A/N: This is a Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments fanficition. They are some of my favourite books and this idea popped into my head last year and now I'm sharing it. This chapter is only an prologue and also a rough copy to see if you like it. Please read and review (it helps) as I might change what is written. The next chapter will be written and uploded at some point during summer but not too soon. I wanted to post this to see if it's worth writing, if anyone will enjoy it. Okay i'm going to shut up now. Enjoy! :)

Voldemort stood by the fire stroking Nagini and whispering to the snake. You could easily see he was in command, three powerful figures were in this room and it was obvious he was in charge; he brought fear to the others eyes.

"Why must we make them compete in these games, why not just kill the boy?" A man asked, he stood tall and his dark eyes were highly noticeable due to his light hair.

"We need the boy alive for the most part; when I am through with him, he shall die."

"Why is he needed? What is it you plan to do?" The man who was seated piped up. He was old, small and thin. If he had not been in this room with these particular people you would perceive him as someone with so much power you dare not look him in the eye. However due to his company he was nothing.

"We need the boy alive Snow, and that's all I need say. You dare question me, you know who I am, what I can do? You dare speak out of line, your games are nothing compared to what I can do." President Snow gulped and sat back into his chair. Voldemort sniggered, "Do calm down Snow, have I not reassured you that you are first in line to becoming a wizard? You must have faith." Voldemort stoked the snakes head again.

"My lord I don't think you understand what a sip from this cup can do alone, add your magic and you'll have more than an army of wizards and witches, you'll have shadowhunters also. My lord with the powers you shall possess you'll have demons scared. You'll have control of everything." Valentine Morgenstern smiled at Voldemort who showed no reaction to his words.

"The Triwizard Games shall be in place this school term. We mustn't let them suspect anything however. Snow the rules shall change, it is not a fight to the death, but if death should occur it will not be stopped unless the boy or Clary Fray are going to be harmed. There can be more than one winner and that winner shall be Harry and Valentines daughter."

Snow clenched his fist, more in fear than anger. "Understood my lord, however if you make it so there can be more than one winner all will be able to survive. Announce two winners and have the rest die."

"No." Voldemort faced Snow at this point, "I have made it clear that deaths can occur but are not needed, we will not have full control otherwise, and if the boy and the girl were to die we would be lost. I understand your games are for entertainment but this year it's for more than that. We need them to be alive Snow, no exceptions."

Snow gulped yet again. "But you could-"

"ENOUGH. I am done, your districts need entertainment I understand and they shall get that, but on my terms. You are not needed here Snow, you are here because you want the power which you will get if you corporate however, I can easily finish my work without you." Snow nodded his head and didn't utter another word. He was defeated.

The short silence between the men was broken when a silver owl flew through the window,

"Everything is in place my lord. The ministry is now under your control and Hogwarts is ready for these games."

As quickly as it appeared the Owl disappeared leaving Snow and Valentine in awe. Voldemort smiled. "Perfect, now we wait for the boy and the girl."