A Different Day of School

Annabeth is sophomore of Goode High School. She has an insane crush on Percy Jackson, captain of the swim team, professional football player, and extremely talented track runner. But Percy is boyfriend of Rachel Elizabeth Dare, who is mean to all other girls. Annabeth can't compete against Rachel in any way, but what happens when she learns Percy was in a car crash?

A/N: That was the intro to describe a little bit of my new fanfiction. Now, here's chapter 1. Hopefully, I get a lot of people going completely crazy for this story. This is rated T/M. I don't think there will be any sexual scenes in this, but I may throw down some cuss words. So, this will be mostly be rated T, and if I throw some cuss words, than it will slowly become a bit of a rated M fanfiction as well, also if I somehow end up throwing something down that involves sex, I'll warn you guys about it. Enjoy.

Hello, my name is Annabeth Minerva Chase. I'm a sophomore student of Goode High School. I'm a straight A student and I'm on the top of the honoral list. Yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd, but I don't wear any glasses, so I'm not an official nerd. I'm not into to many things that most teenage girls would be in either. I really don't care about my looks, or the clothes I wear, or the perfume and make-up I wear. I wear and do whatever I want in my own ways.

My best friends are Thalia, Silena, Clarisse, Katie, Piper, Hazel, Reyna, Hylla, and Bianca. They're all incredible friends. Like me, other than Silena probably, they aren't in to typical teenage girl stuff either, and if they are, I don't see how. We have a few guys as friends, but we don't hang around them outside school.

Most people don't usually pay much attention to us. They usually focus on the girls that my friends and I hate more than anything. There names are Rachel, Drew, and Calypso. They are cheerleaders and from what I've seen, they pretty much get away with anything they want, and get whatever they want. They even get guys chasing after them practically 24/7. They're bullies to other girls to. They irritate me. Out of the three of them, the one I hate the most is Rachel, the leader of the three. Why do I hate her the most, because, she shattered my heart. She found herself dating the man of my dreams, Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson, the man that can impress any girl without even trying. He has messy jet black hair, sea green eyes that you can see his emotions through, a very lean and muscular body, and a very sexy tan of skin. Percy is the captain of the swim team, an awesome football player, and a very talented track runner. He even won most of the trophies that the school has, and he's gotten our school to the championship competitions and has always gotten our school in first place. Most guys who are professionals at sports like Percy would be selfish jerks, show-offs, and gloat in all of their accomplishments. Knowing that, you would expect Percy to be no different right? Well, Percy is actually nothing like that. He's very sweet, respectful, nice, and selfless. He always puts others before him and he's always so nice to everyone. There isn't a single person I can name that is just as great as him. I swear to God when I say I'm severely in love with him and I wish I had him all to myself. Even though every single girl chases after him at school, I believe I deserve him more than any other girl. I know I kind of sound selfish by saying that, but what difference exactly would you feel if you were so in love? I just want take him home with me and express every ounce of my love to him.

Anyways, back to Rachel. Out of all girls, Rachel was the one who got to be Percy's girlfriend. Out of all girls at school, why did have to be her. Why couldn't it have been be me? I've known Percy my whole life, way longer than Rachel, and I've in love with him since the seventh grade. I just wish he knew how I feel about him. Well, at least he's one of the guys that's a friend to me. He considers me a friend. I guess that's better than nothing, though I still wish he would want more than just friendship with me.

Right now, I'm in school, period 5/6, English 10. Today, we were writing an essay. You see, we were to choose a novel for English class and go threw many assignments that would be thrown at us. My novel was Lord of the Rings. Right now, we had write a three page essay on the first quarter of our novels, describe who the characters where, some symbols, some themes, some plots, some conflicts, some settings, and a description of the story so far. As usual, I finished my assignment first. I turned in my essay to the front desk and sat back down at my desk. The teacher was Mr. Blofis. He's a really nice man. Always has something nice to say to everyone, and he's also Percy's step-father. Speaking of Percy, he's in the same class as me right now. His desk is three desks away to the right of mine.

He was still working on his essay. I had no idea what his novel was, but it must have been something of great interest to him. He was really focused on his essay to notice what I was doing to him. I was staring at him. I had my elbow on my desk and the palm of my hand on my chin, and I was daydreaming about him. I saw him holding me in his arms and he was holding me tight. Even as he went to turn in his essay, I was still staring at him. I just hope he wouldn't catch me staring at him. I also hoped that it wasn't obvious to anyone that I was staring at him or that I was doing something that would embarrass myself. Now in my daydream, he tells me the three words that I always dream of him to say to me. Then I tell him the exact same words. Then, my daydream went to the one event I love picturing the most. Percy was about to kiss me full on the lips, but unfortunately, my daydream was interrupted by the sound of the bell.

It was now time for period 7, which is lunch. My friends and I got our food and we found a table for all of us to sit at. As everyone was getting their food, All my friends were staring at me with wide grins on their faces.

"What?" I asked them all.

Silena was the first to speak. "Did you have fun in English?" She asked.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I saw you staring at Percy. Were you having fun dreaming about him?" She asked. I forgot that some of my friends are in English with me as well. All I could do was blush, not able to form any words.

"You're still drooling over my cousin Annabeth?" Thalia asked. She and Percy are cousins. Their fathers were brothers. Like Percy, Thalia has had quite a lot of family issues.

"So what if I am?" I asked.

"You know Annabeth, you'll never get Percy to like you if you don't try." Said Reyna.

"It doesn't matter now. He already has a girlfriend, and it's that bitch Rachel. I can't just take him away from her like that, even if I want to." I said.

"I'm pretty sure you could if you tried." Said Hylla. Did I mention that Reyna and Hylla are sisters? If not, I just did.

"How would we know if it'll work?" I asked.

"Let's find out and see. HEY PERCY!" Thalia called. Wait! Is she seriously calling Percy over here? Oh no. Why did she have to this to me?"

Percy just got his food when he heard Thalia call his name. He was with one of his other cousins Nico. Then, they walked over to us. Oh my gods, look at Percy's body, so tan, so muscular, so alive, oh, how I wanted that body to be my boyfriend. I just wanted to pounce on him and eat him up. I know that probably sounds wrong, but I can't help myself when he's near me. Whenever he's around me, my very intelligent brain can't think straight, my heart beats like a hundred miles per hour, my blood flows through me five times faster, I just can't take it. I want him so badly, but he's already taken. Why can't I be his girlfriend!?

They came up to our table. "Hey Thalia, how's my cousin doing?" He asked.

"I'm great Perce, my friends are great as well. It's nice we get to say hi to you real quick. Nice to see you to Nico." Thalia said.

"Thanks Thalia." Nico said.

"Yeah, so, what do you want Thalia?" He asked.

"Oh, it's not really what I want, it's what Annabeth wants. I think she either wanted to tell you or ask you something." Thalia said while nudging me at my shoulder.

"Okay then. What do you want Annabeth?" He asked.

If you're wondering how we know each other already, we've known each other since we were only four. He's always been a very wonderful friend. I have a few family issues like him, Nico, and Thalia, but not as severe as them. Percy always comforts me when I fell badly for my family issues. He never abandons me, and that's one of the many reasons I love him. He's always doing everything he can to protect me. Anyways, back to some family issues. Percy, Nico, and Thalia's fathers were all in the marines and as I mentioned before, they were brothers. They were all commanders for the marines and together, they won many wars for our country. But, during one war with North Korea, they died. North Korea had missiles that were programmed to be fired at America. Oh, I forgot to mention, Nico's father was named Hades, Percy's father was named Poseidon, and Thalia's father was named Zeus. The missiles needed to be reprogrammed and over boarded, but the one who would do that was gonna die along with those missiles. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades all went. Only one needed to go, but they all made a promise to each other when they were little. The promise was no matter what, they would go through everything together, even to the bitter ends. So, they all sacrificed their lives to save us all. They all died a hero's death, but no one has taken their deaths well. But the people who always take it the hardest are Percy, Thalia, Nico, Jason, Tyson, and Bianca. Tyson is Percy's little brother, Jason is Thalia's older brother, and Bianca is Nico's twin sister.

I've had a lot of trouble with my family as well. But I'm not gonna dwell on that right now. I will some other time.

Back to the table. Maybe my friends were right. Maybe if I just express my eternal and undying love to him, I can have him as my boyfriend and I would finally have the guy of my dreams always by my side.

"Percy?" I asked nervously.

"Yes?" He replied nervously. He's always able to sense the apprehension in my voice and he always knows how I feel and he acts accordingly. That's another thing I love about him.

"Um, Percy, I was wondering if maybe you'd. . ." "PERCY!" I was interrupted by none other than the girl I hate the most, Rachel.

"Oh, uh, hi Rachel. Said Percy. By the sound of his voice, he really wasn't too happy to see her right now.

"PERSEUS JACKSON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TALKING TO THESE LITTLE SHITS!?" Rachel said. Luckily, everyone else in the cafeteria was making to much noise to hear what'd happening at our table.

"Rachel, I was just talking to Annabeth, and will stop being so mean to other girls. Do you even realize how much it irritates me to see or hear you do that?" Percy said and asked.

"I don't care Jackson, let's go." Rachel said while she grabbed his hand dragged him away from me. I never thought my hatred for her would this high. I finally had the courage to ask if he wanted to hang out with me. I finally got the chance to spend some time with him, and Rachel came in and ruined everything. I felt like I was on the verge to cry.

"Annabeth, are you okay?" Bianca asked.

"Yeah." I stuttered.

"Okay, well on this note, I'm gonna head to my table. Later ladies." Nico said. Nico really isn't too good with women, but he knows when to be around them or not.

"By bro." Said Bianca.

After that, lunch went on almost as it does everyday. The difference was that my longing to try to get Percy came, but left too early. The rest of the school day went pretty normal as well. Again though, the only difference about this day than all the others is Percy.

Right now, Thalia, Bianca, and I are saying our final goodbyes. "Bye guys." I said.

"Bye Annabeth." They both said.

"You'll be at the football practice tonight right?" Thalia asked.

"Yeah. If Rachel thinks she can keep Percy away from me that easily, then she has another thing coming." I announced.

"You keep acting like this Annabeth, and you'll find yourself in Percy's arms in no time." Thalia said.

"Yeah, well, see you two tonight." I said.

"Bye!" the shouted and headed to their homes while I went to mine. While I'm walking home, Thalia helped me today be realizing something. It doesn't matter whether or not Percy is taken or not. I'm still in love with him, and I know that I always will. I can't possibly love any other guy more than him. So, my decision is final. I don't care how much Rachel will try to kill me. I'm still gonna try to get him to be mine. So watch out Rachel. All the other girls may not be willing to mess with you, but Percy Jackson is gonna be holding this girl one of these days.

That's all I'll do for chapter 1. I know what most of you are thinking, what does this have to do with Percy in a car accident. That part will come very soon. I'm just taking some time to describe everyone's lives before the accident happens. I'll have the next chapter updated real soon. So, until then, enjoy this chapter as much as you can. Take care people.