"Ne, Sasuke, we're getting ramen. Do you want to-?"

"I'm meeting Hinata."

Naruto frowned at this. At seventeen, his teammate had his first girlfriend, and she just happened to be Hinata, the one girl who had confessed her love for him. It was only after she and Sasuke had started dating that Naruto had begun to notice how cute she was.

"R-right," he said awkwardly, as they continued to walk away from the training grounds. On his other side, Sakura threw him a forced smile. Kakashi had encouraged them to support Sasuke, who was still getting used to normal relationships.

Ironically enough, Naruto was lacking in that department.

Sasuke walked with them as far as Ichiraku, where they spotted Hinata waiting for him. Team seven was surprised to see Hinata was dressed somewhat differently that day. She was wearing her pullover, but it was open for once, revealing a midriff top that seemed more like a sports bra, exposing her full breasts and slim abdomen down to a pair of very short blue shorts.

As Naruto and Sakura blinked, Sasuke's lips parted. His eyes travelled up her legs, her torso, then finally to her face. "Hinata," he said coolly, wondering what had prompted the change. "What-?"

Hinata closed their distance and shoved her tongue down Sasuke's throat while grabbing his crotch, paying little mind to Naruto and Sakura, who stood, gawking, on either side of them. As Naruto clutched his nose, Sakura's eye twitched. "Hinata!" she shrieked.

Gathering his composure, Sasuke grabbed Hinata's shoulders and detached her from him. "What has gotten into you?" he said, trying not to look as flustered as he felt.

"What the fuck is the problem?" said Hinata, whose byakugan was activated. She was looking at Sasuke's crotch, which made him immensely uncomfortable. "Let's go back to your place."