Author's Note: Hello lovely readers! The long-awaited sequel to Trouble With Polyjuice officially has its first chapter up. You can find it under Trouble with Godfathers by LilyEvansDouble. Since we aren't supposed to post just author's notes but several of you asked for a notice when it was available, I've posted the start of the chapter here. You'll have to check out the actual story for the real deal however.

Summary – Sequel to Trouble with Polyjuice. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione took the Polyjuice potion in 2nd year, Hermione's wasn't the only one that went wrong. The potion lifted a glamour that Lily had placed on Harry to hide the fact that he is actually Severus Snape's son. With second year out of the way, are father and son ready to face more life changing secrets?

Chapter 1: Revenge

Harry braced himself as he stepped across the barrier to platform 9 ¾. He had talked this over thoroughly with his dad and knew he'd be perfectly safe, but he still wasn't very sure about it. This was going to be a very torturous first day. The only reason that he was going along with this crazy plan was because it was going to be extremely worth it. Of that he was entirely certain.

The Dursleys had no idea about Harry's new identity as a Snape. They hadn't expected him home at Christmas or Easter, and Harry hadn't been bothered to write them the first year and a half he was away, so found he hadn't had the undying desire to do so in the last six months either. Because of that, the Dursleys were still under the impression that Harry was an orphan they were forced to take in out of the goodness of their hearts despite the burden it put on their limited resources.

As the summer holidays approached, Severus had come up with a plan. He hadn't forgotten about what those vile Neanderthals had done to his son and he wasn't the Head of Slytherin house for nothing. He was going to get payback for Harry, and he was going to enjoy it every step of the way.

In the muggle world Hogwarts was known as Kilgraston. A prestigious but mysterious boarding school near Perth that you had to be personally invited to attend. It was all true since nobody actually applied to Hogwarts unless they were in the boundaries for a different magical school, and the wards kept it so hidden and protected that the muggles didn't go looking for it. There was even a member of the Hogwarts School Board in charge of making sure it was believed that the private school was running smoothly and met all the necessary credentials to satisfy the Scottish Education Department. All official Hogwarts mail was charmed so that if a muggle that didn't know about magic picked it up, it would seem as if it was from Kilgraston. That was why Minerva always hand delivered the muggle born letters. It wouldn't do for a muggle born's parents to believe their child was crazy claiming they had received a letter from a magical school when all they read was that said child had been chosen for the prestigious Kilgraston. This muggle alibi was just perfect for Severus's plans.