1.) Garble

"It's his birthday! What'm I supposed to do?" Sanji laughed, a glass of wine in his hand. Nami narrowed her eyes at him.

"He's totally belligerent!"

"He's fine," Zoro grumbled from his spot on the ground, leaning against the railing, bottle of liquor in hand.

A few feet away, Usopp yelled something that sounded like it was along the lines of him agreeing enthusiastically with Zoro, but his speech came out all garbled and he didn't actually form any of his words successfully. The effort was there, though.

Stumbling back and forth with the sway of the ship under the moonlight, he fell to his knees, doubling over in laughter. Nami wasn't sure what he found so funny, but she didn't bother asking. Not twenty seconds later, the captain was there, rubbery arm slinging around Usopp's shoulders. He slapped a drink into the sniper's hand.

"Usopp! Let's go!"


The two half-bounced, half-tripped their way down to the lawn, linking arms at the elbows and spinning in circles, casting long shadows under the lights of the chinese lanterns they'd hung up around the ship to celebrate the occasion. Usopp dropped his drink and threw himself to the ground in anguish over it.

"See? It's not entirely my fault," Sanji said behind a wry smile.

Nami looked down at the dark liquid that filled her flagon. "I don't even know where you got alcohol that strong."

"It's not that strong," Zoro interjected.

"It's Usopp."

Zoro snorted. "Either way, you're one to talk of being devious."

"I don't wanna hear it from you right now!"

"Yeah! You stupid meathead! How dare you insinuate something so ridiculous towards my sweet Nami-swan!"

Instead of responding in the typical aggressive fashion, Zoro took to his bottle, craning his neck back as the liquor burned down his throat. Sanji rolled his eyes and turned back to Nami.

"Anyway, Nami-san, don't worry! He's got it. Have faith in our sharpshooter!" Sanji grinned around a newly lit cigarette, his cheeks illuminated by the glow of the cherry when he sucked on it.

Nami scoffed and lifted the flagon to her lips.

"You don't believe me? Just watch!" In a stream of smoke, Sanji called down to the lawn, "Oi, Usopp!"

Both Luffy and Usopp looked up at the cook, wobbling around barefoot in the grass. As the ship rocked with the ocean, Usopp teetered and galumphed sideways.

"What!" he shouted back, his ankles becoming a bit tangled.

Turned to the side with the smoking cigarette hanging from his lips, eyes on Nami, the chef yelled, "Shoot the cherry off my cigarette!"

In the middle of nearly tumbling over, Usopp pulled his slingshot from where he'd tucked it in his waistband and fished a marble or something similar out of his left pocket.

Sanji was beaming at the navigator as the burning cherry on the tip of his cigarette suddenly disappeared into the darkness.

"See?" he said as he lit it for the second time, "He's fine!"

Exasperated, Nami finished her drink.