Mikan, despite the façade she put on, was scared. She wasn't happy here, like she though she would be. Instead of the happy reunion she though would occur with Natsume and Hotaru, they blatantly ignored her- Natsume even dared to stray farther from her, after she displayed her new powers. In truth, unlike the fascination to her power of nullification, she shared the same feelings her classmate showed around her: Complete fear.

Mikan's whole life has been surrounded by fear, but usually it was fear directed to someone else, now it was directed to her. Honestly she didn't get what was so great about people fearing you. The fear of her classmates and teachers just made her lonely.

Well, everyone ignored her except Mr. Narumi and Ruka. They weren't bothered by it, is what they claimed, but she caught Mr. Narumi staring at her with an odd look more than once. Ruka, after she returned his Alice stone to him, had smiled to her, like he would when they were little, and told her that she was Mikan, and always would be.

All she could do was smile through her tears, like she did when Hotaru or Yōuchi called her ugly for not smiling, but just the thought of them made her cry even harder, which had sent him in a panic.

But, she had to admit to herself, even if she didn't like it here, she would never return to Kyo's side. No matter how bad it got here, he was worse. Plus that, she had heard you weren't even allowed out, unless if you had to do errands or something. Though Mikan didn't understand what errands there was to do. Shopping? You could buy anything you wanted at the Central Town. Everything else, the school made itself and the ingredients to make it were shipped.

She was curious about it, even bringing it up a few times to those that didn't blatantly ignore her existence or scurry from fear, but every time the subject had been shut down, and Mikan had bigger problems to worry about, then worrying about what kind of errands the school shopped.

Her first worry was an offer that was brought up by the ESP, or Elementary School Principal, himself. He had asked her, well more like demanded, if she wanted to go to the Dangerous Ability Class, than the Special Ability, where she was originally assigned. Even with his child body and face, his glare showed her things that she didn't want to learn about. In the end she had agreed to be changed, but now she was worried about why it was named the Dangerous Ability Class. From what Mikan could tell, it didn't sound friendly.

Her next, and last, worry was controlling her second power. Mr. Narumi had named it the stealing Alice, being that it, well, stole Alice's. It seemed that Mr. Narumi was to busy, and either the teachers hated her or had a great dislike towards her second Alice.

Mikan held a resent towards those teachers, because really, she didn't wish on a star for this Alice. It was there before she could even stop it.

Along with her worries, was a problem:

Where was the Dangerous Ability Class?

She's been skipping down these hallways, following the instructions given to her, but along the way had mixed up her rights and lefts to her lefts and rights, and had ended up going somewhere south.



Relief washed over Mikan's face, as she stopped skipping, and turned to face Ruka.

"RUKA!" She had thrown himself at him; glad that maybe he could help her.

A red blush settled across his face, as he looked at his former neighbor, and admittedly former crush.

"RUKA! HELP ME!" She had yelled in a mix of desperation and relief.

"What is it Mikan?" He tried to calm her from her panic, but was swatted away by her frantic hand.

"Where is the Danger Ability Class?"

Ruka's hand, which had been formerly petting the girl's arm, in a attempt to get her under control and stop hopping around, went slack.

"W-Why do yo-?" His question was cut short, by a voice both knew all to well.

"Polka, what the hell is taking you so long?"