, Derek realized he had been on top of Reid, his elbows resting right above Spencer's shoulders, his hands entangled in his hair. Uncurling the locks from his fingers, he kissed Spencer's forehead and ducked to the bathroom to take care of his dilemma.

It wasn't simple anymore. What he was doing… it wasn't simple. Was he really falling for Pretty Boy or was this just lust, being able to play with something malleable with seemingly no consequences? He wasn't disgusted by the thought of Spencer sexually. In fact, he quite enjoyed it, looked forward to it even. That waitress, usually he'd be just as on her as she was him. She had a nice breast size, she was clearly interested… and he ignored her.

Derek sighed and closed his eyes as he turned to his side. Now wasn't the time to think about this. He propped himself up on an elbow and kissed the brunette's lips as they mumbled something about a candy rain that would never stop.

No, this certainly wasn't simple anymore.

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