HI! I just thought of this while watching Men in Black2. I don't own anything. this will be very short. ENJOY!

"Loki you will not get away with this!" Thor yelled to his brother Loki. Another battle between the avengers and the god of mischief. The battle started like it always did. Loki would do something bad, The avengers would find out, Avengers find Loki, Thor try's to convince Loki to stop, Loki says no, Avengers beat the crap out of Loki, Loki runs away.

But with this battle something different happened. A average looking black car parked near the team of superheroes. 2 men in black suits got out of the car. All eyes were on the duo. "Get them taken care of slick" A older man told the much younger man, who nodded. The young man waked toward the team of confused avengers. The young man put a pair of black sunglasses on and took something out of his suit.

"Alright if I could have your attention please" The man said. as soon as all eyes were turned to him, he pressed a button on the piece of metal. A blue flash shot out of a sensor." Now you all were um..." The young man looked at the attire of the avengers " going to Comic-con" He then said. "But you got lost" He said. "You will now go back to were ever the hell you came from, and wait until next years Comic-con" The man said. The avengers started walking away.

The older man started to walk toward Loki, who panicked. "You'll never take me alive!" Loki said while running away. The man took out a medium sized gun and shot a glowing red rope at Loki. The god was now stuck. The young man walked toward the older man.

"It looks like he's all tied up now! Heh Heh, right K?" The young man said to K. K just stared at him before saying "Yea".

"Your pathetic mortal stuff wont work!" Loki yelled. he then wiggled his body in a attempt to get loose. After about 20 minuets K and J decided to go get some pie. They were gone for a hour and a half. Loki was still stuck. The god had a look of defeat. The duo walked toward Loki and put him in the car.

The back seat was just cleaned and K didn't want it to get dirty, so Loki went in the trunk. "Hey K?" J asked K. "yea slick?" K said. "Who do you think those guys in the costumes were?" J asked while eating a slice of pie. "Don't know" K said. They just decided to leave it at that.

The next year at Comic-con, The avengers had the best costumes ever.

HI! I told you it was going to be short. but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Until Next Time-Appleman.123