Kagome sighed contentedly. The sound of her own voice coaxed her sleep-fogged mind into consciousness and she cracked her eyes open and leaned into the inferno of heat behind her. She became vaguely aware of the steady breathing against her neck, then suddenly ver aware of the large hand resting on her hip. Kagome instinctively froze in fear just before the events of last night came rushing back to her. Her heart beat madly in her chest as she replayed the kiss with Kouga in her mind again and again. Slowly, she brought her own hand to cover his and entwined their fingers.

Why did it feel so right to be here like this, with Kouga? She felt guilt rise up in her chest as she realized what Inuyasha would feel if she saw her right then with Kouga's body curled around her own, their legs tangled and his chin resting on her shoulder.

She wriggled back again, nuzzling into the warmth of his body. Suddenly, she felt a soft batting against her hand and glanced down in awe. A furry brown tail was wrapped around Kouga's hip and playfully flopping against her wrist as if on it's own accord. Kagome could only gape in wonder. She had forgotten Kouga had a tail, a very cute wagging tail.

Her shock was only renewed when she felt chapped lips moving slowly against her neck. Hot fire rushed through her as she realized Kouga was awake and kissing her again. "Koug-ga." She rasped, "We... can't."

"Hmmm?" He responded absently, his ministrations on her neck never ceasing. She sighed and trembled as his lips brushed over a particularly sensitive patch of skin.

"S-Stop." She half-heartedly pleaded.

He did as she asked but didn't back away. She felt him smirk against her.

"If you want me to stop, then you better cut that out." He whispered into her ear, his hot breath causing tingling sensations through her whole body again. She turned her head to glance at him for the first time this morning, confusion evident on her face. He gestured down and herveyes followed the movement. Much to her horror, she realized that she hand let go of Kouga's hand and was unknowingly petting his tail! Her horror only intensified when he chuckled and added, "You can keep going. It feels amazing."

He started to peck gently at her neck again and this time she flinched away and took that lapse of sensory overload to pull away completely and squirm to the edge of the bed.

"Oh, come on." He groaned, "I wasn't gonna bite you too much." She rolled over to glare at the wolf prince who was grinning wolfishly, clearly amused by this whole situation. Even as she was trying so desperately to look angry, his fanged grin only filled her with overwhelming desire for him. She was torn between these waves of lust washing over her and the constricting pangs of guilt in her chest. His obvious amusement only pissed her off.

"You're a real bastard, you know that?!" She hissed as she pulled herself up from the furs. His smile fell, having never heard Kagome use such language before and he stared openly at the seething female who stomped away to retrieve her clothes. When she didn't say anything else, he felt aggravated.

he propped himself up on his elbows and glared at her back. "What's with you?"

She whipped her head back to shoot him a dirty look. "You should never have brought me here!" She snapped, smoothing out her clean uniform, standing up and turning to face him, "All you've done since I got here is shamelessly flirt when you know that I'm interested in someone else!"

Now Kouga was seething. "Oh, I wasn't exactly the only one!" He reminded her hotly, "Oh, Kouga, you can kiss me if you want." He mimicked her voice poorly.

Kouga narrowly dodged a shoe that was hurled at his face from the opposite side of the cave. "Hey!" He snapped but he wasn't prepared for Kagome to be marching towards him looking utterly murderous.

"How dare you!" She spat out. He was clearly intimidated but didn't back away as she got closer to him. She kneeled back on the furs and got nose-to-nose with him, rage burning in her eyes. "You really think I would kiss you if I wasn't drunk?! As I recall, you handed me my last drink. Was that your plan all along?"

"You weren't drunk and you know it." He bit out angrily.

"Oh, yes I was!" Kagome yelled back. He grabbed her by her shoulders and held her in place. His eyes bore into hers, anger and pain filling them as he spoke lowly.

"Stop being so damn foolish. You're better than this, Kagome."

She stared up at him speechlessly for a few moments before her eyes filled with tears. She tried to wriggle from his hold but he only pulled her closer and wrapped his strong arms around her, crushing her against him in a hug.

"Kouga!" She sputtered angrily as she tried to squirm free, "Stop! Let me go!" The contact was doing her frazzled mind no good, stirring up confusing emotions that she wanted to avoid. No sooner was she melting into him and giving into his embrace than she was sobbing freely against his chest.

He stroked her hair soothingly, and didn't say a word as she cried. He knew she was confused and fragile, but he also knew she enjoyed that kiss and he wasn't going to just let her run from these feelings back to the mutt.

Time seemed to stand still as the two of them stood there in each others arms. Kagome's cries were reduced to sniffles and whimpers when Kouga finally spoke. "Kagome," he started, his voice heavy with emotion, "I love you. These past few days have only made what I feel for you that much stronger and I know you feel something too." He didn't dare pull her back to see her face as he said this. "Why not explore what you feel for me? Are you a glutton for punishment or something? InuTrasha has only caused you pain and treated you badly. You know you have a home here with me, a family; and you know I would love and cherish you like he never could." Working up his courage, Kouga finally pulled Kagome from his body to gaze into her eyes. His were loving and pleading while hers were conflicted and brimmed with tears. "Please, Kagome, " he ended in a whisper, "Don't go away just yet. Please stay and consider starting a life with me here."

Kagome's bottom lip trembled and for a moment Kouga expected her to start crying again but she drew in a shaky breath instead. "I can't. " she replied firmly, "I love you too, Kouga, but I have to go back. I'm sorry."

She looked away from him with a sad expression. His heart tightened in his chest at her rejection. He had never thought he would be at the mercy of a human girl before. He almost wished he had never met her now, and could return to his former glory. Almost.

He wanted to say something hurtful back to her, make her suffer like he was but he saw the pain in her eyes and knew this hadn't been easy for her either.

"Fine." He said, his voice tight as he tried not to sound angry or worse, devastated, "I'll let you change, then we can head back."

Kagome glanced at him with shocked, rounded eyes. "You... huh?"

He shrugged. "Get ready." He said, "We'll leave within the hour."

With that, he turned on his heel and left Kagome alone with her scattered thoughts. No matter how many times she told herself she was bound to Inuyasha and had made the right decision in leaving, her heart wouldn't stop throbbing painfully and her mind wouldn't stop wandering back to Kouga's loving attentiveness and that sweet kiss they shared. After pulling on her socks she crumbled to the ground bonelessly and cried. She had to leave. She had started a life with Inuyasha and the others after returning to this era. It wasn't because she wanted to be with Inuyasha anymore or even cared if he chose her over Kikyo but because she was bound to him by a promise and she couldn't just leave his side to be with Kouga, no matter how much she realized now that she loved him.

She was bound by honor, and he would never allow her to be happy with another, especially not Kouga.

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