Rose's P.O.V

I ran to my suit in palace housing as quickly as possible before anyone could see the notorious Rose Hathaway cry. I slammed the door behind me with enough force to shake the windows and let out the scream of frustration that had been bubbling in the back of my throat since the church.

"True love doesn't fade, you asshole!" I screamed at no one in particular. I just needed to vent all the hurt and anger I felt. How could I have been so stupid? After everything I've done for him and he gives all the credit to Lissa. I'm the one who broke countless laws and taboos to find the necessary information to change him back. I'm the one who gave up everything for him. I have almost no hope of becoming an actual guardian unless I take Tasha's offer, but like hell that was going to happen. Why? Because I dropped out of school to fulfill the promise we made to each other, which meant I broke the most sacred guardian motto: They come first. Yet, I hadn't been able to put Lissa first because I loved him more than anything so that cost me dearly and how does he repay me? By telling me that his love had fucking faded. Grabbing the picture of us from the nightstand I chucked it at the wall because we looked so happy and the glass shattered.

"Well fuck you Guardian Belikov!" I was starting to feel violent and I knew I need to hit something really bad. Wiping the tears from my face I made my way to the gym not giving a second thought to the fact that I was in street clothes and I hand not wrapped my hands. I strode to the punching bag with purpose and unleashed my anger out on it. I punched, kicked, jabbed with all my strength to rid myself of this anger that felt like it was consuming me. I could taste my anger, feel the frustration lodged in my throat it was so dark that it felt animalistic. My hands were bleeding now, but that's okay at least that way I'll be able to focus on the physical pain later on instead of the emotional one. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that all the guardians had stopped to watch me, worry written on some of their faces, but one face stood out the most, Alberta. I ignored her and kept up my punching.

"Should we stop her? She could hurt herself." One guardian asked.

"I'm not getting in the middle of Hathaway and a punching bag when she's that angry." Another remarked.

Alberta shook her head. "I've seen her like this before and only one person can get to her. I'm getting Belikov." Most nodded in agreement since that fact that he was once her mentor was a well known fact. Alberta strode away to find Dimitri, but Rose knew he wouldn't come.

Alberta's P.O.V.

As soon as I was out of view, I sprinted to find Dimitri before Rose really did do something worse than just scrape up her knuckles. The last time I had seen her like that was when we found her at the Academy beating up Jesse Zeklos for torturing Princess Lissa. She had a crazed look in her eye that said she wanted blood and she would do anything to get it. Now she had the same look in her eye, only she was hurting herself not others. Dimitri had taken care of her then and hopefully he could do the same now. Rose was like a daughter to me and I had no desire to see her hurt. I pounded on Dimitri's room, pushing the guardian guarding it aside. He allowed it because he knew me as guardian in a much higher position than him. Dimitri answered the door with a bit of confusion and happiness registering on his face. He obviously didn't get visits often.

"Hello, Guardian Petrov. What a surprise? Please come in." He said, opening the door wider so I could step inside. I turned to face him, he looked so different. Sadder, more reserved if that was possible, but at least he had a small smile.

"Belikov, I need you it's Rose." I expected him to jump into action like he always did whenever Rose was involved, but instead it wiped the smile from his face and filled his eyes with pain. "She's going crazy in the gym."

He turned away from me, his entire body stiffening. "Get another person to handle it. You could probably find Ivashkov in a bar somewhere." His voice sounded so bitter.

I stared at him in stunned silence, at loss for words. "You're her mentor, don't you want to help."

He sighed. "I use to be her mentor. We've gone our separate ways."

Now I was really confused. "I thought you loved each other." I accused. He turned to look at me again. It was his turn to look surprised which amused me. "Come on Belikov, you really think Victor Dashkov is the only person who figured it out."

"How did you know?" He asked "We were so careful."

I smirked. "Physically yes you were but emotionally not so much. She brought joy to your life and you brought balance to hers. It was easy to see how well you completed each other, I always had my suspicions but at the trial Victor's accusations just confirmed it for me."

He had his Guardian mask in place. "Well, everything we had together died right beside the old me in those caves. My love has faded and I told her so."

Suddenly I knew what had sparked the rage in Rose. Belikov had ripped her heart out because I knew for a fact that her love had definitely not faded and most likely never will. "You are many things Belikov, but I never pegged you for a fool. That girl loves you, gave up everything for you. The least you could do is stop her from ruining whatever future she has left or from seriously hurting herself or someone else like when she beat up the Zeklos kid."

That seemed to trigger something inside of him as he seemed to come to life. "The darkness. No not my Roza." He turned around and ran out of the room. I stopped the guardian that was about to go after him.

"No I'm a guardian. I'll watch him." I ran after him, but it was difficult he was a man on a mission. When I got back to the gym I was out of breath, but I noticed Dimitri struggling with Rose, everyone was watching them now. He had his arms wrapped around her from behind and he had lifted her off the ground.

"No, Roza. Fight it. You're stronger than this. Please, this is not you." The words triggered something in Rose; her eyes welled up with tears. Suddenly she broke free of Belikov's grip which was impressive and she swung around and punched him in the face.