Sweet Pastry

Asahina sat at the table in the cafeteria and munched on her beloved doughnuts. Togami watched her from the other side of the table. His gaze wasn't wavering as he took a sip of his tea.

Asahina downed another doughnut and Togami sighed. He tried to make it a sigh of disgust but failed so it sounded just like a normal sigh. Asahina looked up. She had traces of the sugary glaze around the corners of her lips.

„What's the matter, Togami-kun? Is something bothering you?", she asked, another doughnut in her hand.

Togami closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

„It's nothing.", he replied and sighed again.

„Here it is again! That sigh! Something is bothering you so don't lie."


He stood up and turned to leave but Asahina quickly circled the table and grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

„If you really have problems, I can help you, you know.", she said, her eyes focused on the floor.

„Oh.", Togami spoke, „And how can you help me?"

„By giving you this doughnut!", Asahina exclaimed shoving the doughnut she was holding in her other hand in front of his face.

Togami pulled his head back in surprise as he stared at the pink coating of the doughnut. He was taken a back really because he knew how much Asahina liked doughnuts and was very possesive over them.

"I would never place such a foul thing in my mouth.", Togami sneered.

Suddenly, his head turned to the left and his cheek stung with pain. Asahina slapped him again.

"Doughnuts are not foul things! They are gifts from gods!", she snapped.

Togami placed his hand over his red cheek. He wanted to retort but restrained himself from doing so when he saw that there were tears in her eyes. Asahina sure loved her doughnuts when she was willing to cry over them.

"Fine. I'll eat one.", Togami said.

Asahina looked up at him. Her face immediately brightened and she smiled.

"I knew you would give in, Togami-kun!", she beamed and handed him the doughnut.

He took it between his thumb and index finger like it was dirty and brought it to his mouth. The truth was he never tried doughnuts because they are cheap and for commoners.

Togami took a small bite and was left amazed when the sweet and tasty pastry entered his mouth. Asahina stared at him, expecting to hear his reaction.

"It's good.", he simply said after he swallowed.

"Yay! I knew doughnuts would cheer you up, Togami-kun!", Asahina laughed, jumping a little and clapping her hands.

He stared at her happy face and noticed that the glaze was still around her lips. Togami swiftly grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him, which made her smile drop and her eyes go wide.

Togami licked the corner, tasting the sugar and Asahina gasped. He then placed his lips against hers for a brief moment but quickly separated.

"Sweet.", he whispered.

He then turned, taking a bite from the doughnut, and walked away leaving the dumbfounded Asahina behind. A playful smirk was plastered on his face as he chewed on the sweet pastry.