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Chapter one: Naruto Uzumaki's debut!

It was late at night in Konoha as several Kumo Shinobi were carrying a bound and gagged Hinata Hyuuga, who was the heiress of her clan. The four Shinobi stopped to catch their breath, as one of them leaned on a barrel their leader, the one holding the kidnapped girl said in a hushed voice "A few more minutes, and we'll be home-free boys."

His cohorts nodded in agreement then they heard what appeared to be snoring, they looked around but couldn't see anyone until one of them said "Hey, boss I think someone's in this barrel." 'boss' scoffed and growled "Kill him, for good measure."

The subordinate nodded and drew a kunai from his flak jacket, he proceeded to quietly open the barrel until [CRASH] a blonde kid shot out with one of his fists slamming into the Kumo Chunin's face, the kid shouted out "WHAT A GREAT NAP!"

The Chunin fell to the ground unconscious as the kid stretched his stiff body due to sleeping inside a barrel of all things. The other three Kumo nin shouted in shock forgetting the need for subtlety "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" the whiskered boy looked at them replying "Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you."

The blonde boy looked and noticed the unconscious man one the ground; he scratched his head and said in a clearly clueless voice "He'll catch a cold if he sleeps there." The other Kumo nin shouted "YOU DID THAT!" the two other Chunin drew their tanto's and pointed the tips at Naruto in a effort to intimidate the boy, with one of them saying "You'll regret interfering with our mission brat."

They swung downward at the blonde, while in the background the eight year old Hinata clenched her eyes shut so she didn't have to see the boy being killed, until [clang] she snapped her eyes open and saw the Chunin's tanto's were split in half.

The two men fell back with one saying "W-wh- H-how the hell did he do that?" the other said "H-h-he must be some kind of monster!" Naruto rubbed the back of his head saying "You shouldn't play around with those; you could hurt someone."

The Jonin leader pulled out a Kunai and held it close to his captive's throat while saying nervously "St-stay back freak, or I'll cut this girl's neck wide open!" the blonde boy took notice of the Jonin and soon realized the girl was both being kidnapped and currently was being held hostage.

He adjusted the pair of goggles on his forehead and said seriously with a smirk "Bet your life on it." The Jonin faltered a bit while having a look of confusion making the boy continue "Kunai are tools meant strictly for killing, not intimidation. If you plan on using it then that means you're willing to bet your life, so choose your next action wisely."

The Jonin grit his teeth growling out "You bastard." The blonde boy grinned further and then clicked his tongue causing a snake to burst from the ground, the snake charged so fast and hard that when its head collided with the Jonin's face, the Kumo nin's neck broke, then two smaller snakes appeared and constricted the Chunin's throat's until they croaked.

The blonde spoke to the larger serpent "Thanks for the help Kenchi-san. Tell Manda-oyaji (Old man) I said 'Hi'." The snakes seemed to grin and said in unison "Hai Naruto-sama." They then disappeared in puffs of smoke. The whiskered boy approached Hinata and released her from her bonds and took off the gag.

The girl respectfully bowed to him saying "Thank you for saving me Naruto-san" then he hit her on the head with a karate chop making her clutch her head in pain, her eyes had some tears in them as she asked "Why did you hit me?"

He replied with a cheeky grin "Call me Aniki (Big brother)." She sweat-dropped and thought 'That's why he hit me?' she nodded in acceptance and but still asked "Why do you want me to call you Aniki?" he grinned answering "Cuz, I want a little sister. Even if we aren't related by blood."

His response made her immediately agree since she always wanted a brother, she was about to say something until he looked at a rooftop with a hawk perched on top, it let out a screech making the boy say "Gotta run! It was nice meeting you Hina-chan!" he waved goodbye to her as he ran off, making her wave back and shout at his retreating "THANK YOU AGAIN ANIKI!"

A few moments later on Hiashi Hyuuga, Hinata's father appeared saying "Hinata what happened here?" she smiled brightly while answering "I was rescued by Aniki." This left him completely confused.

One year later

It had been a year since he rescued his imouto (little sister) Hinata, the two still kept in touch but couldn't meet in person since her father pretty much put her in a gilded cage making her feel like a boxed daughter (Sheltered daughter)

Naruto just grinned at his Imouto's letter, which said she would be released from her 'prison' when she graduated from the Academy, unfortunately the age of application is eleven and graduating is fifteen, they're nine now so they'd have to wait two years to apply and attend for four years, which meant six years of captivity for her. But the upside would be they could see each other at the academy.

Naruto pocketed the letter as he headed towards his home in the Forest of Death. Out from the trees came out a large twenty foot tall tiger, it then growled "Grr? (Hey boss, how's it going?)" the blonde smirked and replied "Very good, had some Ichiraku ramen, beat up a guy who mistreated his girlfriend, busted up some wannabe Yakuza gang, you know the usual. Anything happen while I was gone?"

"Grr. (Weird woman tried intruding onto your turf, me and the boys ran her off.) answered the giant tiger. The whiskered boy hopped on his head and asked "Weird woman huh? You didn't hurt her too badly did you?"

"Grr, Grr. (No, boss. We slapped her around a little but we didn't do anything too serious.) replied the tiger. Naruto grinned saying "Good, that's very good. After all, I can never forgive someone that hurts a woman without a valid reason."

The tiger seemed to smirk at one of his bosses' principle and carried him towards his home.


"I'm telling you guys, something weird's going on." Said a woman wearing a trench coat, while another one said "This is the Forest of Death, Anko; everything is weird here." A woman with long purple hair with a katana on her back said professionally "I concur with Kurenai."

Then a fourth woman with brown hair said "I agree with Anko, she mentioned she was attacked by a lion, a bear, a gorilla, and a tiger at the same time." Anko shouted "FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT!" the other three slapped their hands on the snake user's mouth while making shushing noises.

When she was released Anko whispered "Anyway, you never see so many animals together here unless they are fighting for food or territory, but these animals worked together and not once attacked each other. Which means something fishy is going on here."

Yugao asked "Even so, why bring us along?" the dango lover answered "Because I can only take on two of these big animals at the same time, anymore and I'll be overwhelmed, so I brought you three along as back-up. Now shush, we're nearly there."

They jumped through the tree branches quietly and came upon what looked like a large and quite lavish looking house, sitting in front of a river. The four women looked around with Kurenai asking "Where are these big animals you mentioned?" Hana vocally theorized "Must be out hunting for food."

They all shrugged and jumped down and began walking towards the suspicious house, until [SPLASH] from the river leapt a group of creatures that looked like a cross between a turtle and a seal. The snake user screamed "SHIT! KUNG FU DUGONGS!"

The other three women thought 'They look kinda cute' the Anbu woman asked "What's so dangerous about them?" the dango addict explained "They look cute, but they're very strong. They are immune to low level Genjutsu and resistant to medium level. Their shells protect them from fire and earth style Ninjutsu, and they are immune to water jutsu entirely due to them living in and loving water. They're also very powerful Taijutsu users that could give Gai a run for his money."

The other three women looked shocked and wondered 'Are they THAT tough?' One Dugong appeared in front of the others, this one had a scar over its left eye and several nicks and scratches on its shell making them think this one was the leader.

The lead Dugong then spoke "Gabu, Gabu (Go away pathetic humans. You are intruding on the den of the great Naruto Uzumaki. If you don't leave then your lives are forfeit.)" The four woman sweat-dropped with the Inuzuka heiress saying "It's like he's trying to tell us something, but I can't understand him."

The Dugongs got a dangerous look in their eyes making the four women get into defensive stances. The Dugongs prepared to charge until "STOP!" everyone turned and spotted a nine year old blonde sitting on the head of a giant tiger, with a bear, a gorilla and a lion following behind.

The gorilla pointed at Anko saying "Ooh, ooh! (That's the weird woman that tried breaking into your den Leader!)" the blonde hopped down from off the tiger saying "Really? Okay then, stay close." The four animals nodded and followed behind.

Naruto then said "Hello there! I'm Naruto Uzumaki. What might your names be?" the four women introduced themselves, with Naruto complimenting each one making them blush. He then asked the snake mistress "Pray tell, why were you so eager to intrude on my property?" the dango lover scratched her head sheepishly saying "Well, you see I was just minding my own business, when those four behind you attacked me earlier today. I got suspicious and decided to investigate this area with my friends, then we found this house and then we were about to be attacked by the Dugongs, that is we would have been if you hadn't shown up."

The boy nodded then spoke with a smile "I see." He turned to the animals and said "Friends, these women are not intruders they are our guests, so treat them kindly." The four large animals sat down and started relaxing while the Dugongs cutely rubbed their faces against the women's legs.

After a few minutes of that the boy invited the women inside his house saying "Make yourselves at home, if you're hungry help yourselves to whatever's in the kitchen." They nodded, and then looked around the mansion, err, house. It was extremely spacious and the furniture was quite lavish.

Kurenai and Yugao took the couch, Anko sat in the love seat while Hana settled for sitting on the floor. Their host came back saying "Sorry about the animals, they don't like it when someone intrudes on my turf."

The Anbu woman asked "Naruto-san. Why are those animals so… tame?" the whiskered boy answered "Bosko, the bear I became friends with when he was a cub entering adulthood. I beat up Remy the lion, and Pancho the tiger, when they were fighting over some meat, and we became friends. Kerchak the Gorilla was the meanest S.O.B. you could ever meet here in these woods, so I kicked his ass. He calmed down and then became my subordinate. As for the Dugongs I beat up their leader, which by their code made me their new leader, and they my disciples."

The women jaw-dropped at his explanation with the Genjutsu mistress asking while fumbling with her words a bit "H-ho-how did you take on animals ten times your size?" the boy grinned cheekily saying "Dunno." Making them face-vault.

Easily seeing their confusion at his statement he said "What I mean is as long as I could remember I've been super strong, my body is very tough, and even if I'm hurt my wounds heal in seconds. Plus I've always been able to understand what animals say. It's just how I am."

The four women were in shock, and then started asking random questions "WHY ARE YOU LIVING HERE? WHY NOT IN THE VILLAGE? HOW DO YOU GET FOOD? HOW WAS THIS HOUSE BUILT?" he sweat-dropped while motioning for them to settle down, once they calmed down he began answering their questions "On my fifth birthday the owner of the orphanage kicked me out, not five minutes after being kicked out into the street I was chased down by a mob.

So I ran like hell, here to the Forest of Death. Shortly after arriving I met Bosko the bear, and we became friends. He showed me this clearing which I could use to make a den, next thing I knew the Kung Fu Dugongs appeared and their leader challenged me to a fight, so I beat him up and won.

Not long after that I decided I would make my home here in the Forest of Death, so I won't have to deal with the mobs, civilians, etc. While I could beat them up, I don't want to give the damn Civilians council any more ammo than I have to.

But I digress. Anyway, the next day after beating up the Kung Fu Dugongs, the bosses of various summoning clans sought me out. The monkey king Enma, Manda of the snakes, Katsuya of the Slugs, and Gamabunta of the toads. They all told me that I was special, but refused to say why. So I signed each and every one of their contracts, now that I think of it Enma-Oyaji mentioned there were other contracts out there that I could sign, more powerful ones.

Getting off track, well after that The Dugongs used their powerful martial arts to chop down trees, the monkeys built the house and put in the electric appliances and plumbing, I asked them how they knew to do that, but they only said 'Monkey see, Monkey do' the snakes and slugs dug underground to help the plumbing and so it would be connected to the nearby rivers and lakes. The toads and Bosko kept all the predators away.

Once the house was ready, the monkeys got the furniture and placed it all inside. I've lived here ever since. When it comes to food, and water Bosko, Remy, and Pancho bring me meat from their kills, Kerchak brings fruit from the trees, and the Dugongs keep all the rivers clean and sometimes bring me fish. Oh and there's also my friend Taka-chan (Hawk) she brings me lot's of cool stuff, from the village and things that Chunin exam participants drop when they die or fight against the predators here. She also has her friends bring me cool stuff from foreign nations."

The four women were speechless at the boy's story, Anko and Kurenai wanted to call bullshit, in Anko's case it would be due to him mentioning Manda, given the snakes evil reputation, and in Kurenai's would be due to ALL the major summoning clans of Konoha seeking out this boy for an unknown reason. But they couldn't deny anything given the fact the proof was all around them.

The blonde boy then asked "Who wants dinner?"

Two years later.

Naruto was holding his application for the Academy in hand, the Sandaime told him to hand it to a Iruka Umino, who was often distinguished by a scar across his nose. The blonde sighed because he asked which class belonged to this Iruka, he regretted it instantly because a snooty woman by the name of Suzume basically said and quote: If you were so smart then you wouldn't need directions, you ruffian.

Which to him meant 'Why should I tell you demon?' so he punched her lights out. While he despised those who would hurt or take advantage of a woman, that Suzume had it coming. Besides, by the time she woke up her short-term memory will have forgotten their meeting.

Finally he decided to go through each classroom and see if he could find his teacher. Luckily the first one he opened turned out to be the right one due to him seeing a Chunin with a scar. "Can I help you?" asked the brown-haired man, the blonde boy nodded and handed him the slip of paper.

The scarred man read over the paper then turned to the class saying "Class we have a new student joining us! Please introduce yourself." The whiskered boy turned to the class and said "The names Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are ramen, animals, nature, and beautiful women. My dislikes are idiots, fan-girls, those who would hurt a woman without a valid reason, rapists, child abusers, and people that look down on me for no reason. My hobbies are training myself, sparring with Kung Fu Dugongs, and bonding with my friends. And I don't have a dream yet."

Iruka nodded and then said "Here's an idea, you could aim to be Hokage just like all the other students here." The blonde boy scoffed and said "Not interested." The entire classroom face-vaulted, out of nowhere a pink-haired… person shouted "WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO BE HOKAGE?"

Naruto grinned and replied "Simple, I have no reason to be Hokage; besides, I'd rather choose my own path than have someone choose it for me." A tense silence filled the room as the whole class stared at the boy in shock, meanwhile a blonde haired girl thought 'Whoa, that was cool'

Iruka just scratched the back of his head and said "Okay then, uhh, why don't you take a seat next to Sasuke Uchiha? He's…" he was interrupted by Naruto who said "Go to hell. There's no way I'll sit next to a spoiled brat. Although, I wouldn't mind sitting next to that cutie up there."

The all the girls (Not counting Sakura) pointed at themselves wondering if he was referring to them. He walked up the steps and looked at a blonde haired girl. He smiled charmingly and asked her "Mind my sitting here Ms?" she slowly shook her head, saying she didn't mind. He took her hand and gently kissed the top of it saying "Thank you, beautiful. Oh my, I'm afraid I didn't catch your name."

The girl blushed a neon red making her glow a bright red as she replied loudly "INO YAMANAKA!" she slapped her free hand over her mouth in embarrassment of her outburst, her fellow blonde just chuckled and said "I'll remember that, say you wanna see something cool?" she quickly nodded making him smirk, he pulled out a seed from his pocket and placed it in the palm of his hand.

He took a deep breath and exhaled onto the seed , the shell of it cracked and from the seed grew a beautiful rose. Everyone in the classroom was amazed at this, the whiskered boy handed the rose over to Ino saying "For you gorgeous."

She took the rose while in her mind was squealing "HE'S MINE!" Naruto felt someone roughly tap his shoulder, he turned and it was a grim looking kid with a weird haircut in the shape of a duck's fowl end. "What do you want, asshole? Can't you see I'm talking to a lady?" asked the blonde boy.

"How did you do that?" asked the grim looking kid. "Do what? All I did was be nice to a lady." Questioned Naruto. This made the other guy say angrily "Who cares about that weak slut? I want to know what kind of jutsu you used."

The blonde boy's eyebrow twitched as he asked "Did you just call Ino-san a slut?" the black haired boy said with an arrogant smirk "Yeah, what of it?" in an instant his face met the blonde's fist, then his crotch met the blonde's knee, and then his face was reintroduced to the fist… several times.

A few seconds later, the raven haired kid was being held by the collar of his shirt by Naruto who said "Never hurt or call a woman such derogatory names in my presence bastard." The raven haired kid coughed up a mixture of blood and saliva as he spoke "When my father hears about this, you're in for it."

"That's assuming you can tell him what happened. I think I'll remove your tongue so you can't speak, then your hands so can't write." Naruto said with a scary looking grin, from his sleeve popped a kunai knife to emphasize his point. Iruka was about to step in until… "Sorry for being late and interrupting. I'm afraid I got lost" said a girl with lavender colored eyes as she was escorted by a woman wearing glasses, who also had a black eye and was holding a hunk of meat over it.

The lavender eyed girl look up and spotted the blonde boy, she then shouted "ANIKI!" the addressed boy looked down and shouted back "IMOUTO-CHAN!" they ran and hugged each other while the entire classroom was like 'WTF'


Gamabunta and the Monkey King Enma were sitting together drinking some cups of sake, the former saying "Who knew that Manda was such a softie at heart?" Enma nodded and replied "Indeed, all those 'sacrifices' were actually people he intended to save from Orochimaru; clever of Manda to hide those people inside him and then release them later, so they won't have to be that damn pedo's experiments."

The large toad laughed heartily saying "No kidding, anyway the reason I asked to come here is to confirm if that Naruto kid is the real deal." The monkey king nodded replying "He is. Kana Uzumaki confirmed it on her deathbed. Naruto-kun is indeed the next Rikodou Sennin."

"How does she know that?" asked the toad boss. "I don't know, she never told me exactly how, but she confirmed saying that he was her great grandson. Then she told me her own prophecy." Said the monkey king. Gamabunta then said seriously "Prophecy eh? Well, her predictions were always clearer that that old senile fart. So let's hear it." Enma then said with a voice that held immense authority "I'll only tell you if you swear on your honor as the boss of your clan not to tell anyone else without mine or in certain circumstances Naruto-kun's permission."

The toad nodded and said "I swear." Enma accepted the oath and began explaining Kana Uzumaki's final moments.

Flashback: ten years ago.

Kana Uzumaki laid on her bed gasping for air, she was approx. 150+ years old, give or take a few decades. Her wrinkled skin and ash grey hair was damp from the sweat of her effort to stay alive for a few minutes longer.

Enma approached her saying "Kana, your time in this world is over it is time for you to join your clan and rest in peace." She rolled her head to the side to face him and growled out "Not yet, I can't die until I tell you this prophecy."

The monkey king quirked up an eyebrow asking "You don't often have these premonitions unless something of great importance is happening. What is it?" she coughed and replied "Not one of mine. It is a prophecy that is passed down from on Sennin to a trustworthy person, so that the next Sennin may know it. Now listen, someday in the future a young and powerful Sennin will appear carrying centuries worth of the world's sorrows on his back, and will decide the world's fate, whether it be through rage and destruction or love and guidance the Sennin will bring balance to the world.

On the day he chooses the fate of all he shall cause the entire world to flip upside down and then the whole world as we know it to will consumed by a war that will last for only a single day. Once that war ends and the true face of evil lies dead then the balance of the world can be restored."

She stopped speaking signifying she was done Enma nodded and silently swore he would forever remember the prophecy. Kana coughed several times and said weakly "Thank you for watching me and protecting my secrets from Konoha for all these years. If I ever had any regrets it would be not being there for my clan and family, please tell my successor, no my great grandson not to make my mistake."

The monkey king nodded saying "I will, and I promise to keep an eye on him however and whenever I can." The dying Uzumaki woman smiled and said "He should be a little over a year old right? Well, even if the date isn't right; happy birthday Naruto."

With that she passes away, in the skies above the Elemental nations a meteor shower commenced, and in the forests the animals stopped their activites and began howling, roaring, chirping, and screeching in sadness, for a reason completely unknown to them.

And unknown to all in that moment, one era had ended and a new one was beginning.

End chapter one.

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