'What is it like?'
'What is what like, Diamond?'
'Being the Mistress of Buckland, of course.'
'Oh. That. Its...all right, I guess.'

As her conversation yesterday with her best friend replayed in her head, Estella looked out the window and sighed. Mistress of Buckland...

It was the seventh day after her marraige to Merry Brandybuck. Her Merry. When she was a little lass she had dreamed of the perfect prince, the beautiful 'happily ever after'. But as she grew up and came to her 'tweens', as evil entered the Shire and spread despair in every heart, her practical mind dismissed her dreams as wild fancies. She never expected them to come true.

Now, married to a hobbit she thought the world of, she wondered if they were, indeed, wild fancies. She was happier than she had ever thought possible... except for one thing.

Her new title. What was fate thinking? I have no more skills in leading people than Diamond has in sewing!

Being shy and quiet in nature, the raven haired young hobbit-lass could not imagine how she would survive as the Mistress. The responsibilities would be endless and exhausting, of course. Besides, being the center of attention was something she had always been terrified of. From being a reserved and humble girl, rarely noticed, she had to become an responsible and authoritative lady, ...the Mistress of Buckland.

'A penny for your thoughts, Mrs Brandybuck?' a voice whispered at her ear, making her jump. As Merry slid an arm around her slender waist from behind, Estella smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Mrs Brandybuck...she mused. Now that's a title I can live with.

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