NOTE: Characters/unoverse belong whosoever the law says it does and Im content = it all just for fun.

This is not strictly a cross over but it was heavily inspired, if that is right word, by the much admired (by me) ending of Ashes to Ashes. It could be a cross over ofcourse, a thousand years is a long time and names can change...

The shots had died away and all was quiet. The red light had disappeared and even the smell of blood and death had faded. Everything hung on the shadow of a moment, the troopers gone and only the bodies lying like so many fallen dolls scattered on a nursery floor remained to bear witness to what had happened.

That and the gun, absurdly large and anachronistic, still trained on her. Oh, and his smile. Certainly his smile.

The woman in black drifted languorously across the floor and turned the gun away before looking down at the body on the floor beside his boots. He said nothing and after a moment her eyes drifted around at the others, all known to her, all coveted in different way and for various reasons. No denying that she was disappointed but it she that didn't show as she turned back to face the man watching her.

"They have gone then?" she asked coolly.

He quirked an eyebrow and his smile became self satisfied as well as triumphant.

"Yes, they are gone. You can't reach them now. They got their choice…. Died on their own terms…. This time. Not a glorious death perhaps but a long way from ignominious. Even Vila."

"So it would seem. Pity they chose this way. Such a waste."

"Only to you Servalan, only to you."

The room and the bodies faded and the man and woman faced each across an empty clearing.

It was her turn to smile, the edge of gloating not managing to mar the beauty of it.

"But not you Avon. You are still here."

"So I am." He sounded unconcerned.

She took a step closer, her hand reaching out to stroke his sleeve.

"All alone, no ship, no army, no future. What is there here for you now Avon, other than loneliness and bitterness?" her voice was soft and compelling.

The man in black brushed drying blood from his sleeve with apparent unconcern.

"Well now, I expect something will turn up."

That annoyed her but she was not inclined to show it, not to him.

"Will it? Why prolong matters, I will take others and I will get you in the end. We both know it."

"You didn't get them. None of them this time."

"True." She nodded then threw back her head and laughed, "But there will be another time, then it will be different. You will forget, but I will remember. In the end I will win."

He cast her a calculating look,

"Maybe, but if you won that often I'd not still be here, now would I."

The woman shrugged elegantly,

"Perhaps, you might see it as being so."

She looked around at the emptiness.

"So where will it be now?"

It was his turn to shrug.

"Who can say, but I expect we will meet again soon."

The unconcern made her smile again as she turned away.

"Be sure of it." She said and walked away vanishing into the shadows without another word.

For a moment he stood trying to remember why he was here and how he had got here. Then a noise off to his left sent him spinning around, the gun suddenly back in his hand.

A woman and a man struggled out of the undergrowth, hands in the air and hopelessness in their eyes. Some of Blake's rabble perhaps. But they might know where he could find a ship, he could rebuild the star drive and teleport and Servalan still hadn't got ORAC. He leveled the gun,

"Who are you?" the woman asked fearfully, first taking in the gun then the black clothes and calculating look

Avon smiled, suddenly feeling the blood rushing through his veins again,

"I'm the man with the gun."