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Rose's P.o.V

I got back home at about eleven thirty at night, with a sugar crazed Lex bouncing off the walls. It would be amazing to have her energy, but after five hours in the emergency room, I felt dead on my feet. Lex ran down the hallway in front of me and started pounding on our door in her excitement.

"Daddy!Daddy! Daddy!" She shouted, emphasizing each call with a dramatic jump up in the air. Dimitri opened the door and she barreled right past him. I heard a loud crash and I couldn't bring it in me to see what had happened. It would take too much energy. Dimitri was waiting for me, leaning against the door frame looking just as exhausted as I felt.

He leaned down and pressed his forehead against mine after a quick kiss. "Let me guess. Concussion and she's not allowed to go to sleep for twenty four hours, correct?" He asked knowingly.

I nodded. "Two coca colas and a bag of sour patch kids already devoured. Don't worry, I got more." I told him, holding up the convenience store bag up for him to see. "Some of it is for us."

He chuckled. "I'd never thought parenting would be harder than hunting strigoi."

I closed my eyes and let his scent wash over me. "Most five year olds don't go through what they have gone through." I told him. "How's Ana?"

I heard him sigh. "I gave her a bath, changed her sheets, made her dinner and she is currently watching Pocahontas." As if on cue, we heard the girls bust out singing "Colors of the Wind" in their high pitched voices. I smiled at the sound.

"How is it possible that we can find joy during this time in our children's lives." I heard Dimitri ask, more to himself than to me. He sounded guilty, so I opened my eyes and found that his eyes were indeed dark with guilt.

"Hey. Dimitri, look at me. Treating her like she's broken is not going to help put her back together. No wonder her nightmares are more frequent with everyone keeping her under lock and key. It just keeps reminding her what is happening to her."

He shook his head. "What happened to her. I'm not going to let anything bad happen to them again." He swore to me. I stared at him until he finally sighed. "Okay, you're right. Perhaps we are smothering them just a little bit." He admitted.

I attempted to raise an eyebrow, but failed. "A little bit?" I asked astonished.

"Okay, A lot." He conceded. "I'm willing to let up once we find out who did this."

That reminded me of something. "Hey, what I said earlier about Lorenzo gettin some. It wasn't true and it was childish of me. It was a cheap shot and I'm really sorry." I confessed.

He laughed. "He's gay, I know you were lying, but I'm sorry I accused him without any real proof. I think it was just my jealousy talking. He got to raise my daughters and I guess I resented him a bit." He finished seriously.

"But, you're their real father and already they love you so much more. Maybe even more than me." I thought outloud. Dimitri looked like he was gonna argue, so I cut him off. "That is until you ground them for the first time, then that love will go right out the window." I teased him.

He threw his head back and laughed. His laugh was so infectious I found myself joining him. Until Ana put in her two cents. "Mama. Papa. Stop sharing cooties and come watch Pocahontas with us. John smith is about to get captured by the Indians." She shouted from the couch.

Dimitri smiled, but he sobered up for a minute. "Roza, if it is Lorenzo….." He let the rest trail off.

"If it is him, I'll help you kill him." I looked into his eyes, so that he could see the sincerity. He studied them for a bit before he nodded and pulled me inside the suite. Ana and Lex were on the couch sharing the bag of sour patch kids, their eyes glued to the television screen. They've watched that movie perhaps a thousand times, yet they always act like it's the first time.

We joined them on the couch, but for the first time I didn't let them scramble onto Dimitri's lap because that was my spot tonight. They pouted and stuck her tongue out at me, but turned back to the t.v. Dimitri kissed my shoulder to show that he approved of the seating arrangement.

I moved so that I was now sideways and only my legs were on Dimitri's lap, in order to be able to watch the movie better and to make it more comfortable for Dimitri. He traced little patterns up and down my calves which made it damn impossible to keep my mind on the movie. His other hand played with Ana's hair, which I know she found relaxing.

Lex smacked Ana on the arm. "He is gonna get caught!" She cried out.

Ana shook her head. "I know. We've seen this bef…..see they got him!" She said in dismay.

I had to stifle my laughter at their reactions. God, the love for the people on this couch was all consuming and I wondered what I had done in my life to merit such a blessing. I had two beautiful daughters who have endured so much but still find it in themselves to have a great capacity to love and enjoy life and a man who loved me just as much as I loved him. He wasn't bad looking either. Ah, who am I kidding, the man was drop dead gorgeous with a body to die for. But, that's not really why I fell in love with him. Beauty faded with age, but the beauty inside of him would be eternal and that is why it was impossible to build a defense against him. He wouldn't even try to tear down the walls, he'd just wait until I'd let him in.

The song that was about to play next, caught my attention. I practically had it memorized since the girls have watched the movie so many times. It really expressed everything I felt for Dimitri. Looking at him, I quietly sang the first verse. "If I never knew you. If I never felt this love. I would have no inkling of, how precious life can be." He looked down at me and I saw the tenderness in his eyes. "And if I never held you. I would never have a clue. How at last I found in you, the missing part of me." He said I love you to me.

He suddenly stood up and extended his hand out to me. "May I have this dance?" He asked with a smile plastered on his face. I smiled back and took his hand and before I knew it we were dancing around the living room with the girls giggling like school girls. Perhaps we were on a good track for healing.

Dimitri's P.o.V

It was about three in the morning and to say I was exhausted was an understatement. Rose and I were taking shifts with Lex and it was currently my turn. I just sat watching Lex jumping rope in the corner, only pausing to take sips of coke in between. Ana was in bed fast asleep and so was Rose whose head was in my lap. I tried to push away the inappropriate images flooding my head that that particular position brought up. Shaking my head, I focused instead on Lex and how in the world she had not had a sugar crash yet. Then again, she was Rose Hathaway's daughter.

Suddenly, Ana screamed out from her bedroom. My heart skipped a beat because it was perhaps the most agonized scream I had ever heard. Rose shot up at the sound and I barely had enough time to tell her it was Ana before we both bolted to her bedroom. Damn, not again. In a mirror image of earlier, Ana was curled into ball crying, but now she was clawing at her face instead of her arms.

"Ana!" Alexei cried and ran to her sister, but I caught her in my arms. It wasn't good for her to see this. "Let me go, daddy! Let me go! Ana! Annie! Don't cry, I'll help you! He can't hurt you!" She shouted, reaching desperately for her sister.

I pulled her close to my chest. "Lexi, please go outside. Let us help your sister." I asked her quietly.

Rose clutched my arm. "Yes. Let us help her. Alexei you know who is doing this to her. Tell us, please. Look at your sister, you can help us stop this." This was not the time to ask Lex that. That is too much pressure for a five year old.

"Rose….." I warned. She looked at me and I stopped the reprimand. The anguish in her eyes was like a knife in my heart, it momentarily took my breath away. She wanted so desperately to stop Ana's pain, her heart of mother must be dying at the sight of our daughter on the bed writhing in pain.

Lex shook her head. "I can't tell you. It's Ana's secret. Please, let me help Ana." My little girl pleaded. Perhaps, Rose was right. I am a pushover. I set Lex gently on her feet.

She ran to her sister's bed and didn't hesitate to take her into her arms. "I won't ask you to stop crying cause that's dumb. But I'll hug you till you stop crying." Lex reassured her sister.

Ana clutched onto her sister like a lifeline, her eyes watery and distant. "He's touching me. Make him stop, please. It hurts. Please, stop!" Ana hissed between clenched teeth, pure agony written on her face.

Lex hugged her tighter. "It's just a dream, sissy. Just wake up, just wake up." She pleaded, her little face soaked with tears.

Ana shook her head violently. "It doesn't stop when I wake never goes away. It never stops hurting." She choked. Rose and I realize that Ana has been awake, she was just recalling ugly memories.

Gingerly as to not startle her, Rose and I settled ourselves by her bed. "Princess. Princess, it's daddy. Tell me what's happening." I asked her quietly.

She turned her eyes on me. " He- he- he said I deserved it. He said I was bad and needed to be punished. I tried to be a good girl, I really tried. Daddy, please believe me. Imma good girl, Imma good girl." She cried, her voice rising in its hysteria.

"Shh. Shh. I know you are. You're my perfect little princess." I reassured her.

She shook her head again. Her eyes pierced me. "Then why did he keep hurting me? Why did he call me those mean words?" She questioned.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "What names did he call you, baby?" Rose asked what I could not.

She turned to face her sister, begging with her eyes to finish for her. Alexei looked confused. "He called her a…...slut and a whore. I don't know what that means, but he said it very mean." She confessed.

The outrage on Rose's face mirrored my own. "You are not any of that, Ana! You are little girl who a very evil man was mean too." Rose assured her. Tentatively, she asked. "How do you know what happened, Lex?" I was curious to know that too.

Her lower lip wobbled. "He'd tie me up and make me watch in the corner, while….he he…" She started sobbing. We both moved to the bed and engulfed them in our arms.

"It's okay, you're safe now." I told them.

"I can still feel his hands on me. I feel so terrible." Ana confessed in a whisper.

"Tell me who did this." I begged her. I wanted to destroy whoever was doing this to my princess.

Ana shook her head violently, her eyes wide and frantic. "No! No! I can't! He said he would kill me! He showed me his gun! He slapped me and I-I-I…" She started slapping herself. "No! Bad Ana! I deserve this. I deserve this."She mumbled to herself. I clutched her arms in gentle hold to stop her from hurting herself. Never in my life had I ever felt so helpless, so powerless. It took all my strength not to fall apart at the sight of Ana so hysterical.

"You do not deserve any of this, Ana! Please tell me what happened." Rose begged. Her eyes were brimmed with tears, but I knew she wouldn't allow them to fall for our daughter's sake.

Her face turned green as she seemed to tune out for a moment. I worried for her mental health for a minute, before she answered. "He liked to kiss me…...everywhere. In my private -he-he'd make me kiss him in….his private places. I couldn't scream because he would shove my undies in my mouth, but I cried a lot specially when he would put his fingers….down there. It hurt a lot and I wanted it to stop and he told me that I should like it but I didn't. It was gross. I wanted someone to help me but no one would. No One would. He would make weird noises like if he was in pain, Like this." She imitated the sound. It was a moan. "Then he would make me make the sound through my undies. I was scared, so scared and I hurt so much. Sometimes, I would ask to die, but nothing happend. Nothing saved me." She paused her frantic speech spoken in sobs to look at us. "I just want to feel safe again." She confessed. Her face had turned sickly green and as soon as she finished her confession she scrambled away to throw up at the side of the bed. I grabbed her hair and pulled it away from her face, while I rubbed her back.

When she was done, her face was deadly pale. I turned her to face me. "Ana, do you know what my job is." I asked her. "What mama's job is now here at court."

Ana wiped at her mouth and eyes. "I dunno."

"We're called guardians. That means we have to protect people. I didn't go to a normal school like you girls, your mama and I went to a school that trains us to protect people in bad situations. Mama and I have face so many bad guys and beat them all. Do you know why?" I asked her gently. "Why we are better than most guardians?"

Ana hiccupped. "Because you're so big." She answered.

Rose and I laughed, but I shook my head. "No, but that helps. It's because love fuels our fighting skills. Mama trained so hard because she loved Aunt Lissa like a sister and wanted to protect her. I fought to protect mama because I loved her so much and I guard Uncle Christian because I love him like a brother. Protecting the ones we love makes us fight harder and stronger than anyone else can. My princess, my superstar there is no one in this world that your mama and I love more than you. There is no one in this world we would fight harder to protect than you two." I vowed to them.

Ana and Lex stared at each other, seeming to have an entire conversation with only their eyes. I knew they were contemplating my words and I held my breath. For what seemed like centuries, they just sat and stared at each other. Rose reached over and grasped my hand and I squeezed to reassure her and she returned the squeeze to reassure me. Finally, Lex gave Ana a little nod of her head. Ana turned to look at us and I saw a fire in her eyes that wasn't there before.

"It was Lorenzo. He did this to us." She confessed.

Rose let out a sob. At least I heard her sob, I couldn't seem to see past the red haze in my vision. That bastard! How dare he! How dare he lay his hands on my princess? I could feel bloodlust building inside of me as I visibly shook from my rage. That asshole would regret the day he was born. I would make sure of it. I had to breathe, now wasn't the time to get angry. My girls were here and they needed my support. But that didn't change anything, I was still going to kill Lorenzo if it was the last thing I did.

Rose P.o.V

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think past the all consuming pain surrounding me. The guilt was clawing at my insides, leaving them a shredded bloody mess. This...this was overwhelming. I had willingly, perhaps not knowingly, but willingly invited my daughter's rapist into our lives. All the times I asked him to babysit them so that I could work some extra hours and get some extra cash came flooding into my mind. All the times I left him alone with them. This was all my fault. All my fault. I was responsible for my daughters pain. However, there was no time to beat myself up over this,I could do that later, the girls needed my attention first.

"Mama, I want Uncle Christian." Ana said quietly. Dimitri and I both looked a little stunned at the request no doubt. It was a strange request given the moment and if anything Alexei was closer with Christian than Ana was.

Dimitri rubbed her back. "Can that wait till morning, princess? It's very late." He reasoned.

Her bottom lip wobbled. "I want some of his brownies." She admitted. I understood now. Her eating habits was one of the few things she had inherited from me. Since she wasn't a very expressive little girl dancing and eating is how she calmed her nerves.

"Would that make you girls feel better?" I questioned. Ana nodded, her little face sunken with grief. Well that did it, I'd get her those brownies even if I had to drag Christian out of bed myself. "Okay, I'll go call him." I made my way to my bedroom and picked up the silver cell phone I had on the nightstand. It took me a minute to find Christian's cell phone number then I quickly dialed his number.

It rang a couple times before he picked up with an irritable. "Rose! It's almost four o'clock in the fucking morning. Someone better be dying!" His voice thick with sleep.

"Christian, it's Ana…." I started but he cut me off.

"What happened to Ana!" He demanded, he sounded wide awake now.

"Nothing, its just…" My voice cracked. "She told us who did it, Christian. She told us what he did to her." I cried.

"Oh jeez, Rose. How are you guys holding up?" I heard a muffled voice in the background. "It's Rose. Ana just confessed everything about her abuse." Christian explained to Lissa, no doubt. "Do you need anything from us." He asked gently.

"I know this is random and a big bother…" He cut me off again.

"Rose, I'd move the fucking world at whatever hour of the day for those two girls." He told me fiercely.

I sighed exasperated. "Can I finish a damn sentence." I joked to cover up the emotion his words brought to me. He chuckled and shut up so that I could continue. "Ana really wants some of your brownies because she eats when she's anxious and with everything she's told us she has…." I started crying.

"Oh, god. I'm not good with tears. Here talk to Lissa and I'll get those brownies started." He sounded a bit nervous, probably because he wasn't good with dealing with emotions.

There was a bit of static on the other end of the line before I heard Lissa's voice. "Hey Rose. Listen to me, I know this must hurt you unbelievably, but don't you dare feel guilty for one minute. Don't bullshit me and say that you don't feel guilty because I know you. Get over that guilt or you'll be just like Dimitri when he was turned back all those years ago; pushing away the ones you love and wasting time feeling miserable when you need to work on healing instead. You're daughters need you, but tonight you need to take some time for yourself and for Dimitri. You can't help them if you two are moments away from falling apart yourselves. So the girls are spending the night here with us. Shut up, don't try and argue with me because I'm Queen. Take a deep breath, make love to Dimitri until neither of you can walk straight then we can all figure out what to do in the morning as a family."

"Liss, I can't just dump them on you. Lex got a concussion and isn't allowed to sleep for 24 hours. I can't do that to you and Christian, you both need your sleep." I countered.

Lissa let out a startled gasp. "Oh my god, my niece got a concussion and you didn't tell me! What the hell! I'm sending my guardians to come get them right now. Don't worry, I'll heal her concussion, give her a warm glass of milk with yummy brownies and send her off to bed. In the meantime go put on something sexy and make love to your man! End of discussion. Bye." The line went dead.

I stared at the phone in disbelief. Lissa never talked like that. She was another Dimitri, blushing like crazy when sex was mentioned in public. Now she was demanding I have a wild night with my boyfriend instead of taking care of my daughter.

Dimitri walked in, momentarily stunning me that the girls allowed him to leave their side. "What did Christian say?"

I stared at the phone a bit longer, disbelief still plastered on my face before I looked up at him. "Christian's making them right now. Lissa wants the girls to spend the night with them so that we can….." I couldn't finish, I was blushing so hard. My entire body felt warm.

Dimitri raised an eyebrow. "So that we can what?" He inquired.

I looked him in the eye and gave him a cheeky smile. " So that we can make love until neither of us can walk. Her orders. And that I put on something sexy." I said, my voice breathy.

His eyes widen in surprise eyed me up and down before settling on my lips. He gulped. "I don't think we should...ummm. We need to think about…" His sentence drifts off again as he watches me bite my lip. "Please stop doing that. It's distracting and we need to think about…..damn it!" He shakes his head furiously and I giggle.

"Where's that famous self control of yours, Comrade?" I teased him.

A tenderness filled his eyes. "It doesn't exist around you, Roza. You make me forget myself with just the idea of being with you." He shakes his head again. "But I don't think tonight is the best night to make love agian for the first time in six years, not with everything we just heard."

I sighed. "I know, but….."

Dimitri cut me off. "Rose, I don't think I can touch you the very night I heard how he touched her." He explains, his voice agonized. My eyes widen in surprise. Dimitri struggled to keep his hands off me since the day we met and now that I'm offering he can't bring himself to touch me. I understand under the circumstances it is difficult to forget everything and just have a passionate night, but I was starting to see Lissa's point on how we wouldn't be much help to our daughters if we couldn't even control ourselves. However, sex needed both of our consent and Dimitri was not feeling it tonight. I sighed, but nodded in understanding.

The doorbell rang and we both moved to go answer it. I opened the door to see Guardian Watson and Guardian Brown, two of Lissa's night guards standing at the entrance.

"Her Majesty wanted us to collect Anastasia and Alexei." Guardian Watson informed us solmely. All the members of the royal guard knew about Ana's abuse since Lissa had round the clock protection, so word of it got out. Luckily they were the only guardians who knew about it.

I nodded. "We just need to pack their overnight bag." I told him

He shook his head. "Thier majesties took the liberty of stocking their spare bedroom to cater to the girl's needs in case of emergencies or last minute plans. They just finished it this morning. They have clothes, toys, shoes, their very own bedrooms in the royal suite." I felt my eyes water at his announcement. These past six years I had been isolating myself out of fear that everyone would reject me and my daughters, yet all I've seen is a love so strong it completely consumes me.

Ana and Lex waddled out of the bedroom probably to check what had taken us so long to get back to them. They noticed Watson and Brown then and they each gave them the best smiles they could manage under the circumstances. Brown's guardian mask was the first to falter and I could see the affection clearly on her face, Watson soon followed. They leaned down so Ana could give them each a kiss on the cheek. Lex hugged Brown and then proceeded to do her secret handshake with Watson which was just a series of fistbumps and highfives.

"Why you guys here?" Ana sniffled. Her deep brown eyes still teary.

Brown gave her a small smile. "Your Aunt Lissa and Uncle Chris wanted us to come pick you up so that you guys can have brownies and spend the night. Lissa bought Frozen for you two." It was obvious that Guardian Brown was uncomfortable with addressing Lissa and Christian so casually, but the girls rarely understood if they used titles instead. After getting over the initial shock of the news, the girls just couldn't see their beloved aunt and uncles like royalty.


Lex looked up at Dimitri and me. "Can we go, mama and Daddy?" She asked pleadingly

"Yes, you can go. We'll pick you two up in the morning." Dimitri answered, his Russian accent thick. This night must be killing him too. I noticed that Ana had changed into clean pajamas so I had no hesitation either. We gave them each a kiss and hug goodnight before they took Guardian Watson and Guardian Brown's hands to make their way to Lissa's suite.

I closed the door and leaned my forehead against the cool wood of it and before I knew I was sobbing uncontrollably. I felt tears scalding my face, my throat was burning like the fires of hell and a pounding in my head began. "Oh my god! Oh my god! I let him in! I let him in! Please forgive me Ana! Please, forgive me! My baby girl. My princess. Why couldn't it have been me? Why my sweet little baby girl." I choked on my own sobs, my voice rising with my own hysteria.

Dimitri pulled me into his arms, my back against his chest and my body seemed to give out as I slumped toward the floor. Dimitri, surprisingly seem to lack strength as well and we both collapsed to the floor together, me still clutched firmly against his chest.

My sobbing continued, the ache in my chest becoming unbearable. There was a dark emotion churning inside me, not violent, but so intense in it's grief that it was all I could feel, see and think about. "I don't deserve to live, Dimitri. I don't deserve to be a mother. We both should have died in Russia, then our daughters wouldn't know about this kind of pain. We should have died." I sobbed. I heard Dimitri's sharp intake of breath and I looked up to see that his own face was soaked with tears.

"Please Roza, don't say things like that. I can't bear it." He pleaded. "You're an amazing woman and you're an amazing mother, but sometimes bad things happen to good people."

I screeched in frustration and jerked myself out of his arms, stumbling to my feet. When he tried to stand up too, I shoved him back down. "I don't want any of your zen master crap." Shove. "I don't want it." Shove. "I don't need it." I shoved him one more time and stormed into the kitchen, anywhere to get away from him. Going into the bedroom could cause problem so it was best to stay away from there. Turning on the kitchen sink I splashed cold water in my face in an attempt to ease the pounding in my head.

His hand reached over to turn off the faucet and spun me around to face him. He brought a towel to my face and starting dabbing the water off my face. "What do you need from me then?" He asked quietly.

I looked up at him, pleading with my eyes. "Make me forget. Just for tonight. I'll carry this with me for the rest of my life, but I don't want to tonight. Don't let me think about it tonight." I barely had my request out when his lips crashed against mine.

I was momentarily taken off guard, but when his hands slid into my hair, gently pulling at the roots at the nape of my neck, I kissed him back with similar passion. His tongue asked for entry, playing at the seam of lips. I opened my mouth and he thrust his tongue into it in mock loveplay. The kiss was deep and heady, the kind of intimate kiss that would make others uncomfortable to watch. His lips trailed down with feather light brushes on my jawline then to my neck. He sucked on the pulsepoint and I gasped in pleasure when he gently bit down on it.

Before I knew it I was in his arms as he sat me on top of the kitchen table, clearing it off with a swipe of his arm. "Shouldn't we take this to the bedroom?" I asked, my head whirling with the feel of his lips on me.

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I intend to have you on every available surface in this suite before the night is over." His breath hot on my neck.

A rush of warmth made its way into my belly and down lower with his words. Grabbing his hair in my hands, I pulled his lips down for a hot passionate kiss. He kissed back, while his hands moved to the pajama bottoms I was wearing and began to slide them down my legs, I kicked it off when the reached my ankles and whipped my shirt off in the process. I kissed him again.

"I want to watch you touch yourself. I want to see you love yourself. You need it and I want it." He whispered seductively in my ear. Dimitri pulled back to see my expression and the desire in his eyes made my insides burn.

I licked my lips. "I. I don't really know how." I confessed, biting my lips.

His brows furrowed. "Then how have you been pleasuring yourself these past six years." He wondered.

I blushed. "I haven't." Not for lack of trying, but it just never really worked for me.

He gaped at me. "Roza, you haven't cummed in six years!" I shook my head. "Oh baby,we have a long night ahead of us." He sounded excited.

A dirty thought came to my mind. "Mr. Belikov I'm sure with your fine teaching I'll learn in no time." I told him in a playfully innocent tone.

His eyes widen in surprise, but none the less a smirk played on his lips. "Well, Miss Hathaway, that all depends on if you can be a good girl and listen to what I have to say."

I flung my hair over my shoulder. "Being good doesn't really suit me. I found being naughty is much more rewarding."

He leaned into me, his breath hot against my neck sending chills over my spine. "There will be plenty of time to be naughty tonight Miss Hathaway, but right now I need you to be a good girl and listen to me so I can teach you how to pleasure yourself. I won't always be there to do it for you. Can you do that for me?" He asked, his voice husky and low. I closed my eyes and nodded. "Good. Now lean back and make yourself comfortable." He ordered.

I did as he told me and laid on our kitchen table, the cold wood a sharp contrast to my overheated flesh. "What now, Mr. Belikov." I asked.

He came to stand next to the table, taking me in with a hungry glance. "Now we must get you in the mood. What turns you on?"

"You." I answered truthfully.

He smirked. "Glad to hear it. What memory of me turns you on? Or a fantasy you've had of me."

"The night in the cabin, the way you worshipped my body. Your lips felt so soft on my breasts. "

"Close your eyes. Imagine it. Good. Good. Now wet your fingers and rub your nipples."

I sucked on my fingers before tugging down my bra, exposing my nipples for both of us to see. I hear his intake of breath. Bringing my fingers down, I start to roll the hardened nipple between my thumb and forefinger, surprised by the pleasurable jolts it creates. I remember the way Dimitri would take them into his mouth sucking so gently before he would bite down on them. I pinched my nipple to imitate the pleasurable pain his bites cause me and I can't help but moan out.

"If you knew what this was doing to me, Miss Hathaway." Dimitri all but panted.

I turned my head to look at him. "Does this turn you on, Mr. Belikov? Do you like watching me touch myself?" I slide one hand down my breast, to my stomach and into my panties.

He looked memorized watching me. "Tease yourself first. You don't want to get ahead of yourself." My fingers slid across my entrance, teasing the slit as he instructed and my pussy clenched in anticipation. I continued with this, teasing the wetness of my entrance. "Now slide two fingers in about an inch or two in and curb your fingers. That should hit your G spot."

I did as he told and gasped as I inserted my fingers inside of me. I was so wet, so hot. This felt so damn good. Suddenly, my fingers hit the spot he was telling me about and I cried out as pleasure assaulted me. My hips arched off the table keeping in rhythm with the thrust of my fingers. "What are you thinking right now, ." I asked more like moaned out.

"I'm thinking of all the things I want to do to you." His voice rough.

I felt my pussy clench around my fingers at those words. "Tell me what you would do to me." I demanded.

"I would kiss my way down your delicious body, making sure to pay attention to those round tasty tits of yours, knowing how much you like it when I suck on them." He told me.

I started thrusting my fingers harder and faster inside of me, my breath coming out in pants and moans. A sheen layer of sweat was starting to form on my body, my skin flushed and heated.

"Then I would make my way down farther and as soon as I lick my way down to your thighs, I know you'll part your legs for me and beg me to kiss you where you want it most. In that sweet juicy pussy, while you scream my name. Oh, I'm so fucking hard."

My movements had become frantic, my hips thrashing wildly. The room echoed with the sound of the squeaky table. "I'm so close, baby." I pinched my nipple again for another jolt of pleasure.

Dimitri was there soothing my hair back. "Come on, baby. Cum for me." With those words I exploded, screaming out his name as an intense orgasm rocked me to the foundation of my soul. He murmured encouraging words while stroking my sides while I came down from my high. "That was great, Roza. You definitely get an A. How do you feel?" He asked.

I took a second to catch my breath before answering. "I feel amazing and as satisfied as a well fed kitten." I purred in contentment.

He chuckled. "Well, I hope your ready for another round because I need to be inside you." Pulling my hand out from my panties, he brought my fingers to his lips where he proceeded to suck the cum off my fingers. I moaned at the sight of him savoring the taste of me.

I spread my legs, so that they were dangling off the side of the table. "I'm game, Comrade." He groaned at that and in record time he stripped naked. Let me tell you that there is no sexier noise than the sound of Dimitri's clothes hitting the ground. His cock was long and erect, ready for action and I was eager to have him inside me. Dimitri usually asked if I was ready, so I was surprised when he suddenly thrust into me without warning. I cried out.

He stilled instantly. "Oh god. Rose, did I hurt you?" He asked concerned.

I dug my nails into his back. "No. No. It feels so damn good. Come on, Dimitri, I need you to move." I demanded. He sighed in relief and in no time he was thrusting into my with the frenzy of a man who desperately wanted an orgasm, but with the skill of an experienced lover. He filled her so deep like no one else could fill her and every thrust hit its mark. I leaned up and attached his lips with mine, our tongues beginning the age old battle for dominance, while our hips moved in perfect sync with each other.

He pulled his lips away to cup my face gently and stare into my eyes. The intensity, the lust and the love I saw plainly in them stole my breath away. "No other man can ever touch you like this. Do you understand that, Rose? You're mine! If I could hang a sign around your neck so all those idiots can see, I would. Say you're mine." He demanded, his breathing harsh.

I wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling him closer to me. "I know I'm yours, just as long as you understand that this is a two way thing. You're mine too and If I could make a sign that said so to keep all those hoes away from my man, I would." I said just as possessively as he did. He growled before thrusting into me faster and deeper, making me throw my head back in pleasure. The sexy sound of moans, harsh breathing and skin slapping against skin filled the air.

"Harder, Dimitri. I'm almost there." He plowed into me with all he had, his breathing chopping and when he reached down to touch me where our bodies were joined, I cried out as the orgasm hit. Dimitri soon followed and I felt him explode inside of me. We both collapsed.

"I think you killed me." I teased him.

He chuckled and lifted himself up partially to look at me. The lust was still plainly in his eyes. "Oh, Roza. Do you actually think we're done?" For the next three hours he would keep his promise on having me on every available surface of this suite. We made sweet passionate love in our bed, on the couch and several places on the floor. He took me hard like an animal against almost every wall in the suite, bent me over the couch and took me from behind. We tried new positions and of course our favorite ones. One of the more erotic moments was giving him a blowjob in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom, he told me it was the sexiest thing ever seeing me kneeling in front of him, bobbing my head on his cock. He returned the favor and placed me on the sink where he proceeded to eat me out and I had to admit that he was right, watching myself orgasm with Dimitri's head between my legs was definitely a sexy sight.

Now Dimitri lay sated on the couch, his massive frame taking up most of the space. I straddled his hips, while he played lovingly with my hair. We both looked a sight, the multiple rounds of sex taking a toll on our physical appearances. Both of our hair was plastered against our skin with sweat and we smelt strongly of sex. Love bites scattered all around our bodies. There were also long scratch marks of Dimitri's back, chest, arms and thighs, a few bruises as well. I was no better. Dimitri's hands were permanently bruised onto my hips and he definitely made twice as many love bites on me than I did on him. Anyone who say us now, would know we had a long passionate night together. I don't think we've ever looked more beautiful. Dimitri smiled and I knew he was thinking along the same lines as me.

"I love you, Dimitri."

"I love you, Roza."

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