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Chapter 5

Bella's flight from the bed onto Edward was sudden. She barely had a chance to think the thought and she was there. She remotely recalled him crying out her name, but it all happened so quickly she couldn't have stopped herself if she tried.

One arm was around his head, the other wrapped around his shoulder as she deftly made her way behind him. A scuffle of shoes from the other two men reminded her she had more than one threat in the room. She tightened her grip on Edward's head, hoping she could use him as leverage for her own life.

The older men stepped closer and Bella brought her face closer to Edward's neck, her hands tightening around him.

"Keep away from me!" she yelled at them, her eyes continuing to dart back and forth like a caged animal. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will if I have to."

Bella had no idea how she was so certain she could harm this strong man in her arms, but she could feel it deep in her bones.

The blonde man turned his kind eyes on to her and said, "We're here to help you, Bella. Not hurt you."

For a moment Bella was confused. He seemed to be genuinely telling the truth. And in that second of insecurity she took a deep mouthful of air, breathing in the scent of the handsome man she held so close. It was her undoing.

Her senses were on overload, as well as her memories. His warm body pressed up against hers. His fingers on her face, his tongue attacking her mouth. Her own mouth watered at the thought, recalling the taste of him on her tongue.

She couldn't take it anymore, even though the entire process lasted only half a second at most. Bella moved her hand from his head down to his neck, pushing it down to expose more of it to her. Her tongue snaked out, her brain no longer in control, and she licked him from shoulder to jaw. She nipped roughly at his jaw line and under his ear, wanting to feel every part of him with her lips.

Edward let out a moan. One moment he thought he would have to fight off a newborn vampire. The next, he was completely aroused and at Bella's mercy.

The moan was all Bella needed to hear and she skillfully flipped Edward around, pinning him to the wall. The shaking of the wood structure was oblivious to Bella as she began her attack on Edward's lips. The feel of them soft and hard at the same time, molding to her every move. His hands snaked up around her back and brought the two even closer together.

Bella barely heard a throat clear behind her as she ground her hips into Edward's.

"Well, it looks like you can handle things from here, Edward," Demetri said, a smile heard in his voice. "We'll be, uh, somewhere outside if you need us."

Both Carlisle and Demetri chuckled as they made their way out of the small cabin, knowing Edward was in good hands. Neither of them really wanted to be around to hear it though, so they picked up some poles lying by front door and headed to the creek.

Edward knew deep down he should stop Bella's assault and try to explain to her what happened and why he did it. But it wasn't his brain that was ruling the roost at the moment, which was precisely what got him into this predicament in the first place. Edward shook his head at the thought, knowing there was nothing more he could do about the events that changed Bella's life so drastically.

His hands moved up Bella's now hardened back and took purchase in her wavy brunette hair; it was even more lustrous than before. Bella whimpered when he took hold and turned her head, granting Edward more entrance into her warm, wet mouth. She thought briefly for a moment how strange it was she didn't feel the need to catch her breath.

Edward took her moment of weakness and stepped closer to her, guiding her gently to the bed. Her knees hit the edge of it and he lightly pushed her shoulders down, forcing her to sit. Bella was done with the niceties, not that she really had any from the beginning of this encounter, and she grabbed his shirt, pulling him roughly on top of her.

Hands roamed once again and hips thrust up to meet each other, searching for the friction they both desired. Bella's hands scraped roughly on Edward's back, causing his shirt to be torn to shreds. When her hands went back up his shirt she could feel the holes, she hurriedly seized one in each hand and ripped the shirt off his back.

For a brief instant she marveled at her strength, but with the sight of Edward shirtless it was all but forgotten. The man before her was certainly not human; at least not one Bella ever had the pleasure of seeing. His broad chest and chiseled abs seemed to sparkle in the sunlight streaming through the cabin window. Bella let her gaze lower as she followed it down to his hips and the smattering of hair that led to the place she suddenly longed to see. Her eyes flicked back to his face; his eyes were filled with lust, but there was a boyish grin on his face.

"See something you like?" he asked with a smirk. All Bella could do was nod, the hormones coursing through her body were like none she had ever experienced. She hurriedly sat up to remove her top, but Edward beat her to it.

His hands lovingly caressed her sides as he slid her top up and over her, tossing the garment to the side. Next he tackled her bra while attending to each breast with his tongue. Bella squirmed underneath him, loving every moment but wanting so much more.

"I need you," she panted out, her hands reaching for his jeans.

"Maybe, I should take care of that," he said, catching her hands in one of his. "I only brought the one pair with me."

Bella could still feel the burning in her throat, but the sensation was dulled by the scorching in her groin. She flexed her hips and shimmied out of her panties, not bothering to remove her short skirt. Edward was already bare before her and he gently slipped her underwear down her legs, tossing them with the rest of his clothing.

His hooded eyes swept over her body, enjoying her spread out beneath him but also with a question in his eye. He wanted to make sure she was ready for this, not that he could really turn back now anyway.

Her slight nod was all he needed and he slammed into her, the bed creaking and the headboard slamming up against the wall with each thrust. Eventually, the small bed collapsed underneath them and Bella let out a giggle. Edward just smirked at her and brought his hand down between them to help her climax.

Bella came hard, her insides squeezing around Edward's rock-hard cock and still he pounded into her. The second time Bella came she was seeing stars and felt Edward pulse inside her, finally collapsing on top of her, both of them sated.

It was the best sex she had ever had in her entire existence.

Of at least that she was absolutely certain.

Was it how you expected it to turn out? *giggles* And yes, I do believe that hot vampire sex can give you at least two orgasms during the ride! Lol. Hey, it's the "majesty of sex" and all that, right?