Togami gritted his teeth as he squeezed the glass that was in his hand. He watched them with a murderous glare as they were hitting on her and teasing her. It didn't miss his perceiving eye how they were ogling her body.

He didn't understand why but it bothered him. A lot. And all he wanted to do was punch them, kick them, kill them. The rage was bubbling up in him as his gaze fell on her. Asahina was smiling and shifting in her seat awkwardly. She wasn't enjoying the attention but she didn't know how to shake them off.

Suddenly, she looked up and their eyes met. His murderous glare on her pleading gaze. Strangely, he wasn't mad at her. Togami just wanted to murder those guys. He could see in her eyes that she was pleading for help.

With just a single phone call, he could get these guys wiped out but he restrained himself from pulling out his mobile phone. Togami swiftly stood up and calmly walked over to where Asahina was sitting with those guys who surrounded her like vultures.

"Togami-kun!", Asahina beamed.

All of the guys eyes were now settled on him. Togami gave them one of his trademark glares and then turned to Asahina.

"My family just opened a new mall. Today's the opening ceremony, do you want to go, Asahina?", Togami asked her as calmly as possible.

Asahina immediately jumped up from her seat.

"Yes, Togami-kun!", she exclaimed and quickly got over to his side.

"But, Aoi-chan-", one of the guys started to protest.

"Sorry!", Asahina giggled.

Togami took a strong hold of her hand and they got out of there. He walked in front of her, her hand still in his, but Asahina struggled to match his pace as his legs were longer than his.

"Togami-kun, slow down a little.", she insisted.

He stopped walking completely at her words and she almost bumped into his back. Togami turned to look at her and he saw how Asahina shuddered under his gaze which was hard and cold as steel. He was still pretty mad because of those guys.

"Ah, I just wanted to say thank you for saving me. I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for you, Togami-kun.", Asahina muttered while avoiding his gaze.

"Asahina...", Togami started.


He pulled her towards him and landed a kiss on her lips. He quickly separated and looked to the side. Asahina just stared at him, her face was red as an apple.

"Don't talk to other guys. Don't even look at other guys. Talk and look only at me.", Togami spoke.

"Fine.", Asahina mumbled.

Togami looked at her.

"What?", he inquired.

"I said fine and that I don't mind.", she said more loudly.

Togami let out a small 'oh' and turned his head to the side, a fierce blush creeping onto his cheeks. He wanted to cross his arms across his chest but Asahina hugged him and pressed her ear against his chest.

"Your heartbeat is so fast.", she remarked and he hugged her back.