Disclaimer: I do not own 'Teen Titans'. If i did then the show will still be on, and BeastBoy and Raven will be together...Forever

'Deep breath, remain focused, find my inner self. Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos. Azerath, metrion, Zinthos. Azer-' I abruptly opened my eyes to the sound of knocking on my door, again. 'Does anybody in this tower have enough sense to not disturb me when I'm meditating?' The knocking pursues further 'Obviously not' I got up and walked over to the door, opening it just enough to see who the idiot was. To my surprise, though, it was not a 'who' at my door. It was a small gift wrapped box. It was about 6 inches wide and four inches high. The wrapping paper was a beautiful midnight purple, almost matching my eyes. I picked it up and at closer inspection, noticed a note lying on the floor.

I grasped the note in my hand and looked it over. It was written in the most beautiful calligraphy I had ever seen. I started to read it. 'Raven, I have noticed you and watched you from afar. Please accept this token of my gratitude' I looked up, confused. "Watched me from afar? I live on a friggin island." I eyed the box in my hand.

"Should I open it?"

I decided to open it and started with the wrapping paper. I slowly took the beautiful outer layer, not wanting to damage it. Once I was finished with that, I hastily opened the box underneath. To my dismay, there was nothing inside but a small housefly. A green housefly. "BeastBoy! What are you doing?" I yelled at the fly while promptly shaking it out of the box.

The fly miraculously changed into a jade-skinned teen with emerald eyes, and forest green hair. "Well BeastBoy? What gave you the idea to interrupt my meditation?" He looked at me and spoke softly "I told you Rae, I wanted to give you a token of my gratitude." Without waiting for me to reply, he abruptly pushed his lips against mine and ran out my door. Thinking of what just happened, I ran to my door and yelled "I accept!"