Kitty Fight

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We just reached Percy's house. We were all getting out of the car and heading inside. Paul was carrying Tyson inside because the little guy fell asleep on the way back. He's very cute when he's asleep. Sally went into the kitchen. As for Percy and I, well, Percy was actually pretty tired right now, so I was helping him get to his bedroom.

When we got there, Percy got on his bed right away, but no before giving me a goodnight kiss. When he was in bed, I left and headed for the kitchen. I wanted to ask Sally where the best place for me to sleep would be. When I reached the kitchen, Sally was just doing dishes.

"Um, Sally?" I asked a bit nervously.

"Yes dear, what is it?" She asked sweetly.

"I was wondering where I could sleep at here." I said.

"Wherever you like, you're more than welcome to our house." She said.

There's only one place where I want to sleep, but I don't know how well Sally and Paul would feel about it. I just want to be with Percy. I nearly lost him, I'm going to let him go.

Sally, as if reading my thought or seeing what I was thinking about, interrupted my train of thought. "You love Percy, don't you?" She asked with a warm smile on her face. I could only nod and blush.

"He thinks you're his girlfriend, doesn't he?" She asked. Again all I can do is nod and blush. But now, I'm a little nervous on what Sally thinks of this.

"Good, I never did like Rachel. He deserves much better than her." She stated. This shocked me. I didn't expect her to like Rachel, but I did expect her to be angry at me for lying to her son. At her words, I ran to her and gave a hug, thanking her for her understanding, kindness, and approval. I couldn't be any happier. As I let go, I begin to head back to Percy's room.

"Annabeth," Sally voice said, making me face her again. "by all means necessary, keep Rachel's filthy hands away from my son." She said.

I didn't need to be told. No way I'm letting that bitch come anywhere near Percy. I nodded and made my way to Percy's room. Percy was asleep when I came in. I crawled at his side, set my head on his chest and wrap my arm around him. Percy started to move turn and groan a little when I did this. Then he put his arms around me and put his chin on my head. Being in his arms is the best place for me to be. His heart beat made me drowsy until I fell asleep.

-Line Break- (Like all of you, I pretty much just want to get to the kitty fight. So, this chapter now continues at the school. Also, I should tell you all this real quick. Due to the results I've gotten from chapter seven's question, I'm gonna make some changes with my plans. Nothing major, they're just some minor changes. I hope that's okay for you guys.)

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Right now, I'm at my locker, putting things in and taking things out. Sally drove Percy and me to school. Percy right now, is at the nurse's office. The school got a call from the hospital yesterday. They know about Percy having amnesia and everything. So, once after every period of class, Percy has to have a quick check up with the nurse. It was recommended by the hospital. They said that they need for the school to keep tabs on Percy, just in case something else bad happens to him, or if they notice Percy acting like he's feeling better or worse. Percy also has to go to the hospital every weekend. I just hope this isn't too much for him to bear.

I met up with my friends earlier. I was gonna tell them everything, but Thalia beat me to it. To say I was in an awkward moment was a total understandment. They were all happy that I was being with the man I love. But they were surprised and shocked that I would go out and do something as lie to Percy. I mean, sure, it's to date him, but he just recently got out of the hospital from a car crash and he has amnesia. I know what I'm doing is wrong, but what else was I supposed to do? I know the answer to that, but I really don't care. After all, you only live once.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the school's little smart ass." I heard someone say. I knew exactly who it was, the one person I hate above all, Rachel.

I turned to face her. She was staring at me with a deathly glare, her arms were crossed, her hair was in a ponytail, and she looked like she was prepared for a war.

"What does the school's queen bitch want?" I asked annoyed.

"Your head." She said. That had me feeling very nervous. But she wasn't done talking yet. If I was nervous now, I can only imagine how much more nervous I could get. "What were you doing with my man, Piss Face?" She asked.

"I was just helping him out, Shit For Brains. I'm just being the friend he needs right now." I said.

"If you really want to help him, then let his girlfriend help him out, you Female Reject." She said. By now, we were starting to draw attention from others in the hall.

"Percy deserves much better than you. You don't have any right to be his girlfriend, Fuck Head. Besides, where were you when he was in that car crash? Where were you when he needed support in the hospital? And where were you when he needed help the most?" I asked, daring her to try to come up with whatever lame excuse she could have.

"SHUT UP! I didn't know about is injuries until after school yesterday! I don't know what you think that a Scrawny Ass Bitch like you can offer him, but I'm only warning you once, stay away from him!" She yelled. We were really attracting attention now.

"I know Percy better than you ever will Rachel! You've only known him for a few years, and I've known him ever since we were little! You don't deserve him; no man with the right mind would date a Classless Fucking Whore like you!" I yelled. That was when I heard a lot of 'ooohhhhs' and 'wows' and many other things. Can't say I'm surprised really. No one has ever gone that to mess with Rachel. I have to admit, I'm a little surprised myself. But it feels good to let this out. I've had to watch her with my love for years, and I've had enough. It's now my time with Percy, and I'm not gonna let Rachel ruin it for me.

After I called her a classless fucking whore, she just went ahead and punched me in the jaw. I saw it coming, but I wasn't entirely ready for it. My jaw really hurts now.

"Care to rethink that Annabitch?" Rachel asked.

Now I did something that nobody here has ever dared to do to Rachel either, I punched her in the eye. "Nope. Care to walk away and make things easy on yourself and walk away like the dick sucking mother fucker you are?" I asked.

There was now a crowd of kids around us chanting fight. 'fight, fight, fight.'

And that's exactly what we did. Rachel and I were fighting each other to the death. Well, maybe not literally to the death, but you get what I'm saying right now.

She pushed me to the lockers and was trying to strangle me. I'm punching her in the face right now. She's not in a good situation right now, getting black eyes and bruises. But my punches were just put to a halt. She just kneed me in the guts. I'm now having trouble breathing, but no way am I giving up. She's trying to push me into the lockers again, but before she could, I yanked on her hair, making her scream. That gave me the opportunity to break free from her grasp, and give myself the turn of shoving her into the lockers. Her head hit the lockers and they hit them pretty hard. I was about to shove her into the lockers again, but she head-butted me with the back of her head, giving me a bloody nose and bruised head in the process. I was totally off guard now. She then tackled me to the ground. I felt my entire body aches, but Rachel wasn't done yet. She was on top of me, trying to strangle the life out of me.

Feeling a lot weaker than before and while strangling me with her left hand, she raised her right hand clenched it into a fist, getting ready to land the approximate final blow. When I was just ready to feel the final blow, Clarisse grabbed her fist, twisted it, and threw her off of me and into the lockers. She helped me up and got me to my feet. But Rachel had no intention of giving up. She was getting back up, and was about to charge at us, but Clarisse wasn't the only friend of mine that was here for me. Reyna now came and kicked her towards the lockers. Rachel was struggling to get back up now. She looked like she got mulled by a bear. She was groaning in pain too. Just goes to show you, never mess with a group of friends.

By now, the crowd of people was beginning to back away slowly, and the chanting was slowly beginning to die. They must be surprised as hell, with Rachel starting to lose at her own game and stuff.

"You okay Annabeth?" Clarisse asked as she hauled me up and put my arm over her shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks Clarisse." I said.

Just as I said my thank you, Rachel was starting to get back up. You got to give the bitch some credit, she might be crazy, but she really knows how to keep on fighting. She up again and ready for another attempted charge at us. But it was another failure, only this one was gonna be her last for a while.

She was charging at us again, but this time, Thalia came out and defended me. She tripped Rachel and Rachel fell face on the floor. Thalia was obviously, by the look in her eyes, wasn't done.

"Being a girlfriend reject to my cousin is one thing, but trying to harm my friends is a mistake you'll greatly regret." She said with plenty of venom and hatred in her voice. She then lifted Rachel up off the ground and was holding by her side in the air. Rachel tried to get down and away, but Thalia had her in a tight grip. (Think of it like in 'Batman, The Dark Knight Rises' when Bain lifted Batman up and then terribly shifted his spine.) Then Thalia kneed her in the side, pretty hard by the sound everyone heard of Rachel's bones cracking. That made Rachel silent, I never thought I'd actually say this for her, but I hope Thalia didn't actually kill her. Then she just threw Rachel at the lockers, only this time, Rachel wasn't getting back up now. She was just lying there.

"Thalia?" I asked nervously.

"Percy taught me that move. Relax, she's not dead. I just knocked her out and shifted her spine. She won't be bothering us for a while. Now she'll be the one getting a trip to the hospital." Thalia explained. I felt a big wave of relief. I'm still in one piece, and Rachel won't be bothering me for a while.

"Hey, what's going on here!?" A voice said that was music to my ears, Percy. People were moving out of the way, making a path for him, and then leaving. I guess what they saw was more than enough for them to see in one day.

"Thalia, what happened?" He asked.

"The school's bully Rachel Elizabeth Dare just tried to beat up your girlfriend." She said, pointing at me. Percy rushed over to me.

"Annabeth, are you okay?" He asked with concern and a heavy heart.

"I am now, thanks to Clarisse, Reyna, and Thalia." I said as I unwrapped myself from Clarisse and to Percy. Percy wrapped his arms around me, trying to be as gentle as possible.

"Percy, you go ahead and get Annabeth out of here before the teachers come. Thalia, Reyna, and I will take care of the trash for you." Clarisse said.

"No problem and thank you." Percy said as he was leading me out of the hall and somewhere else. He was still holding me as we walked, not that I minded at all. 'Thanks guys, I really owe you guys one.' I thought.

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