My name is Twilight Sparkle. I'm a criminal. I tried to rob the princesses' royal vault. I was Princess Celestia's favorite student at the time. It was perfect for my plan. My assistant Spike helped me with my plan. We almost got away but my brother Shining Armor caught us before we did. We were sentenced to life in prison.

We were sent to Prison Royale. The prisoners called it "Ponyville". Only the most notorious and ruthless prisoners went there. Like the infamous "Cupcake Killer", The Dressmaker, and the leader of the recently shutdown Rainbow Factory.

I was worried for Spike. He was only 15.

My thoughts were interrupted when the guard pushed me into our cell. I got up and dusted myself off.

"Hey Twi, mind if I get the top bunk?" asked Spike.

I nodded. He got into his bunk quickly. I slowly got into the bunk I was probably going to be spending the rest of my life in.



"Do you think we'll be alright in here?"

"I don't know Spike, I don't know."

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