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The Price of Freedom

Back To School

"-And so, like, he came up to her and said, like, I ain't taking none of this crap anymore, you're on your own babe." Rinji slipped her hair over her shoulder. "And you know was she said?"

"What?" Yuki was entranced.

"She said... 'fine' - just like that! Fine!" Rinji threw her hands up dramatically. "Girl was crazy! If I were her I wouldn't have let a gorgeous piece of hunk like him escape."

"Well Miroku does tend to flirt." Yuki reminded her. "It always pissed Sango off."

"But she dumped him!"

Kagome sighed as her friends prattled on beside her. "You guys know it won't last long - he'll send her a poem or something by the end of the day and she'll be begging him to come back."


Sango was calling her from the school steps at the entrance. Kagome excused herself and raced off the greet her best friend. "Please tell me you're in the same class?!" Sango shrilled.

"2B?" Kagome asked.

"Thank heavens!" Sango relaxed visibly before perking up. "Anyway - what's been new with you? Last I heard you were flashing your ugly face on my television screen at six o'clock in the morning. Nearly made me lose my breakfast."

"Oh... you know... bad day, that's all..." Kagome waved her hand.

"Well... we all know the truth now." Sango sighed. "I bet that agency place has been on your case for letting all those subjects get away, huh?"

"Yeah..." Kagome's face fell. "They called and told me off... they said that what I'd done was incredibly stupid because they would never be accepted into society with faces like there's... it was cruel... but I think they were right in a way..."

"Better to be free still, though Kagome." Sango patted her friend compassionately. "As long as they don't get caught on the streets then they'll be left alone."

"But I heard on the news last night that this was going to induce a whole new form of racism." Kagome still looked miserable. "I had no idea..."

"Have you heard from Inuyasha yet?" Sango asked.

"No... I went round to his mother's house but the place is still abandoned... I don't know if they even got out of the institute alive... and even if they did they might have been captured by the other agency..." Kagome sighed.

There was a moment's silence until Sango's expression softened. "You miss him don't you."

'I love him' she'd said so as he'd left her. Had he really noticed? Did he care? Did he know what it meant?

"Yeah, I miss him." Kagome admitted the understatement of the century as they started off into the school corridors.

"Everyone's calling you a big freedom activist now." Sango said cheerfully, trying to change the subject. "Don't be too surprised if people start coming up to you and ask for autographs and stuff... and... what the hell is going on here?"

There was a whole mob of students completely blocking the corridor ahead of them - and there seemed to be a lot of loud chattering and talking that they couldn't really hear what was going on. Had someone fallen?

Kagome stood on tiptoes (being pretty small herself) trying to see what the fuss was - when she caught a flash of snow-white hair. And her heart literally stopped. Of course it started again only a second later but her chest squeezed with shock and she felt dizzy...

Oh no... somehow Inuyasha had gotten into school and now he was being harassed and bullied by the other students... had he come to find her...? Kagome put her weight behind it as she pushed and slid her way through the crowd to get closer to Inuyasha who was being pulled at by several girls - and he did not look like a happy camper.

"Inuyasha!" she cried when she got near enough.

His head shot up at the sound of her voice and he swatted a girl's hand away that had been tugging carelessly on his ear. "Kagome!"

All the heads in the mob turned on Kagome now with stunned surprise. Then all the girls' faces fell. "Oh no... he's already taken..."

"What...?" Kagome didn't understand what was going on. Weren't they bullying him?

A few girls drifted away but a few of the more stubborn ones stayed. "You'll call me right, Yasha-kun?"

"Sure." He replied happily.

"And me too - and maybe we can go see a movie together some time."

"I'd never turn a movie down." He answered truthfully.

The two girls drifted off with a happy sigh and the boys moved in. "You sly dog! You have got to teach us how to do that twist thing that you did in P.E-"

"And you have to join the baseball club-"

"And the gymnastics club-"

"And the kendo-"

"You might as well join the martial arts group - though you already look like a martial artist already."

Inuyasha took it all in his stride. "Never learnt how to fight - I guess... it's just a skill."

"Damn..." the boys looked at each other. "We have got to get ourselves into one of them institutes."

Kagome's hand snapped out and she began to drag Inuyasha away, despite all the disappointed groans from behind them.

"Bet you think I'm a smooth operator now don't ya?" Inuyasha asked her cockily as they headed out the entrance onto the grassy picnic area where there were lees hungry crowds ready to pounce on him.

"Not really." She smiled thinly. "You say that again when you have to start juggling all those promised dates and sports clubs."

"Who said I was going on a date with anyone?" he asked innocently as they sat down at a table. "I just said that I never turn down movies... and I wouldn't..."

Kagome gazed at him a moment before throwing her arms around him. "I was so worried about you!"

"I was ok..."

"Where've you been? I went to your mom's house but it was still trashed and you weren't there." She exclaimed.

"Oh yeah..." Inuyasha looked thoughtful. "Mom sued the government and got a great big grant - she just bought another house - tonnes bigger and it even has a garden..."

"Wow..." Kagome looked surprised. "You're living with her?"

"Yep." Then his face fell. "But she's given me a curfew and she makes me do my homework before I have my tea - and this new boyfriend that she has is just really pissing me off... he has shifty little beady eyes..."

Kagome smiled. "But you're loving every minute of it."

"Hell yeah." He grinned, his arm boldly encircling her waist to draw her nearer. "I'm free... I'm going to school to get an education... and you know what would be perfect...?"

"What?" she asked, her face inches from his.

"If I had the perfect girlfriend to make my life totally normal and boring and perfect?"

Kagome smiled at him warmly. "I'm sure Yuki would be happy to-"

"You're an idiot." He kissed her on the lips.



"Do you want to date... with me...?" she raised her eyebrows at him.

"Hm... well I don't know... you're a bit on the plain side..." he teased, resting his hand on the small of her back. She could remember a time when he hadn't even allowed her to touch him in the most innocent manner. He had definitely changed.

"And you're a cripple with bad eye sight." She reminded him. "Plus you're not entirely human."

"Does that bother you?" he asked, suddenly serious.

"It doesn't bother my mother." Kagome touched his ears that flicked delicately away. She sighed and looked at him seriously. "I love you... nothing about you bothers me."

He stared at her a moment before smiling. "Then I think I love you too."

"I know."

He frowned, partially annoyed that she seemed to have known before him. "How would you know?"

"Because it's like a fairytale, isn't it?" Kagome shrugged, clasping her hands behind his neck. "I am the first girl you've ever met and ever seen... so who else would you fall in love with? It just wouldn't make sense if you fell in love with the second or third girl - it's always the first-"

She was cut off as he kissed her firmly on the mouth again. She smiled and returned the gesture until he broke off. "My first and last..."

And he sounded like he really meant it. Kagome just had to reward him with another kiss.

They were broken apart that time by the sounds of wolf-whistles coming from Sango and Miroku as they approached, nudging and winking to each other. They obviously seemed to have made up pretty fast already.

"Looks like we have a pair of love birds here." Sango crooned as she settled down opposite the quickly breaking apart couple.

"You sly dog, Inuyasha... get it?" Miroku joked.

Everyone just rolled their eyes at him. Sango just shook her head. "Thank god you don't write those little romantic poems yourself."

The bell rang inside the school building and they started to get up and head inside. Miroku had to go because he attended the medical school in a different district and yes, he was very late for his second day of school.

"What have you got first?" Kagome asked Inuyasha as they walked side by side.

"History." He glanced at her. "You?"

"History as well."


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