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Chapter 13
The Grand Opening

Some things are destined to be - it just takes us a couple of tries
to get there."
― J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

It was inevitable. Sooner or later, Harry would have to face Ron Weasley. The fear of losing his best friend forever withheld him from going to the Redhead straight away, but Harry knew it was time to make a decision. He would have to try and reach an agreement.

Harry was waiting for Ron in the Leaky Cauldron. He knew Ron would come here, because they'd spent a lot of time there themselves, after finishing up work. It had been two weeks since Harry started seeing Malfoy and it was over a month that the two best friends were fighting. It couldn't go on like this.

Ron entered the Leaky Cauldron and took a seat at the bar. He hadn't spotted Harry yet, but Harry knew the man would avoid him either way. He walked over to him, trying to form a natural opening sentence in his head.

"Hi, Ron. Congratulations on the promotion," he said upon reaching the chair next to his friend. Ron seemed startled by his presence. Harry sat down on the barstool, not waiting for an invitation.

"I got that promotion three weeks ago," Ron noted dryly. Harry sighed inwardly, already feeling this would be far more difficult than he had expected.

"I just want to apologize, Ron. I'm sorry for pushing you away. It's just, I feel happy being with Malfoy, so it would be so great if you could try and accept it as well." Harry gestured to Tom to give him a drink.

"I should've known that I would be the bad guy in the end again. Hermione has given me the cold shoulder because of you, Harry. It's your fault. We never had this much issues." Ron's tone was as cold as the look in his eyes. Tom gave Harry his beer, but quickly went to the other side of the bar again, sensing their conversation was confidential.

"You're fighting over my relationship? I don't think that makes sense. I feel like Hermione just wants you to accept the fact that Malfoy and I are together."

"Malfoy. If I didn't know any better I'd honestly believe he brainwashed you. But even Ginny thinks it's great. She's your bloody wife." Ron shook his head, taking a sip from his Firewhisky. Harry ignored his Butterbeer, momentarily forgetting about it.

"She's dating Dean, so give me one reason why I shouldn't date anyone."

"It's not about the anyone, Harry. Why Malfoy? Of all available women – and men – in the world?"

"That's something that concerns me, Ron. You don't have to like Malfoy. Merlin, that would be the most extraordinary thing I'd ever see in my life. I'm just asking you to be friends again. Just like before."

"I can't stand being around that piece of shit." Ron spit the words out, as if they had left a poisonous taste in his mouth.

"Please, Ron. Try and be nice. He hasn't been unkind to anyone so far, so it would surprise me if he would be mean to you. Malfoy's trying to be better. Give him a chance." Harry was spinning the bottle of his butterbeer as he spoke, while Ron took another draught.

"That's what Hermione said. She's really angry with me. I'm just trying to be helpful, you know. I didn't want you or Ginny to get hurt, but still you both are and there's nothing I can do to fix that."

"'People learn from their mistakes, Ron. If they wouldn't make any mistakes, they wouldn't learn anything. It's good to question my relationship with Malfoy, but don't take it too far. I just want us to be friends again. Apart from the whole gay thing."

"If I had known you were gay, I wouldn't have let you sleep in my bed," Ron said, pulling a face.

"I didn't know it myself. I just fell in love with Malfoy," Harry smiled, thinking about the blonde and speculating over what he would be doing at this very moment. Rushing home? Preparing dinner? Showering? Harry felt a tug in his abdomen thinking about Malfoy in the shower, until Ron pulled him out of his reverie.

"I don't mind you being gay, Harry. I really don't. I just don't get why you had to marry Ginny first, and then go and spill it all over the papers that you're gay."

"I didn't spill it all over the papers Ron. You know how they are, they're always minding someone else's business. For all I know they could be spying on us right now. I stopped caring. So should you. The fact is, I didn't even know that I was gay before I fell in love with Malfoy." Harry smiled at the thought, liking how the words sounded.

"That's very difficult, Harry. I can't imagine myself being with a guy, ever."

"You're still in love with Hermione. That's why you can't imagine it. If you would be out of love again, and then fell in love with a guy, that would change the situation. You fall in love with a person, Ron. Not with a gender. I'm not saying that I'm keen on having sex with Malfoy just yet, I'm not ready for that. But I will eventually."

"Seriously? I didn't need to know that Harry," Ron gagged and sipped the glass of Firewhisky, making it half-empty.

"So, are we cool now?"

"Sure. As long as you don't marry the idiot."

"That's not in the near future, as far as I know," Harry giggled. "I haven't even divorced Ginny yet." Ron seemed to think about that comment for a while. Harry let him. He knew it was difficult to accept the fact that he was going to divorce Ginny. Then Ron spoke again.

"I know it's for the better. But it still hurts." Harry heaved his Butterbeer and flashed Ron a reassuring smile. The sweet taste added up to the happy feeling that was growing in his stomach.

"I know," Harry said comfortingly. Both men sat there for a while, enjoying each other's company after such a long time. Then Harry added: "But I feel it in my guy that everything's going to be alright in the end."

"You bet it will," Ron smiled, smacking Harry's back. Harry returned the smile, knowing he'd done the right thing.

Harry walked to his bathroom, yawning as he tried to wipe the tiredness out of his eyes. Making up with Ron had been a relief, and they'd talked for a long time. He undressed in the bathroom, then made his way over to the bedroom. He turned on the lights, scratching his back absently while making his way over to the double bed. Then, he froze in realization.

A naked Draco Malfoy was lying on his side of the bed, a crooked smile on his face. Harry gaped, unable to say anything while Malfoy kept smiling at him.

"Hi Potter. Aren't you coming to bed?"

"How did you get in here?"

"I used the floo. Thought I'd surprise you." Malfoy turned on his side, resting on his elbow to support his head. Harry stared at the exposed body, his gaze wavering over Malfoy's crotch.

"I thought I'd secured it," Harry retorted. Malfoy kept staring at him intently. Harry gulped. "You could say you surprised me," he then gasped. Malfoy's grin widened, patting the covers in front of him.

"Come to bed, love," Malfoy whispered. Harry sat down on the edge of the bed, still not believing his eyes. He leaned forward for a kiss, but Malfoy pulled away.

"Ah-ah, no kisses for you today, Potter." Harry was astonished, several questions popping inside his head. All he could bring out was: "Huh?"

"I want to be your toyboy today. You can't kiss a toy boy, right?" Question's kept rising in Harry's tired brain, the one even more confusing than the other.

"You what?" Harry gawped. His tired brain couldn't process the large amount of information Malfoy was giving him and he made himself comfortable on the bed, trying to suppress another yawn.

"Toy. Boy," Malfoy said slowly. "I'll do whatever you please." Harry looked up at his boyfriend again, annoyance boiling inside. He was just teasing him, and Harry wouldn't have it.

"Then kiss me," Harry said, still not understanding the exact reason why Malfoy didn't want to kiss him. Malfoy scooted closer to Harry, cupping the small bulb underneath his boxers.

"I can't kiss you. The only thing I'm allowed to kiss is your godliness, Potter." Harry chortled, pushing away Malfoy's hand.

"Are you losing it? Stop it already. I want to kiss you." Harry leaned forward, trying to capture the blonde's lips.

"I might have to tie you up if you don't cooperate, Potter." Malfoy kept pushing Harry away from his mouth, while the raven-haired adult became all the more frustrated.

"Tie me up? What is this? A sex game?"

"Finally, he's figured it out," Malfoy sighed, rolling his eyes demonstratively. The mischievous grin was still present in his eyes, and Harry suspected nothing good from it.

"I'm not playing a sex game with you, Malfoy. Don't even think about it." He turned his back to his boyfriend, trying to get into a good sleeping position. Malfoy wasn't ready to sleep yet.

"I thought about it a lot. And if you don't want to play along, that's your loss," Malfoy said, pulling down Harry's boxers. Harry gasped for air, trying to push Malfoy's warm hands away. He enjoyed being teased, but playing a sex game wasn't something he'd done before. Ever.

"Come on. Stop it. I'm tired. Can we just go to bed?" he tried the whining approach, but nothing seemed to work.

"You asked for it," Malfoy grunted. At first, Harry thought he had won. The blonde took his wand from the bedside table and swung it once. Instantly, fluffy ropes curled around Harry's wrists and ankles, tying him to the bed.

"MALFOY! Untie me right this instant!" Harry screeched, trying to wriggle himself to freedom. The more he pulled the more stuck he became, so he quickly gave up.

"And now, you're all mine," Malfoy hissed, a deep growl resounding in the back of his throat. His slender fingers caressed Harry's exposed body, starting on his hips. He massaged his legs and stroked his inner thighs. Harry slowly became aroused, closing his eyes at the touch. Malfoy cuddled against his neck, taking his position on top of the Boy Who Lived. Harry's eyes widened, gaping at the naked man in front of him. He'd never been this close to Malfoy before without being able to touch him. If he could just stretch out his arm, he'd be able to touch Malfoy's soft chest-hair. But he couldn't.

"What's wrong, love?" Malfoy said with a smoky voice. He fondled against Harry's torso, burying his nails in the soft skin. Harry moaned, curling up his back and trying to free his hands.

"Untie me please. I want to touch you."

"I can't, Potter. You've been a bad boy, and bad boys need to be punished."

"Seriously, Malfoy? I'm not doing this!" Harry exclaimed, getting frustrated. He gasped for air when Malfoy took a hold of his penis, stroking it gently.

"What did you say, Potter?" Harry murmured, closing his eyes in pleasure, unable to compose an answer. "I didn't hear you, …" Malfoy whispered, speeding up his pace. Harry huffed, trying to free his hands to touch Malfoy, but they remained stuck. He growled inwardly, pleasure blowing his mind as it became more and more difficult to think. Then Malfoy let go.

Malfoy kissed his nipples, making his way down to his abdomen, before breathing on his cock. The warm breath tickled the sensitive skin, and Harry moaned again. "Malfoy. Please. Untie me."

"I'm not ready yet," the blonde replied, and with those words, Malfoy went down on him, taking in his full length. He massaged the base with his tongue, bending forward until the tip touched the back of his throat. The warmth of Malfoy's mouth made Harry's mind go fuzzy and he enjoyed the moment, unable to struggle against his captivity. Malfoy's fingers squeezed his legs, and Harry opened them wider to give the blonde more space. Harry arched his back as Malfoy held down his hips. His tongue kept swirling until Harry threw his head in his neck, all the muscles in his body tightening up. He was still shaking from his orgasm as Malfoy released him from the ropes, and Harry curled himself up against the tall figure.

They remained like that for a while, a cheeky grin plastered across Malfoy's face. "I bet the Weaslette couldn't do that, could she?" he then said. Harry looked up into stormy eyes, a threatening glance in the green orbs.

"No, she couldn't. Why did you tie me up?" Harry caressed the porcelain skin, happy to finally be able to touch the man.

"I don't know. I like to do that sometimes. It's adventurous." Malfoy seemed very satisfied with himself, and Harry leaned against the man's chest fondly.

"Whatever pleases you, Malfoy. I'll pay you back anyway, love," Harry grinned, smiling against Malfoy's nipples. He felt the man chuckle underneath him, then he could feel Malfoy's body resonate when he spoke. "You can never pay me back, Potter. It's physically impossible."

"You wish," Harry growled. He kissed the pink lips, looking into Malfoy's eyes adoringly. "You wish."

Draco woke up, feeling very relaxed. It was very hot in the room, and for a moment he wasn't sure about his whereabouts. He opened one eye lazily. Darkness.

He closed his eyes again, only half aware of the weight pressing down on him. There were a pair of hands rubbing his arms, up his shoulders and down his chest, in a steady rhythm. Draco relaxed against the touch, fighting to not fall asleep and trying to figure out where he was and what happened last night.

Slowly, his thoughts started to make sense and his memories fell back into place. Last night, he and Potter had rented another movie. Ever since Draco had found out about the television and the wonder called a movie he loved watching them. They had been fooling around and gone to bed early. Draco smiled at the memory. He loved spending time with Potter. Even if it meant sitting back and doing nothing, it was still worth it. Just being around Potter made his day.

The massaging feeling kept pulling his attention, and he slowly opened his eyes again, darkness still surrounding him. He could make out the contours of Potter's bedroom. The bedside table, the large closet. When he looked up, he saw a large man sitting on top of him. At first Draco was startled, but when he checked that Potter wasn't lying next to him anymore, he felt relief washing over him. It was just Potter.

"Hi, Potter. What a nice way to wake me up," he whispered. Potter just kept massaging his belly, chest and arms, sending a relaxed feeling through Draco's entire body.

"What are you up to? Why aren't you talking?" Draco questioned, trying to get up. Potter's weigh on his hips kept him down, and he found himself unable to get up. Potter lowered his hands and started to massage Draco's legs.

"Payback time." Potter looked down at him, and Draco could see a mischievous grin around his lips. Suddenly it downed on him what Potter was trying to do. He would sex him up. Potter's hands caressed Draco's legs relaxing the muscles until all Draco could think about were those strong hands. He slowly became aroused, and he could feel Potter's erection pushing against his own.

"Potter. Stop teasing me. Please," Draco said, starting to get annoyed. Potter was massaging him everywhere except there. Desire was building up in his body as he thought about how Potter would pay him back. Suddenly, Potter grabbed Draco's erection and held it up. He softly caressed Draco's balls with his other hand, a moan escaping from Draco's lips. Potter rubbed his thumb over the swollen member, softly circulating around the tip. After what seemed like an eternity, his hand started to move downwards, steadily going up and down. Draco moaned, bucking up his hips for more.

Unexpectedly, Draco felt something cold around his butt. He tried to find Potter's eyes, but it was too dark in the room. Draco nearly cursed, but Potter's hand was still stroking his erection, and Draco just relaxed against the touch. He was getting pumped up, hands reaching for the raven-haired man when he felt a finger penetrating him. Realization struck him like lightening, and he wanted to crawl from underneath Potter to pay him back big time, but he couldn't move, Potter's left hand on his cock, his right hand a little lower.

"Potter. What are you doing?" Draco asked.

"Aren't you enjoying it, Draco?" Potter replied seductively.

"Come here! I'll rip you to pieces, you animal," Draco cursed. Potter hit the spot, which made Draco shut up. He threw his head back while Potter entered a second digit.

"You won't. I'm in charge now," Potter replied. Draco could hear Potter found the situation very amusing, but it became all the more difficult to focus on thoughts like that. Potter was everywhere around him, even inside him. He moaned again, releasing the rest of his frustration until only pleasure was left. His hand touched Potter's leg as he neared his climax. Then he exploded.

When he opened his eyes, green ones stared back at him affectionately. Draco embraced the man, still not understanding how Potter had managed to drive him crazy. Potter lied down next to him, kissing him on the lips softly. Draco smiled, murmuring against Potter's shoulder. "I didn't think you had it in you, Potter. I thought you'd forgotten about that."

"I didn't. I just waited long enough to catch you off guard," Potter replied.

"You surprised me big time," Draco whispered. His eyes fell shut again, drowning in Potter's delicious scent, feeling as if he was floating.

Finally the day had arrived. The Grand Opening of Harry's coffee shop was about to take place and Harry's stomach was churning in a mixture of excitement and stress. He'd gotten up early this morning to add some final touches to the place. He'd cleaned it again using Tergeo and made sure everything was in the right spot.

He'd forbidden Malfoy to come over early, because he wanted the coffee shop to be a surprise for everyone. Harry's bank account had decreased significantly, but the place had come along really well. He would first open for his friends and family, which meant the Weasleys and Malfoy. In the afternoon, the shop would open to the rest of the customers. Harry was very excited.

The magazines had already taken some interviews, and he was hoping for a great turn-up. At ten o'clock, the door swung open, and a tall blonde entered.

"Hi, Potter." There was a big grin plastered on Malfoy's face and Harry could distinguish admiration in his grey gaze.

"Hi. Come in," Harry smiled sheepishly, not really sure what attitude to give himself. He gestured Malfoy to sit down at the bar and gave him a slow kiss on his lips.

"What can I offer you?"

"I'd love a cappuccino, please." Harry smiled, walking over to one of the machines and prepared Malfoy's coffee. "It's looking great Potter. I never knew you had a taste for interior design." Malfoy's gaze went around the place, before resting on Harry again.

"I had an image of what I wanted it to look like. It came along really well. So, you like it?"

"First the cappuccino, Potter. Don't get ahead of yourself."

"Whatever you want, Malfoy. The others will arrive shortly." He placed the cappuccino in front of the blonde, hoping he would like it.

"Is there something you wanted to do before the others arrived, perhaps?" Malfoy teased. He took a sip from the green mug, a smile crossing his features. "It's delicious." Harry was glowing with pride, and bent over to kiss the pink lips again.

Ron and Hermione arrived, together with Rose and Hugo, and Harry broke the kiss to greet his friends. "Hi, sit down, sit down. What can I offer you? Everything's on the house."

"For me a latte macchiato, please," Hermione said, putting her purse on the bar and taking her seat. "The kids will drink a hot chocolate." She smiled from Harry to Malfoy, an amused glint in her eyes. "Were you already celebrating without us?" she asked.

"Hermione!" Harry exclaimed. Then he quickly turned to Ron to change the subject."Ron, what do you want?" The kids ran over to the small corner Harry had reserved for kids. There were two tables, one for toddlers, and one for older children.

"An Irish coffee, please," Ron said. He tried to keep his face as neutral as possible, but Harry could tell he still had a hard time seeing him and Malfoy together. They'd been a couple for three months and two weeks now. It had been all over the papers, but Harry had ignored all the negative comments. There had been a lot of hate-letters, the two of them had literally been stalked by owls, but then it faded away. Malfoy hadn't paid attention to anything the magazines wrote or what readers said. The only thing he'd replied was that people needed to mind their own business.

And that's what Harry was trying to focus on. He gave the small family their drinks and was about to sit down again when George and Angelique entered with their kids. Harry served another two hot chocolates and brought them to the Weasley's offspring. "This place looks great, Harry," Angelique said, taking a seat next to Hermione.

"Thanks," Harry replied, a red blush creeping up his face. "It wouldn't have been possible without you, guys."

"Is this the list of drinks?" George asked. He scanned it and quirked an eyebrow. "I never knew so many types of coffee existed. What's a pumpkin Spice Latte?"

"That's steamed milk, espresso, sugar, vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spice, topped with foam and a pinch of pumpkin pie spice.

"Great, I can see you did your homework. I'll have that." George looked around the coffee shop, smiling at what had become of it.

"For me too, please," Angelique added.

"I can't believe you pulled it off, Harry," George said. "I can tell it's going to be great. People will love to come here."

"Yeah, it's very cozy," Ron said. He took a sip from his Irish coffee and flashed a smile at Harry. Harry returned it happily, feeling as if there were bubbles bursting inside his stomach.

"Thanks Ron." Ginny and Dean arrived, and soon after Molly and Arthur made their entrance as well. All the guests had arrived, and Harry conjured the chocolate pie he and Malfoy had made the day before – Harry remembered Malfoy's face when he had smeared chocolate dough all over it – and chuckled while serving it. Everyone got a piece and started talking, while congratulating Harry.

"I'm so thrilled, Harry," Ginny said. "You're looking really great! You're literally beaming with happiness. I'm so glad everything turned out alright. I never thought I'd be possible, but we did it, didn't we? We moved on with our lives." Harry nodded, smiling brightly.

"How's Dean?" Harry asked. Dean was talking to Ron, while Hermione was having an animated conversation with Malfoy. Ginny smiled brightly, her eyes lighting up when she looked at Dean and replied: "He's great. We're getting along really well. Well, we take one step at a time, but it's so nice. I still miss you Harry, but I'm glad we made the decision. You and Malfoy are perfect together."

"Thanks, Gin. Dean's a good guy. I like him." Harry hugged his ex-wife, feeling no regrets at all. He never thought I'd be possible to face Ginny and feel completely normal and at ease, but here they were, both with new partners, having a standard conversation.

Harry then moved around the table, talking animatedly to all of his friends. Harry was just giving Arthur a extended explanation of how the Muggle appliances worked when Malfoy came up to him.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" he asked. Harry quirked an eyebrow, not really sure why Malfoy wanted to talk in private all of a sudden.

"Sure, what's up?"

"Can we talk in the storeroom?" An uneasy feeling settled in Harry's stomach. Something must be wrong. Had Malfoy changed his mind about him? Harry imagined all of his friends turning around at once, laughing their heads off while pointing at him, saying it was all a prank, payback for him leaving Ginny. Did he honestly believe Malfoy could sincerely love him? Harry shook his head inwardly, trying to get rid of his confusing thoughts. Malfoy wasn't an actor.

"Sure." Both men walked to the storeroom, and Malfoy closed the door behind him. "What's wrong?" Harry questioned. The storeroom was filled with all types of coffee and other ingredients, spare mugs, cutlery and extra chairs. Harry's eyes rested on the pointy face, trying to discover a glimpse of hatred. However, Malfoy's facial expression was happy. Joyful.

"I hate to share you, Potter. I can't stand it any longer. I want you right now," he growled. Harry's eyebrows disappeared in his hairline, as he realized Malfoy was being serious.

"Malfoy, honestly. I saw you just yesterday, we spent the whole day together."

"I need my daily dose of you," Malfoy's grey eyes were clouded with lust, cornering Harry against the wall.

"What do you mean? I'm not having sex with you when my friends are next door, Malfoy. Forget it. Think about things that disgust you, it'll go away automatically. Dolores Umbrigde? Mandrakes in puberty? Bubotuber Pus?"

"Not helping, Potter. Kiss me." Harry felt his stomach churning in a pleasant way. He leaned forward, capturing the soft lips of his lover. Instantly, the rest of the world faded and only Malfoy and Harry mattered. Malfoy tongue slipped past his lips, deepening the kiss as their tongues intertwined. Harry tugged on Malfoy's shirt, pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms around the tall shoulders, burying his nails in Malfoy's back. Malfoy's hands snuck under Harry's shirt pulling the fabric over Harry's head. Harry paused, breathing heavily.

"No, you can't. We need to go back," Harry breathed. He pressed his body against Malfoy's wanting to be as close as possible.

"They'll be just fine without us," Malfoy replied. He unzipped Harry's pants. It dropped onto the ground, and Harry looked up. He met with silver, a naughty grin splitting the pointy face in two.

"Cast a silencing charm over the room," Harry whispered. Malfoy did as he was told. Harry squeezed the man's buttocks as he got out his wand to say the enchantments. Malfoy grinned, and willingly let Harry take off his clothes before putting his wand back and focusing on the Survivor again.

Their lips locked. Harry lost himself in another kiss, and the longer he was there, the more difficult it became to think about the coffee shop. Malfoy was everywhere, on his skin, in his head, in his mouth. Harry couldn't think clearly anymore. Malfoy stripped down Harry's boxers, revealing black curls. Harry's fingers caressed Malfoy's chest gliding down to his waistband teasingly.

He slowly pulled down Malfoy's underwear, then held him close again. He breathed in his scent, the familiar aroma calming him down. Malfoy's hands caressed his legs, and Harry willingly opened them to let Malfoy touch his balls. His slender fingers fitted around his penis perfectly, and Harry moaned in reply as Malfoy started massaging his masculinity. Harry pulled the blond closer and gently caressed the tip of Malfoy's erection. The man shivered, pulling Harry in for a kiss again. Harry kept pleasuring him with soft but firm strokes. Malfoy buried his head in Harry's neck, softly kissing the sensitive skin. Harry willingly gave the man more room to kiss, when a pair of teeth bit down on him.

Harry moaned again, feeling how the pain mixed with pleasure. He bent down on his knees, kissing Malfoy's legs before focusing on his crotch. The licked it a few times, teasing the blonde. Harry looked up at Malfoy, blonde eyelashes touching the skin underneath his eyes, grey orbs closed. Harry then went down on his lover again, earning a deep moan. Malfoy quavered under Harry's touch and ran his fingers through Harry's hair. Harry kissed his way up to Malfoy's collarbones, kissing them both before biting his neck.

Malfoy pushed him against the wall, kissing him eagerly. Passion and desire took over Harry's mind. They broke their kiss again, and Malfoy reached out for his wand. Harry waited patiently, nervousness and anxiety starting to build up inside of him.

"It's okay," Malfoy whispered. A cold liquid spread around his butt, making Harry shift uncomfortably. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Sure," Harry muttered, reaching out at the man again. Malfoy held him close, whispering soothing words in his ear before entering a digit. Harry didn't know what to feel. Delight mingled with pain, tension and fright trying to take the better part of him. Malfoy's left hand massaged his erection again, adding up to the mixed feeling. Harry relaxed against Malfoy, taking a few soothing breaths. Malfoy's lips caught his own, a wave of passion rushing through his body as their tongues touched again.

Harry tensed when Malfoy moved his finger, but then relaxed against the touch, trying to be as relaxed as possible. The pain started to fade away as arousal kept grewing in Harry's abdomen. Then out of the blue, Malfoy hit the spot, a loud moan escaping from Harry's mouth. Harry opened his eyes, looking into grey ones, an amused smile on his lover's face.

"Is that better?" Malfoy whispered, touching the spot again. Harry closed his eyes in pleasure, nodding as Malfoy kept repeating his movement. He entered a second digit, and even though it hurt at first, the desire for more ruled his body. Harry breathed heavily, his head resting against the wall, his legs spread as wide as he could. Malfoy's hands were all over him, making Harry's head go fuzzy.

Then, Malfoy uplifted him, pushing Harry against the wall with his hips. Harry folded his legs around Malfoy's waist, trying to position himself as comfortable as possible. "Merlin Malfoy. I love you so much," Harry whispered against Malfoy's ear.

"I love you too, Potter," Malfoy's voice sounded fragile and confident at the same time. Harry hugged the man close. Malfoy penetrated him.

"Oh, that hurts," Harry exclaimed breathlessly, trying to adapt to the sudden change. The fact that Malfoy was inside him right now brought about an overwhelming feeling, compensating the pinching pain. Their bodies were connected, and Harry could feel tears jump into his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Malfoy asked, instantly concerned. He wanted to retreat, but Harry stopped him.

"It's alright. I've never been this intimate with someone before. I'm fine. It's just so overwhelming." Malfoy smiled, kissing Harry's lips again. He moved a bit, half pushing forward. Harry pulled a face, still trying to adjust to Malfoy's erection.

"I've never done this before either, Potter," Malfoy confessed. Harry looked up, disbelief written all over his face.

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

"No, silly. I've never been on top of anyone," Malfoy explained. Slowly, Harry realized what he was trying to say, not really that accustomed to gay sex.

"Oh," he breathed. "You'll be fine, don't worry." At this, Malfoy laughed out loud, the small burst of laughter filling the storeroom. It made Harry smile in return. Again, Malfoy trusted a bit forward. Harry wrapped his arms around his neck, trying to be completely relaxed. With the next thrust, Malfoy hit the pleasurable spot again, and Harry chuckled. Malfoy noticed and trusted again, slowly picking up the pace.

Harry held on to Malfoy, feeling the hard muscles under his arms. The only thing on Harry's mind was blonde hair, grey eyes and the porcelain body making love to him. He neared his orgasm, feeling how Malfoy reached the edge. Malfoy climaxed, his entire body tensing up, which made Harry release as well. They remained like that for a while, both breathing heavily. Harry still had difficulty to entail what had just happened. His forehead rested against Malfoy's and he opened his eyes. Molten silver stared back at him, eyes clouded with the emotion overpowering Harry's entire being.



"What's taking them so long?" Ron asked, looking at the storeroom in annoyance.

"Let them be. They probably want some alone time," Hermione responded. She shared a smile with Angelique and both women started giggling. Ron pulled an eyebrow, but then it downed on him what they were trying to say and confusion made room for horror.

"Bloody hell, are they-?"

"Ronald. There are children here," Hermione reprimanded. Ginny started to giggle, while Ron crossed his arms over his chest, sulking. After what seemed like an eternity, the couple emerged from the storeroom again, both looking flustered. Hermione had a knowing look on her face, and it looked as if Ron was going to be sick any time.

"There you two are," Molly said, handing them over a bottle of champagne. "Let's give the happy couple a toast."

"And heave our drinks for the new coffee shop," George added. Harry smiled, sitting down next to Malfoy at the table. Champagne was served and everybody started to talk again. Harry looked around happily. Even Ron seemed to be enjoying himself. Harry bent over to Malfoy, kissing him on the lips before whispering in his ear.

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me." Malfoy smiled in reply, leaning over to his ear as well.

"You weren't so bad yourself." Harry's eyes widened in shock, immediately making the link to the storeroom.

"Asshole."Harry tried to sound angry and upset, but failed miserably. Malfoy's eyes were filled with mirth.

"You like it, don't you?" The suggestive comments made Harry blush, and he averted his gaze from Malfoy's intense grey stare.

"Stop it already," he muttered, a playful grin still plastered on his face. They shared another kiss, then threw themselves back into the conversation at the table. Harry observed the blonde adoringly, realizing he would never get bored with this guy.

By opening the coffee shop, Harry had started a whole new chapter in his life. He didn't know where life was going to bring him, but frankly, he didn't care. All that mattered were the people surrounding him at this moment.

The End

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