~Someday Reprise~

Spike responds to what Buffy says in "Someday"


Cold, Dark, Cruel.

These are facets of my disguise.

Protective, Loving, Caring.

These are me too, you realize.

For there to be darkness,

A little light must shine.

As I am the darkness, darling,

You are the light of mine.

Listen to your heart's whisper

And don't be led astray.

And together we shall live and love

Forever and a day.

Love needs no explanation;

It can be felt, yet never seen,

And when I hold you in my arms,

I am living out a treasured dream.

When I find that key

We'll face the come what may

Somehow, someway,

I'll know your love....



~Author's Note~

I wrote this a long time ago, but I just now decided to post it. I have a few more Buffy poems that I might post too. Review if you will.