They roamed the sea of Paradise, unlike other pirates. They were on the look out for other minor pirates in these parts, they had to collect a certain item from them.

Law looked at the papers in his hand; no, it was just a single piece of paper. All of the other papers were ruined, something he did after collecting that certain item. Just one paper left, one last item to collect.

He walked around his submarine, holding the paper to his face. Unlike the other papers he had, he didn't know about the things that were printed on this paper. He hadn't heard of any of these events, and he was usually well inform about these types of things. All of these things were unknown to him, and it was a bit annoying. And the bad thing, he didn't even know about this person. This person has never shown up on his radar before, and now this person was in Paradise.

The paper was tucked away in his room, he just felt like that place was better than the trash, or in ruins like the others. It would make a good research material later, to search the events that were on this paper.

"Captain, we are at our destination," Penguin said over the intercom. After Penguin reported that, the submarine raised above water level. It splashed the water away from the underwater boat.

Law walked down the halls, opening the porthole to climb out. The sun hit him in the face, causing him to lower his hat to cover his dark; he was use to the dark. Being in the deep sea, you didn't get many sunny days. HE stepped out on the submarine, and onto the island.

Within a hour, he found this person. She was standing in a line, waiting to order. She looked exactly like the picture in her wanted paper. The only thing different was her straw hat was dangling behind her back, and her hair grew two extra inches. Law noticed these facts, he has been studying her wanted paper. 'So much for keeping a low profile...' Law thought. She still had that giant grin on her face. This was Monkey D. Luka, a girl who caused so much trouble to the marines.

He watched from afar, much like a stalker or secret admirer. She seems to noticed his glazed since she kept looking back. After she gotten her piece of meat, she walked away, taking mouth fulls of the food. She was walking around the island, her face changed at every sight she seen. She had so many faces for everything she came across. Law just watched, noticing this fact, she was interesting in almost every way.

She walked outside of the city, outside of the viewing eyes. This was the perfect time to collect that certain item. Law stepped out from behind a tree. He felt a bit bad about what he was going to do to Luka. As he moved his hands, about to use his devil fruit, a voice called out.

"LUKA!" called a male's voice.

Luka perked up, and moved to the direction of the voice. "ZORO!" she called back, the same smile on her face.

She left Law there, waiting in the shadows. He sighed, that girl mus have the devil's luck.


"Captain? Did you get the heart?" asked Penguin. He was walking next to Law, who just came on board.

"No. 100 hearts will do just fine," Law replied.