"Uhhng." The sound tore from the miko's throat as she slowly opened her eyes and tried to remember the previous night despite her throbbing headache.

"Feeling better?" The familiar voice caused Kagome to panic. She gasped and immediately sat up realizing exactly where she was and with whom.

"K-Kouga!" Kagome squeaked nervously bringing a hand to massage her temples. He grinned at her and leaned closer to pat her on the head affectionately.

"Hey, you had me pretty worried last night." Kouga said sweetly. "I know you're probably feeling pretty lousy today, huh?" he chuckled as he recalled the events of the night before. "Hey, how about I go and fix us up something to eat?"

"Kouga…" Kagome repeated frantically as she tried to recall those same events with little success. "I don't remember anything! I-I…" she blushed and turned to him, deciding to be forward. "Kouga, did you… did we…?" Okay, so that plan didn't work. He seemed to understand what she was asking though and frowned.

"Hey, what kind of man do you think I am, Kagome?" he snapped. "I would never take advantage of you, especially not in the state you were in last night, got it?"

Kagome stared into his eyes seeing nothing but sincerity before she nodded guiltily. "Uh, yes, Kouga. I'm really sorry." She said softly. "Still, I don't even know what happened. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is drinking with Sango and Miroku and… I guess I was drinking to much…" her stomach interrupted her with an impressive growl and Kouga laughed before getting up and extending his clawed hand to her so that she could do the same.

"Relax," he told her as he pulled the frazzled girl to her feet and brushed her bangs out of her face. "I'll fill you in on what happened over some breakfast."

"Kay." Kagome smiled gratefully and allowed him to lead her out of the wolf den. She suddenly became aware of all the eyes watching the couple as they walked and flushed deeply. Did they witness her in such a state? She sighed miserably and wondered if she even wanted to know what happened.

The Previous Night

It was getting late but Kouga had been out and nearby the village where his favorite miko resided. There was no way he could return to his pack without seeing his woman first. With a determined grin he sped off in the direction of her alluring scent. He couldn't wait to see Kagome, it had been nearly a month since their last encounter and, as usual, mutt face managed to get in the way of that.

Meanwhile, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippo all sat around the hut with a large bottle of grain alcohol in the center of the room.

"Hey, Kagome, go easy there!" Sango warned watching her friend tilt her head back and consume yet another shot. It was no surprise that Miroku had suggested the young adults in their group enjoy a few drinks together as he sat there smugly watching Kagome get rather inebriated.

Kagome allowed her stomach to settle before letting out a loud belch and turning to Sango with a goofy grin. "Oh, Sangooo," she whined, "Don't be such a party pooper!"

Sango frowned, Miroku smirked and Shippo laughed.

"I sure wish Inuyasha was here to see this!" Shippo said clutching his stomach and rolling around in hysterics at Kagome's drunken behavior.

Kagome immediately scowled. "DO NOT say that jerk's name in my presence!" with that she began to pour another shot and let out a pained whimper. "Stupid Inuyasha…"

"This is all your fault, monk!" Sango hissed angrily, hitting Miroku in the back of the head with impressive force. "You knew Kagome was upset about… you know who. Why in the world would you give her alcohol during such an emotional time for her?"

"I'm sorry, Kagome." Shippo was saying to the sniffling miko as she lifted the potent liquid to her lips and drank. "It was supposed to make her feel better!" Miroku replied mirroring Kagome's whiny tone earlier. "You didn't have to hit me!"

Sango had a feeling things were about to take a turn for the worse, especially knowing that Inuyasha could return at any moment. When the half demon had disappeared earlier without so much as a word, Shippo only confirmed Kagome's suspicions when he claimed to have seen a soul stealer nearby. Hours passed and he hadn't come back to their camp so, being the lecher he was and probably trying to get the girls drunk so he could take advantage of them, Miroku took out a large bottle of alcohol and insisted they have a good night regardless of what Inuyasha was doing.

While Sango was reluctant, Kagome agreed almost immediately. This was obviously her idea of getting back at Inuyasha or maybe just acting out foolishly because of her pain but whatever the reason, she was going way too far.

Kagome hiccupped and roused the concerned slayer from her thoughts. "Hey!" she called out grabbing everyone's attention. "I know what we can do! Let's dance!"

The group stared wide eyed as Kagome stumbled to the center of the hut and began to clumsily sway back and forth to music that was apparently playing in her head. Shippo fell into a fit of giggles again and Miroku perked up with interest. "Oh come on, Kagome," he egged on, "That's no good. I thought you'd be a much sexier dancer than that."

The intoxicated girl took his bait, pursing her lips together and slurring out. "I can dance plenty sexily!"

"Kagome!" Sango yelled as her friend began to grind her hips and run her hands down her front provocatively. She quickly got up to put an end to Kagome's embarrassing display but as luck would have it, Inuyasha walked in at that very moment. Sango let out an exasperated gasp and the whole hut fell silent. Inuyasha stood from the door way in obvious shock as Kagome rolled her hips sensually and then turned and shook her ass.

"Just what in the hell are you doing, Kagome?!" Inuyasha yelled. She spun on her heel and stared at Inuyasha with a scowl already in place.

"I'm dancing sexy, Inuyasshaa!" she slurred angrily, "and just what were YOU doing with Kikyo again?!"

The hanyou wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What the hell is this? Have you been drinking, Kagome!?" he snapped angrily, "And I come back to you giving that perverted monk a show?!"

"Inuyasha, don't-!" Miroku tried to mediate the situation before it got worse but Inuyasha only growled at him and pointed a clawed finger his way.

"You're dead, monk!" he snarled viciously causing everyone around to quake with fear.

"Inuyasha's really mad." Shippo squeaked to Sango. Even she wasn't sure how to turn this situation around. She stood frozen in her spot. Nobody dared to speak. That is, nobody other than the very drunk girl.

"Inuyasha, you jerrrrrk!" Kagome yelled in that same whiny voice she was using before. "Sit boy!" he collapsed to the ground causing the entire hut to shake. Everyone gasped. That sure wasn't going to brighten the hanyou's mood at all. Kagome smiled at her handiwork and stumbled over to where he was laying. She didn't hesitate before giving him a swift kick in his side. Inuyasha groaned in pain and clutched his ribcage in obvious shock. She laughed innocently and kicked him again in the stomach causing him to flail and gasp for air.

"Ka…Go…Me…" he managed out, "You… little bitch!"

The rest of the group could only stare in disbelief as the drunk girl staggered to the door and turned to let out a rather unladylike burp before running off into the night.

Okay, I really wasn't planning on uploading this story but it was just so fun to write. I know it's not perfect so please be gentle. I'm sure it's not the most original of plots and there are probably a LOT of errors. I wrote this whole thing in one night and I'm really not in the mood to revise but who knows, I might get around to it. I'm not expecting a huge response anyway. This was all just done in good humor. Hope you like it.