Tris POV

This was it. My first day at a new school. Ever since I moved from the other side of town, I've been dreading this day.

I, Tris Prior, hate being the new kid. All the glares and gossip that surround new students make me wish I could jus hide from it all.

Well, isn't it a just a perfect day to face my fear.

As I get ready for my first day, I can't help but think that, in six hours, I could be coming home from school with a smile, or a frown.

I shake those thoughts out of my head and walk out of my room down stairs to see my mother giving me a look that I cant decipher. Shock?

"Beatrice, you look very nice." Mother tells me. I guess you could say my attitude toward the move was okay, because, I have a chance to build a new reputation.

I look down at my black skinny jeans, black v-neck, combat boots, and leather jacket. "Thanks mother." I reply hesitantly.

My father works as a secretary for Marcus Eaton, the mayor of my town. He usually leaves for work very early, so I don't see him often.

I look at the time. 7:30. School starts at 8:00. I have to leave now.

Before I could call my brother, he comes walking out of the front door with the newspaper in his hand.

"Beatrice, are you really going to school like that?" he asks.

"Yes Caleb, and don't try to get me to change. We have to go."

Caleb is my older, smarter, and wiser brother. I forgot to mention that he is extremely over protective of me.

As we walk out the door I see teenagers everywhere. As we walk we see people, fighting, reading, and doing other compromising things. We follow them to five giant buildings. Caleb looks at me and we exchange a look that reads something like this:

What the heck have we gotten ourselves into.