Title: Impossible

Basics: The bad touch trio have a thing for bets – and this time, things have just got interesting. Each of the trio had to sleep with someone of the other's choice. If that wasn't hard enough, they've chosen the three impossible people at their boarding school: The invisible bookworm, the sarcastic delinquent, and the unsocial Italian.

Pairings: Antonio x Lovino (Spamano), Gilbert x Matthew (PruCan), Francis x Arthur (FrUk) and hints of Ludwig x Feliciano (GerIta)

Chapter One

"Alright Lads," Gilbert Beilschidmt laughed as he put an arm around each of his friends shoulders. He smiled cheekily at each of the boys – their first day back was going to be awesome, Gilbert just knew it. Glancing at each of his friends for a moment, his red eyes suddenly lightened up as an idea formed in the back of his head. He smiled eagerly, causing both of his friends to send him weary looks, "I have a proposition for the three of us."

Antonio Carriedo, the brunette of the group looked at Gilbert with a grin, as if he knew what Gilbert was going to say next. His green eyes sparkled under the sun as he asked,

"Another bet?"

Gilbert took his arms off of his friends' shoulders, walking away from them and leaning instead on the nearest wall he could find. It was covered in moss, but the albino didn't seem to care, and put one of his legs on the wall. Quickly he ran a hand through his hair, before signalling for his friends to join him.

Francis Bonnefoy, the last of the trio, looked at Gilbert with his soft and alluring eyes. He remembered the last time Gilbert had held that expression in his eyes, and immediately looked away when he realised that it could only mean one thing. Usually Francis was all up for doing bets of all sorts, but the ones that involved what Gilbert was no doubt thinking about had a way of making him feel guilty at times.

"I just had an awesome idea lads." Gilbert grinned, "You see the usual bet of walking in a bar and betting the other that we won't be leaving alone has gotten a bit boring, don't you think? I thought that we could... raise the stakes a bit."

Francis let himself sigh now. After all, he knew that he'd get dragged into whatever bet Gilbert was about to tell him about, all because of his highly competitive nature. He vaguely remembered why they'd been called the 'bad touch trio' before college. It was because they're bets always gave people the thought that the trio would get thrown into prison by the time they reached their twenties. They had been troublemakers growing up.

"Hurry up Gil!" Usually Antonio was very patient, but he too, loved the thrill that carrying out a bet brought him, and the sooner he could embark on that thrill, the better.

Gilbert looked at Antonio with a smile, intentionally staying quiet just to annoy his friend. Francis let out a laugh, before saying,

"Go on, you know you want to tell us as much as we want to know what you mean, mon cher."

Finally Gilbert relented, smiling as he unravelled his ideas to his best friends. By now, both Antonio and Francis were both leaning on the wall beside Gilbert.

"Well, I was thinking. This bet is all about persistence – each of us has to sleep with someone of the other person's choice. Or well, we pick someone for the other person. We'll decide that bit later. If they learn of the bet, then it's game over."

Antonio and Francis seemed to muse over this idea for moment. Surprisingly, Francis nodded first, agreeing to the bet. Antonio seemed to stare blankly at both of his friends, before quite numbly he nodded. Gilbert wasn't quite so sure why Antonio had blanched at his bet, seeing as he was normally up for that kind of bet, but after a moment he nodded.

"What does the winner get?" Francis asked, in his distinct French accent. Antonio brightened up at the idea of a prize, and immediately Francis was glad that Antonio was back to his happy self.

"Well..." Gilbert didn't seem to know what to say – they never usually had prizes. They did it purely for the thrill of the bet. "Well... they'll have bragging rights? And we should bet like what twenty five quid each?"

"Bragging rights?" Antonio asked cocking his head to the right. "Sure, why not?"

Francis and Antonio both agreed quickly, and Gilbert pumped his fists through the air, claiming that their year was going to be awesome. However, after a while, Francis pointed out the obvious, rolling his eyes at their own stupidity.

"So who're we supposed to be sleeping with, moron?"

Gilbert's smile didn't falter – instead he smiled even more. Shrugging his bag up onto his shoulder, his eyes made their way over to the corner that they had walked up earlier.

"How about this – the first person to walk around that corner I have to sleep with. The second person goes to Francis, and the third, Antonio." Gilbert asked. Francis dug in his bag and brought out a notepad. After earning a confused look from Antonio, Francis explained that the notepad was so that no changes to the people could be made.

Suddenly nervous about who they were about to get as their newest 'project', the trio carried out their usual habits when nervous. Francis tapped his pen on the notepad. Gilbert ran a hand through his hair and Antonio shifted from one foot to the other, his hands firmly in his pockets.

The trio couldn't care less whether they had to sleep with a boy or girl, after all – sex was sex at the end of the day. Deciding that they couldn't be asked with the gender of whomever they would be trying to sleep with, the boys stared impatiently at the wall.

The trio almost didn't notice the first person who walked past them. His posture was that of someone with no self confidence, and the three blanched when they realised they didn't even know this person. The boy had light blonde hair that reached the middle of his shoulders, and he wore glasses. His head was stuck in a book, and Gilbert swallowed desperately as he looked over at his friends.

"I don't even know who he is!" He exclaimed, as Francis scribbled something down in the notebook. Francis smirked, looking at the albino with an expression that made Gilbert worry for his chances of winning.

"You'll just have to find out." Francis laughed.

"Well," Antonio spoke helpfully, looking at Gilbert with a wild smile. "He looks an awful lot like Alfred Jones – perhaps they're family?"

Gilbert scowled at Francis, realising that he too had noticed the resemblance between the blonde and Alfred, having written down – Alfred J, look alike – in his notepad.

However, Gilbert's scowl faded away and he burst out into laughter when he saw who Francis was stuck with for the bet. Antonio glared slightly, not liking the boy who had turned the corner, before smirking up at Francis.

"You've got Arthur Kirkland!" Gilbert laughed, though he was sure not to speak too loud.

Arthur Kirkland glanced at the trio for a second as he walked up to the school block. Francis was in some of the same classes as Arthur, but Arthur rarely stayed in school for the entire day – and the only reason the delinquent was showing up on time today, was because it was the first day of the school year.

Arthur had darker blonde hair, and as he walked up the hill, he left a trail of smoke from the cigarette that was entwined in his fingers. He inhaled some more smoke, before dropping the cigarette on the pavement, stubbing it out with his shoe.

Francis' smirk from before fell, but despite this, he still wrote Arthur's name down next to his own name – he knew that the trio wouldn't forget who he was going to be stuck with, but he needed to focus on writing rather than looking at the person in front of him.

Antonio didn't speak – instead, he was shifting from one foot to the other at an alarmingly fast rate. He really hoped that he didn't get someone impossible like his friends had. He really hoped he got someone who was easier...

His face completely drained of all colour as he watched the next person turn the corner. On the inside though, Antonio felt his stomach churn and he felt as if he were going to be sick. His palms were no doubt completely sweaty as he watched the person walk past. Antonio couldn't even register the sound of his friends' hysterical laughter from beside him.

His friends thought that they had impossible people to work with – they were wrong. Compared to the person who had just walked past, they're people were simple.

The boy who walked past them sent a glare at each of the trio, muttering curses under his breath – no doubt about how loud Francis and Gilbert were laughing. The boy had one curl in his dark brown hair, and he had chocolate brown eyes as well.

Antonio shook his head slightly – why did he have to draw the shortest straw?

Gilbert and Francis both wiped the tears out of their eyes, having not been able to contain them as they'd laughed. The grinned gleefully at Antonio, and having stopped shifting from one foot to the other in his shock, Antonio stared blankly back at them.

"Antonio, you're awesome man," Gilbert commented still laughing, "but you might as well just hand over your money to me now."

"Mon cher," Francis grinned, "you don't even stand a chance in this competition if you've got to sleep with Lovino Vargas."

Antonio frowned suddenly – though he and Lovino had never spoken, he felt quite protective of the boy. 'Was that weird?' Antonio asked himself. He shook his head – surely it wasn't. He just didn't want to lose and he had to put some faith in himself that he could still win.

"I still have a shot." Antonio's back straightened immediately, and he looked his jaw. He looked each of his friends in the eye, staring at them defiantly. "There might not be a big chance of me winning – but there's still a chance."

Both of his friends were temporarily shocked by Antonio's determination, but then the two let out another laugh. Francis curbed his laughter after a few minutes, but it took Gilbert at least ten minutes until he stopped.

"You're gonna lose Antonio." Francis told the brunette with a shrug. Gilbert once again wiped the tears from his eyes.

"You're awesome Antonio – awesomely delusional that is." Gilbert managed to choke out. His eyes shined, and Antonio knew that he was still laughing on the inside. Personally, the Spaniard didn't quite understand what was so funny, but he remained quiet, keeping his thoughts to himself. "Sie verrückt spanier."


This is just what Google Translate says – if it's wrong, then tell me and I will edit the correct words in.


Mon cher – My dear


Sie verrückt spanier – You crazy Spaniard

Author's Notes

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