Day 30: Doing Something Hot

Rating: M

Word Count: 2,847

Notes: Here's the full smut version… enjoy, and THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!

It started out like any normal Wednesday. The Doctor picked Clara up at the Maitland's at ten o'clock sharp. They would hug and exchange pleasantries; Clara would talk about her week, and they'd go off somewhere in the TARDIS. It was routine by now.

Everything started going wrong when the TARDIS decided she didn't want to take them to their destination.

"Are we there yet, Doctor?"

"Not quite, she doesn't want to land." He fiddled around with a few knobs on the console. "We're literally floating above the planet."

"So then what's her problem?" Clara asked fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

"I don't really know. She's just not cooperating." He looked at one of the screens on the console to check if maybe there was something wrong with the engine, but nothing popped up. "Damn it, why won't you work!"

"She doesn't like me." Clara said to him nonchalantly.

"Of course she does, don't you sexy?" The TARDIS hummed in response. "Oi! Don't be rude. Clara's in our lives and that won't be changing soon, you got that?" The TARDIS hummed again, this time much softer than before. "That's better. She thinks you're very pretty."

"Are you sure that's her and not just you saying that Doctor?"

"No, that's an actual thing she said! Cross my hearts."

Clara giggled. "Whatever you say Doc."

"Don't call me that." He said annoyed.

An hour later, Clara and the Doctor were still hanging around over the planet they were supposed to land on.

The Doctor had run out of buttons to press. He had absolutely no idea what was wrong with his TARDIS.

Clara, who sat slumped in the jump seat near the stairs, started to fan herself with her hand.

"Is it just me, or did it get hot in here?"

"Must be you, doesn't feel any different than normal to me."

She removed the sweater that she had on and tied her hair back into a ponytail. "Much better."


A few minutes later, the Doctor also removed his jacket. She could see a slight sheen of sweat start to form on his face. He obviously felt it too.

"Okay, it's definitely getting hotter in here." Clara said again.

"It is. But why? The air conditioner seems to be running fine, but the temperature is rising." The Doctor continued to check the screens to see if he could find anything wrong, and couldn't.

"This is ridiculous. I'm starting to sweat." Clara said frustrated.

"I know it is." The Doctor replied removing his waistcoat and rolling the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows.

"My feet are sweating in my boots." She complained.

"Then take them off."


"I am, it'll help." They both sat down and removed their boots. The Doctor also removed his socks, but Clara was wearing tights that restricted her.

"So much better." She felt like she could finally breathe. "I'm gonna take a walk and see if it's this hot everywhere else."

"Okay, don't be too long though, I don't want you getting lost."

Clara got to the door and pressed the button to open it, but the door was stuck.

"Um, why can't I leave?"

The Doctor poked his head up from under the console. "What do you mean?"

"The door isn't opening."

"What do you mean?"

Clara rolled her eyes. "I mean I pressed the button to open the door and it won't open."

The Doctor came down the stairs to the level she was standing on and waved his sonic screwdriver around the door. He sighed, then turned to her. "It's stuck. She won't let you go."

"Well why not?"

"I don't know!" He looked up towards the ceiling. "Why are you doing this to us?"

The Doctor and Clara sat side by side on the steps looking at the console. Both felt brutally hot, and really didn't know what to do about it.

"I can't stand this heat!" Clara said reaching up underneath her skirt and removing the tights from her legs. She threw them off towards the railing. "Seriously, I'm now in a skirt and t-shirt, how are you still wearing clothes?"

The Doctor undid his bowtie and placed it gently on the console. After removing his waistcoat, He unbuttoned a few of the top buttons of his shirt and fanned the portion of his chest that was visible. "My god I feel like I can finally breathe."

"This is brutal. Is there any way of cooling down?" Clara asked.

"Well we could go down to the pool, but oh yeah, we're stuck in here."

Clara groaned. "I feel disgusting! My shirt is sticking to my body. I just want to rip it off." The Doctor's eyes widened. His back went straight as a rail and he looked anywhere but her. "You know what? Fuck it." She said shortly. Clara peeled her shirt off and threw it in the general direction of the steps to join her tights. She was left in a pale pink bra and her short, flowy skirt.

The Doctor slapped his hand over his eyes. "Clara! What are you doing?"

"Oh get over it. We're obviously gonna be stuck here for a while. You might as well get used to this." She said, hands on her hips.

Slowly he lowered his hand and looked at her. She was beautiful. He always thought her clothes complimented her curves, but seeing her in just a bra changed the way he looked at her. There was softness to her body; she wasn't tall and modelesque as Amy was, but she walked with the same confidence he had seen in his feisty ginger companion. Clara's curves were subtle yet vivacious and the Doctor found it extremely hard to take his eyes off of her. Her breasts were larger than he had expected for a girl of her size, but she was still an example perfect proportion. He respected her and thought she had never looked more beautiful than she had in that moment, but his hearts still pounded in his chest. He may be alien, but he was still a man and he could feel his body respond to the sight of her half naked in the console room. The fantasy had popped up in dreams before, but the real thing was so much better than he could ever imagine.

Clara giggled. "Like what you see, chin boy?"

The Doctor gasped dramatically looking scandalized. "Clara! Shut up!"

"You must be boiling in that shirt."

The Doctor tried to shrug it off nonchalantly, but Clara could see right through him and he gave up. "I'm sweltering."

He moved his braces and started to unbutton his shirt when Clara's hands stopped them. "Ah ah. Let me." She said grinning cheekily. He sucked in a large breath when her hands came down to his waist to un-tuck his shirt. They wandered back up and slowly, teasingly, unbuttoned each button with care. She pushed the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground, resting her palms on his chest. "Much better. We match now."

"Well… not quite."

"Cheeky, Doctor!"

He gasped. "Oh god, Clara I didn't mean it that way, I'm so sorry—" He stopped at the sound of her giggling. "What's so funny?"

"Here I am standing in front of you in my knickers and a skirt, and you're apologize for a harmless comment that I made dirty. You are such a gentleman!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Again with the apologizing! You're too funny." She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself, then stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. He flailed his arms nervously, not knowing where to put them. Eventually he placed them on her cheeks and forcefully tugged away from her.

"Why did you do that?" He asked warily.

"Um, well I wanted to, and I kinda thought you did too." Clara looked pointedly at the growing bulge in his trousers. He moved his hands to cover himself. The Doctor was conflicted. He really wanted to give into the feelings of passion and lust that were coursing through him, but he knew the right thing to do was to stop before things got too complicated. Well, he thought, we're way beyond complicated now.

"I can't! You're Clara, you're human! I just—I can't."

"Okay, so I'm human. Are we not compatible or something?"

"No, we're perfectly compatible, it's just that—"

"So then what's the problem, Doctor? Why not just give in this one time?"

The Doctor closed his eyes and dragged his hand down his face. He was leaning with his back against the console, elbow propped on arm, muttering into the knuckles of his hand. "Because I'd never want it to be just one time."


"Nothing." He said coughing to cover up for what he didn't mean to say aloud. He could feel his cheeks grow red, blushing like a twelve year old.

"Why can't you tell me? I'm your impossible girl, I thought we were beyond secrets." Clara sounded more sad than angry. She moved to stand beside him, on hand resting on his arm, the other on the console.

"We'll still have secrets, Clara. They keep us safe. This… this is a big thing for me. It's not something I'm quite ready to share."

"It's a big thing for me too. I don't just sleep with anyone. There have only been two guys ever."

"So then why me?" He asked her confused.

"Well… you're special." He's special. He was special to a lot of people.

"I'm not sure it's right for me to do this with you."

"Oh—okay. I just… I still don't understand why." She looked heartbroken. He really did love her, and he didn't want to lose her. He did want this, but he had to be sure she felt the same way.

The Doctor sighed heavily and turned to face her. "If this happens… Clara, if this happens, I don't want it to be a one time only thing."

She looked at him with a glimmer of hope. "I don't either."

"Right, good." He said awkwardly. "Well, I suppose I should just tell you now. That was a terrible way to start. I should start over shouldn't I? Do you want me to star—"

"Doctor!" Clara yelled effectively cutting him off and getting his attention. "What is it?"

"I um—well, I'm rubbish at this." He stopped and took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts. "Clara, I don't want this to be a one time thing because I think I'm in love with you." Clara's breath caught in her throat. She smiled, and started giggling, tears springing to her eyes. "You're laughing. That's a bad sign, shouldn't have said anything."

"I'm laughing because I'm happy! Come here you big dork!" She embraced him, burying her nose in the crook of his neck. "I love you too."


"Yes really!" She giggled placing her lips on his and kissing him passionately.

As expected, the Doctor really didn't know what to do with his hands. Hers were draped casually over his shoulders, so he figured it was safe to put his on her waist. He kissed her back timidly, still unsure of what he was doing, but lovingly paying close attention to her.

She moved her hands down to undo the button on his trousers. "Clara, just… hold on a second. Are you absolutely positive you want to do this?"

"Do you… not want this, Doctor?"

"I do, I really do, but we can stop if you're not comfortable."

"I'm perfectly fine! Why do you keep stopping me? I want this!"


"No, I'm just kissing you whilst half naked for the hell of it. YES I want this! Now shut up and kiss me!" She giggled bringing her lips back up to his.

This time, the Doctor didn't hesitate. He brought his hands to her hips, and pulled at the waistband of her skirt. Clara slid it down her legs and kicked it aside. He looked at her and smiled.

"Wow, Clara, you're beautiful." She blushed crimson, whispering a thank you, and continued to remove his trousers. Moments later, they stood facing each other in their knickers. Clara was the first to move. She took his hands, and guided him to her, so she was the one leaning against the TARDIS console.

"Come on, chin boy. Show me the stars." They smiled at each other as he leaned in and captured her lips in a searing kiss.

The Doctor dragged his hands up Clara's sides raising goosebumps on her skin. The feel of his rough hands on her soft skin sent shivers down her back, and she arched into him. His hands wandered around her back to the clasp of her bra. "Is it… um, is it okay?"

She nodded quickly, whispering "Yeah" Before he unhooked it. "Damn, first try. Impressive." He chuckled and captured her lips in a kiss once more, letting his tongue slip through to meet hers. Clara let the straps of her bra slide down her arms, and placed it beside her on the console. The Doctor let his hands wander over her body, gently cupping her breasts. She breathed in sharply, arching her body into his hands.

She could feel herself getting more and more aroused from his gentle wandering fingers. He traced the outline of her body, letting his fingers drift over the curve of her bum, and settled on the back of her thighs, lifting her to sit on the edge of the console. She draped her arms over his shoulders again as he settled himself between her spread legs and nipped lazily at the skin of her neck.

Clara let her own hands wander. She felt the double heartbeat beneath her palms on his chest. When she moved lower, she could trace the defined muscles in his stomach. As her fingers brushed his lower abdomen, she felt the muscles contract. He moaned into her neck as she let her hands wander down to the waistband of his plain boxer-briefs. She giggled, and wandered even lower to lightly grasp his hardness.

"Clara?" He said huskily in her ear.


"I need you." She bit her lip, and when he moved to look her straight in the eyes, she shivered lightly. Clara slowly began to rid him of his pants, and the Doctor did the same for her. Then, they were both fully naked.

"We're really doing this, aren't we?" She said with a smile.

The Doctor nodded, returning the smile. "I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"Are… are you ready?" He asked her nervously.

"Mmhmm." She smiled up at him and kissed him lightly as he entered her. They both gasped at the contact.

"Oh god, Clara. You feel amazing."

"Yeah, Doctor? I'm gonna need you to move… now." And he did. The Doctor enjoyed all the little noises she made as he thrust into her. She lightly played with the hair at the nape of his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him to reach deeper. He knew he had found the spot when she let out a shaky "Fuck, Doctor." He chuckled huskily into her ear and she whispered, "Just don't stop."

It didn't take either of them long to reach their climax. They came together, with pounding hearts slightly out of breath. "That was amazing, Clara." The Doctor said pulling out of her.

She nodded and leaned her head on his shoulder, hugging him close. "Can we go take a rest in your room?" She asked.

"Yeah, come on." He took her hand, and guided her through the hallways to his bedroom.

When the Doctor and Clara retired to the Doctor's bedroom, Clara snuggled up close to him. They talked for hours like they usually did, and then Clara fell asleep in his arms, naked as the day she was born.

He looked upon her lovingly while stroking her hair. Tonight had been a good night, full of love and passion, but it was tinted with a hint of playfulness as well. The Doctor was happy that he and Clara had done this. Although hesitant at first, he was glad to feel like he was loved and that his own feelings were returned.

The TARDIS had restored the air conditioning moments after they got into bed. The Doctor still couldn't figure out what had happened, and supposed he never would.

Clara shifted in his arms. He looked down at the sleeping beauty as she stirred and slowly began to wake up.


"I love you." She told him groggily.

He smiled and chuckled lowly. "I love you too. Now come on, you must be exhausted. Back to sleep."

"Exhausted? What, do you think you tired me out?"

"Well—" The Doctor started, embarrassed.

"I'm kidding you silly man." Clara said nuzzling her face closer into his chest. "Come on, sleep now."

And he did just that, with her in his arms.