Chapter Nine

The following weeks seemed to pass quickly for Antonio and with every moment that passed, he grew guiltier and guiltier about his bet with his friends. He felt as if he was playing with Lovino's feelings when in actual fact he simply enjoyed spending time with the Italian.

Even though Lovino acted extremely hateful to everyone during classes, Antonio knew there was another side to the brunette's personality. He loved tomatoes and old musicals, and the stars and so much more that Antonio hadn't even started to learn about yet.

It was all so amazing and the more he knew, the guiltier Antonio felt.

When he arrived into music class on Friday, Antonio cheered internally when he realised that he'd been in his strange relationship with Lovino for two weeks. However, the sudden realisation that the bet was the only reason he'd bothered to initiate this relationship caused Antonio to simmer down into a slightly saddened mood.

Roderich noticed this, and the brunette aristocrat decided to play sad music to display the mood. It was a strange sort of comfort, but at this point Antonio was used to strange.

A text buzzed in his pocket and so as he placed his guitar on the table, Antonio flipped open his phone. The picture on the screen had been changed from a tomato to a picture of Lovino covered in flour. (Lovino hated it and was constantly yelling at Antonio to change it, but the Spaniard never did. That catering class had been comical.).

The text was from Gilbert. Yo, Toni~ seems like we never hang out anymore. You wanna come wit me n Franny 2 get some pizza tonight?

Antonio shrugged to himself as he placed his phone on the table and picked up his guitar. As he played a few chords, he thought about how he hadn't really been talking to any of his friends recently, and how it'd been bothering him.

He loved his friends, he really did, but he'd been more pro-occupied with spending time with Lovino than anything else. On top of studying as well, Antonio didn't really have any spare time.

He strummed a few more chords, before picking back up his phone and texting back a response of, Yeah, sure! :D Meet you guys at the gates at four?

Antonio put his phone back into his pocket with a wry grin. He hadn't been completely honest with them about his and Lovino's relationship and he could already imagine what their reactions would be like when he told them.

It would be hilarious, he mused, as he picked back up his guitar.

Gilbert was bored. It was a common occurrence for him when he was so much more awesome than most things in the world, but he just wanted to be finished with his public services class for the day.

He'd texted both Francis and Antonio about meeting up – mostly so that he could keep them up to date with how their bet was going. He couldn't imagine that either of his friends could have gotten very far with their side of the bet.

Gilbert almost let out a cheer when his teacher let him out of class for lunch. He jumped up out of his seat, clapped his hands together and ran out of the room. (He had to re-enter the room to collect the bag he'd left, but the odd stares didn't quite bother him as much.)

Matthew was just walking out of his animal care class when Gilbert spotted him. As he had been for the past fortnight, Gilbert walked up behind his Birdie, putting an arm around the Canadian's shoulder.

"And how are you today Birdie?" The albino asked as they strolled down the halls to the cafeteria. Both boys avoided any large crowds – Gilbert was constantly worrying that Birdie would get caught up in the masses of people – and after they'd lined up and bought their lunches, the two of them made their way outside to sit under one of the oak trees on the school ground.

As soon as he'd sat down, Matthew turned to him with a guilty smile. "I'm sorry if I'm keeping you from your friends every lunch time."

Gilbert smirked – his Birdie was just so cute! God, he'd have to update this cuteness onto his blog so that the world knew just how awesome Birdie was!

"Why are you sorry about that?" He asked, waving the matter away as he opened the wrapper to his sandwich. "If I wanted to be with my friends, I'd say something about it. God, Birdie, you shouldn't feel guilty because I want to spend time with you."

Matthew smiled in response to what Gilbert was saying but didn't say anything for a while. As he took a bite out of his sandwich – cheese and pickle – the albino watched Matthew take of the lid to his pasta pot. The blonde took a fork from his bag and absentmindedly starting picking at his food.

"The last person I used to hang around with a lot said that I was responsible for keeping him away from his friends."

Gilbert raised an eyebrow, taking a bite out of his sandwich. "The guy sounds like a douche."

Matthew's face was blank for a moment, but then he smiled weakly. He ate a mouthful of his pasta before hitting Gilbert lightly on the shoulder, "you shouldn't speak with your mouth full, you know."

Gilbert let out a small laugh, "Oh Birdie. You're so adorable."

Matthew whipped his head to look at Gilbert quickly. The albino tensed, freezing in his actions.


Francis was annoyed. Ever since he'd started going back to classes, he hadn't seen Arthur that much, mostly because the delinquent didn't attend school. Francis wanted to bring up the topic so much and make the Brit understand that A-Levels were important and that Arthur couldn't keep dissing them.

That was why Francis was currently making his way towards the dormitory rooms, with crossed arms. The day before, Arthur had told Francis that he liked to have lay-ins, so the Frenchman was hoping that Arthur was still in his dormitory room, despite it being lunchtime.

After taking a quick detour to his own dormitory, he arrived at Arthur's dormitory room. He knocked with three short raps.

"Fuck off!" Was the greeting he received when the door was opened, "I told you that I wanted to sleep."

Francis crossed his arms with a glare. "It's noon, Mon Lapin."

Arthur glared back, though his own glare wasn't as effective because he was only half awake. He did, however, walk into the kitchen and flick on the kettle. "You up for a day at the arcade? I heard they've installed a new game."

Francis paused and then shook his head, "no Angleterre, I've got somewhere to be as do you. It's called education."

Arthur gritted his teeth. The kettle clicked from where it was on the kitchen side. Both teenagers ignored it as it steamed silently. The two teens glared at each other, waiting for the other to speak. Finally, Arthur relented and hissed,

"What are you talking about Frog?"

Francis took a deep breath. "I'm talking about how you are being an immature child, Arthur, and that you need to start acting your own age by going to your classes."

After a moment of reflection on what he just said, Francis realised that maybe this approach wasn't the best way to win the bet or even get Arthur to attend classes. The Brit looked almost red with anger, though the Frenchman didn't exactly know why Arthur had such a reaction.

"Who do you think you are?!" Arthur yelled, balling his hands into fists and then releasing his grip on them. The process continued for a few moments, as the Brit continued, "What do you think you know?!"

Francis didn't retort to arguing like he usually did. He didn't want to be seen as the bad guy when what he was doing was for Arthur's sake. "Go have a shower and then get changed Arthur."

Arthur glared, "You don't get to order me around, Francis."

Both blondes glared at each other. Francis wasn't the one to look away first. "You are throwing your life away. So go get a shower, and get changed, so that you can go to class."

Another glare, "No."

Francis sighed, looking at the delinquent with an exasperated expression. "I let you have a lay in today didn't I? If you didn't notice, you don't have to go to a full school day of classes. I'm only asking you to go to two classes."

Arthur shrugged. "I'm not going."

"What?" Matthew breathed, looking over at Gilbert with a small blush on his face. The albino blushed bright red, still looking away from the Canadian.

"'What', what?" Gilbert stuttered, placing his sandwich back down into the wrapper. For a moment he cursed internally – why had he been born an albino? He always looked so weird when he ended up blushing, which made it so obvious.

"You just… called me adorable." Matthew breathed again, smiling slightly. Gilbert finally looked back up at the Canadian, still blushing.

"N-no I didn't." Gilbert protested, though his hesitation gave his lie away, "W-why would I find another guy adorable! I… Guy's aren't adorable Birdie!"

Matthew grinned. Gilbert could almost see the irony between the two – they'd switched places in a sense. Matthew was acting confident, and Gilbert was flustered.

"They can be." Matthew whispered, "Sometimes. I personally find… you a bit adorable sometimes Gil."

Gilbert's blush did not cease to exist. Rather, it intensified. "I-I… I am not a-adorable!"

Matthew placed his fork back in his pasta pot and looked back at Gilbert, smirking at the blush. "You're not good with this kind of thing are you?"

Gilbert tensed. Matthew moved closer to him a bit. "What are you doing?"

The blonde gave Gilbert a look, "Ssh, don't ruin the moment."

The albino let out a shocked yelp when Matthew sat down in his lap, putting his arms around Gilbert's back. Matthew smiled, leaning closer to Gilbert until their lips were locked in a kiss.

Gilbert tensed for a moment, but after a few moments, his shoulders started to relax and he melted into the kiss.

He swore that he heard the sound of a camera.

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