It doesn't freak Sakura out when he pops up in her window one afternoon as she's cooking a chicken stir-fry – after all, years of Naruto invading her personal space and showing up on her windowsills have dulled her sense of irritation over such intrusions. It does, however, surprise her to see him there when he is as of yet a stranger to her household.

His nose twitches, tugging up his top lip and revealing his two short fangs – as a medic, she's always wanted to poke around his mouth and figure out exactly how that's possible. But Sakura's always figured that that's an intrusion he probably wouldn't appreciate – and one of them had to respect boundaries, at least.

"Smells good," Kiba comments lightly, as if it's perfectly natural for him to be sitting there, in her window, and she can pretty much sense the overproduction of his salivary glands occurring as his eyes rake over the pan.

"How do you know where I live?" she responds without missing a beat, turning to stir the food while raising one eyebrow. "Or do you just hop into every windowsill if there's food on the stove?"

Kiba shrugs, giving her an I'm-a-perfectly-innocent-good-to-honest-hungry-man look, and Sakura is instantly shocked at how dazzling and stunning it actually is to be the recipient of his full-fledged, bright-eyed smile. And she wonders how it is that she's never noticed before how attractive he is, if in a rugged way.

"We smelled it from the street," he responds easily. And although Sakura is loathe to share food that she spent a long time cooking – after all, between hospital shifts, missions, and her attempt at a social life, a thirty-minute meal is a long time to spend cooking – she can practically see that if Kiba had a tail, it would be wagging.

So she sighs, beckoning him in with one hand and turning off the heat on the stove before reaching into a cupboard to grab plates. Rookie Nine is, after all, Rookie Nine.

Metaphorical tail wagging even faster, Kiba hops in the window, shoving his hands in his pockets and resuming that blinding smile. Akamaru follows soon after, and Sakura is actually quite amazed that the gigantic dog manages to squeeze through the window.

When Sakura sets down two plates, one for herself and one in front of him, Kiba's surprised to see she still has one plate left in her hands.

When she dishes out the stir fry with a spatula, Sakura grumbles over the loss of extra food and pretends to be disgruntled, but when Kiba sees that the third plate is for Akamaru and notices the pink haired woman trying to subtly sneak extra pieces of chicken onto the dog's plate, he thinks that she might just be the woman of his dreams.

And when Sakura continues to sneak extra bits of chicken from her own plate to Akamaru – who barely fits under the table to begin with – Kiba pretends that he doesn't notice, but inwardly is afraid that it might just be true love after all…..

….even though he is a little jealous that she isn't sneaking him any of those extra pieces of chicken.