One year later

I read through my journal today. Seems strange, as though it all happened to someone else, and although I remember it all, I also remember the other Sarah's life. Her memories and experiences sometimes get so tangled with mine now that I can't unravel it – and I suppose that's for the best. Her life is mine now after all.

I left the newspaper she was working for though. Freelance is much better, especially with a baby to look after – and I've found a publisher for my first science-fiction novel, 'The Brigadier and the Daleks'. There's even talk of television rights, which should pay very well. No shortage of ideas for sequels either – I had Alistair tell me all about his adventures with the Doctor, and I've written them all down. Should keep me going for a while!

Kate wasn't sure of me at first, which is understandable, but asking her to be bridesmaid, and consulting her about food and venues for the wedding helped a lot. So did her baby brother – she loves him to bits, and likes to help with the feeds, and fetching the nappy creams and such.

Alistair's parents dote on the little one too, of course, though I think they're still not sure about me. Given how my 'other' self behaved, I can't say I blame them, but I hope to win them over eventually.

Alistair got the Head of Maths post at the school, and he's found that he rather likes teaching. Sometimes his ex-army mates come over for a bar-b-q, and it still sounds odd to hear them call him 'colonel'. "He was up for promotion to Brigadier," one of them once confided to me, "But when Fiona died he quit to look after Kate."

I must put the journal back in its box now. I keep it in a drawer in the bedroom, underneath the poster of the London Underground that we have on the wall. Three framed pencil drawings are above the bed: one of Alistair, one of me, and one of Kate. I brought them with me, tucked into the pages of the journal, and we keep them to remind us.

I can hear the baby crying, it's time for his feed. Oh, I haven't said what we called him, have I?

John Smith Lethbridge-Stewart, of course. Everyone thinks the second name's for me. We know it isn't.

Who knows, maybe he'll grow up to be a doctor?

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