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Chapter 1-

Cerys drifted away from her dream world- which contained the lovely Barricade boys- and allowed her eyes to flutter open. She was greeted with soft clouds floating across a baby blue sky; a smile graced her lips as a light wind brushed against her face. The smile quickly disappeared as a thought came into her mind.

Wasn't there a roof on Megs apartment?

Cerys soon shot up and fought her tired state and surveyed her surroundings. She had been asleep in a small alley with her resting against some discarded material with Meg sprawled out faced first in the middle of the ally with the wine bottle still gripped firmly in her hand.


Her friend quickly mumbled 'five more minutes' before Cerys walked over to her and began shaking her awake .Meg soon woke up.

"Get off, jeez. I'm awake aren't I"

Meg slowly sat up, not looking her finest at all. Her hair was sticking out in all directions, her make up smudged all over her face and the red wine had left a large clown smile across her lips. Her eyes widened as she took in her surroundings and quickly stumbled to her feet next to cerys who was crossing her arms at Meg. After all she was the one who suggested drinking the night before.

"Bloody hell, oh my god… I mean OW!"

She quickly raised a hand to her now throbbing head as her hangover took effect.

"We didn't drink that much, did we"

"Well, looks like we drunk enough to wander onto the streets"

A look of regret clouded Megs eyes .Cerys walked to the end of the alley to look out at the street, meanwhile Meg paced up and down the alley.

"I shall never drink again. This is the worst thing I have ever done and I have done some stupid things."

She suddenly stopped and turned to face Cerys who was peering out around the corner of the alley. Meg's mouth suddenly dropped open as she informed herself that she was indeed to blame for their night wandering.

"Is this Gods way of telling me that I shouldn't have eaten that girl's birthday cake last week? I mean come on! I was hungry and it was just sitting there!

Meg suddenly collapsed onto the floor as she screamed,

"Why lord, WHYYYYY!"

Cerys continued to look out of the alley in amazement.

"Meg I think you should-"

"Cerys, can't you see I'm grieving for my soul"

Cerys walked over to Meg and quickly collided the palm of her hand with Meg's cheek which sent the girl tumbling backwards into the dirt.

"Get a hold of yourself woman and look down the street"

Meg huffed and allowed herself to be dragged to her feet and then to the end of the alley. Both of them took in the sight before them. Market stalls were set along the street with sellers behind them eagerly waiting for their customers who would hopefully fill their purses. A voice broke through the girl's thoughts and the girls turned towards the speaker. Their jaws dropped as they laid eyes on the handsome young man with blue eyes and wavy blonde hair who was surrounded by his friends who were all screaming,


There on the top of an empty horse carriage was Enjorlas and the barricade boys surrounded by a large crowd of people. Gosh, didn't the girls both go weak in the knees at the sight. Meg nudged Cerys arm.

"You were right mate, Enjorlas is hot."

Cerys just smirked at her friend, knowing that she would try and get close to him if she could.

"Good look getting him looking like that mate"

Meg gasped at the comment and looked at her reflection in a nearby window. She truly had no hope with the boy looking like that, yet cerys this morning looked as pretty as ever. Even if she had been asleep in an alley you wouldn't know. Meg smoothed down her hair and wiped the wine and makeup off of her face.

"Well I don't have a chance but you do"

Meg grabbed Cerys hand.

"Common we should go and listen to the speech"

They both slowly made their way into the middle of the crowed and joined the others who were listening to Enjorlas's words'.

"The time is near, we must all rise together and defeat those who see us as less than equals"

Cerys turned to Meg with a wide smile spread across her face.

"I can't believe it. We are in Les Mis!"

Cerys moved her lips to Enjorlas's words. She knew them off by heart and felt all the courage, fear and hope that he poured into those words.

"We meet at the ABC café tomorrow my friends. Until then"

Once the crowed began to slowly disperse and Cerys and Meg turned to each other and burst into a major fit of FanGirling.

"We have to be there tomorrow. We can actually meet them, can you believe it-"

Cerys's sentence was cut short as screams erupted through the street.

"It's the inspector. Run!"

A group of horses entered the street with Javert leading at the front.

The girls exchanged looked and Cerys began their hurried convocation.

"For one moment, I forgot about that idiot"

"I think-"

"-We should"


The girls began to weave in and out of the many other people running for safety, adrenalin running through their veins.

"Watch out", Meg screamed but it was too late.

Cerys looked forward just in time to see that she was going to collide with one of the small market tall. As she fell she grabbed onto the sheet on top of the stall and sent plates and pottery onto the floor. She slowly picked herself up from the ground.

"Cerys, hey out of my way, CERYS"

Cerys looked up to see Meg fighting through the crowed to get to her but with no avail and she was swept away further down the street. The sound of horse's hooves slowly got louder and Cerys desperately tried to get to her feet but soon fell back down as a sharp pain ran down her leg. She gritted her teeth and gripped her now sprained leg. This was it, she was going to be arrested.

She looked around helplessly and locked eyes with the one man that made her heart beat faster and butterflies erupt into her stomach. He walked over to her and offered her his hand.

"Need help my lady"

Cerys mind just went into a dreamy state.

"I-em, well…I-"

Before she could say anything that could be classed as a sentence she was lifted into the boy's arms and was carried away down the street. All of a sudden she realised just how tired she was after her and Meg's girl's night. With that she breathed in the boy's smell of lavender with a hint of gun powder and fell asleep in Enjolras's arms….

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