Sasuke snapped out of his daze and belatedly covered his eyes. Regardless, he couldn't get the mental image of Hinata's naked body out of his mind. He felt his pants tighten, but willed himself to back away from her. "Hinata, we can't-"

She slapped him across the face, which just aroused him more. "We're doing this now!" said Hinata, closing in on him, and beginning to unbutton his pants. She leaned up, sucking his neck, and causing shivers to run down his spine.

As Hinata began to slide her hand into the front of his pants, Sasuke groped around the counter behind them, his hand eventually making contact with the toaster. He lifted it up and struck her as hard as he could.

When Hinata came to, she was laying in an unfamiliar bed with a pounding headache. She opened her eyes and blearily spotted Sasuke, who was seated in a chair several feet away, eying her.

"Wh-what's going on?" he said, rubbing her eyes and sitting up. She gasped as the sheets slid off her. She wasn't wearing any clothes! "W-why am I naked!?" she said, clutching the sheets to her chest.

Sasuke blinked, seeming confused by her query. "You-"

Hinata released a high-pitched scream, and the next thing Sasuke knew, there was a flowerpot headed straight for his head.

Sasuke was only unconscious for a few minutes. He dizzily blinked up at Hinata, who was leaning over him, still wrapped in his sheets.

"Are y-you okay?" she said, looking regretful of her actions. She blushed meekly under his blank stare.

Sasuke then offered her an uncharacteristic smile. He procured a rose from his shirt, and called her his koneko-chan.

The End