SOMEDAY by Change-of-Heart

The Slayer and Buffy's heart do not agree on matters concerning Spike.

Cold, Dark, Cruel.

You are evil to my eyes.

And with all I know it must be so,

Since they can tell me no lies.

No love can come from evil.

From the darkness comes no light.

So the love you profess to me

Can in no way on Earth be right.

But I hear a whisper,

Deep within my heart,

Telling me that I was

So very wrong from the start.

I know I can't explain it,

But my heart you can warm so.

And when I am wrapped in your arms,

I never want to let you go.

But since I can't explain it,

Why should others accept this?

I guess I'll find the key to lock my heart away.

But I pray that I can open it to you,