The royals applauded and awed, well all apart from the king and queen of the White Kingdom. Snow stood with her mouth agape and James was no better as anger coursed through his eyes, but before he could act Emma and Regina disappeared in a puff of purple.

Emma wrapped her arms tightly around her new fiancé as they arrived in their chambers.

"How long have you been planning this?" Regina asked.

"Since I found out about Henry." Emma admitted.

"So you're marrying me for him?" Regina asked pulling back slightly.

"Yes and no. You're his Mom and I don't want to get in the way of that, at the same time I love you and I would marry you Henry or no Henry. It's just before I knew about him I was set on finding out what happened to my son but once I knew he was safe and happy with you… I began dreaming of other things."

"I love you." Regina whispered, moving back into Emma's embrace. "We have a wedding to plan." Regina suddenly stated, pulling away so she could pace the room as she thought.

"We have a son to tell." Emma replied, a smirk on her face.

"Your majesty, I took the liberty of summoning Prince Henry," The mirror interrupted. "He is outside."

Regina waved her hand and the doors opened. Henry walked in looking a bit confused at being summoned.

"Emma are you ok?" He asked in a concerned voice, remembering his last visit.

"Yeah kid, I just have something to ask you." Emma replied seriously kneeling down to Henry's height. He looked expectantly at her. "Can I marry your Mom?"

"You'd have to ask her." Henry replied in an equally serious tone.

"She already has dear." Regina said, placing a hand on Henry's shoulder.

"What I meant Henry was would you be ok about me marrying your Mom?"

"You make her happy. You love each other, I seen you kissing." Henry replied, making a face. Emma chuckled and pulled both of them in for a hug, a family hug.

Just then a knock sounded at the still open door. Emma regretfully relinquished her hold on her family as Regina turned to face the intruder. It was one of her page boys.


"I overheard the royals of the White Kingdom, it appears King James was snooping, excuse the term, in the servant's quarters and heard about your sleeping arrangements, pardon me. Oh, erm congratulations on your engagement, it is joyous news to the palace staff."

"What exactly did you hear?" Regina interrogated and Emma watched as the boy paled.

"Regina, we are well aware of what others have been assuming. I think it's safe to guess that the King overheard that." Emma filled in for the boy upon seeing his discomfort, also because she was aware that Henry was present, and although he was an intelligent boy she doubted he had discovered the rumours circulating the palace staff.

"We should…" Regina started only to be interrupted by the mirror.

"Your majesty, King James requests your presence in the throne room immediately." Regina sighed heavily and held out a hand to Emma who took it quickly. Henry looked worried so when they were about to leave Emma winked, attempting to hide her own uncertainty.


"You're here." James stated as Regina and Emma entered the throne room, both glaring at his lack of protocol.

"Let me talk." Regina barely inclined her head in response. "It has come to my wife and I's attention that despite our disapproval of the match we my have no choice but to support it. Regina, you have stolen our daughter in every sense of the word, therefore it would seem only proper that before people find out about your improper sleeping arrangements, you are to be wed."

"What are you suggesting King James?" Regina asked coldly whilst squeezing Emma's hand lovingly, sensing victory.

"The White Kingdom had measures in place for when the tournament resulted favourably for us. Given the circumstances we should be able to change fortune somewhat by having a wedding arranged for two days hence, while the royals are still here and we may have some chance at damage control."

"We will still have our say?" Emma checked.


"Then begin the preparations." Regina consented.


The next day and a bit was a whirlwind of activity as everything was prepared and everyone gossiped excitedly.

Emma barely knew what was happening as she multi-tasked as many tasks as she could. Whilst getting her dress fitted (although she would much rather wear some ceremonial uniform or armour) she was writing her vows with the help of a scribe, whilst having an argument with her mother about who would be in the bridal party.

"I'm not having a maid of honour!" Emma protested. "I'm gonna have a best man instead!" That argument didn't really conclude when Snow changed the topic, again.

"Have you asked your father to give you away yet?"

"No. Because he's not! Graham is giving me away, he already agreed."

"But that's your father's job!" Snow protested.

"He forfeited any right when he tried to prevent me being with who I wanted to be with."


By the time the wedding came James and Snow had been placed under guard at the back of the wedding hall.

Emma stood by one of the doors nervously, hands rustling the piece of paper with her vows on.

"You'll be fine." Graham advised as he gently took the paper off her. Emma gratefully took his arm and the horns sounded the opening of the doors.

Emma took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and stepped forward. She looked and saw Regina before her on the other side of the room entering through an identical door. Her breath caught as she smiled weakly at her beloved.

Regina beamed back at Emma, her arm swinging slightly as Henry got too excited. Granny trailed behind her, ready to take Henry once they reached the dais.

They met and reached their hands to one another's. Brown eyes locked on green and didn't leave as promises were exchanged and crowds applauded.

Finally the King Philip, who was the one elected to marry them as a show of support for their union, declared them wife and wife and they leaned in to one another, smiles wide and sealed their lips as magic sparked around them.

Although for many years afterwards tensions were still high between the White Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom eventually it eased as Prince Henry matured into a fine young man who willingly represented both thrones.

And as for the two lovers, they lived happily ever after.

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