Author Note: I was on Facebook looking at Jason David frank page and feeling a little nostalgic for the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger show, which I use to watch as a kid. I then started getting "What IF's" ideas from watching the old shows on Netflix. I also have always been a Tomkim Fan or a Kommy Fan, so I know for sure Tommy and Kim will be in this story, just not sure when or where. I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE POWER RANGER SAGAS and if I Did I would have fought for the original cast to be back, So NO COPY RIGHT INFRIGMENT INTEND HERE. Also I do have some words in here, which are misspelled for dramatic effect so you know. NO this story was NOT BETA either, no I do not have a BETA. Why? Because fanfic is full of grammar punks and other wanna be's for me its just fun. Also not all of the chapters will be in order and this is just a drabble kind of story; meaning not all of the chapters will be super long. Now onto my first power ranger fiction, oh and please Review too

Chapter One: The telling


In here Qhuinn" she hears along with what sounds like dishes being toss around

Qhuinn follows the sound of her mother voice into the kitchen. She sees her mom doing dishes.

Qhuinn says again "Mom"

This time her mother turns around, and not only see's Qhuinn, but a boy she knows very well.

Then she sees the look on her daughter face and knows that something terrible has happen or will happen. She says very calmly

"Yes Qhuinn what do you need.'

Qhuinn has butterflies in her stomach as she looks at her mother and gathers the courage to speak. She steady begins to speak and says,

" Mom-" tears began to fall. She continues, "mom, Braden and I have-" more tears began to fall as Qhuinn tries to force the words out. Braden sees the hard time she is having with speaking to her mom, So instead of letting Qhuinn continue, he turns and says "Ma'am what Qhuinn is trying to say-" he takes a big sallow and continues, " well see - (pause)- what we are trying (looks around the room and pauses) to say is that, we're pregnant. (Pause and stutters) whhhaattt I mean t-o-o-o sayyy is that Qhuinn is. Is pregnant (long pause) and I am the dad"

She can't believe what she just heard, and she thinks, *omg my daughter is pregnant at sixteen and she is repeating my life. Why? *

Qhuinn, sees the panic in her mother eyes and begins to slowly sit down in the kitchen chair, to cry some more. She thinks to herself, oh I have really screwed up this time and I know I've disappointed her and probably my dad. Oh my god we still have to tell my father to, what is he going to think. But on the other hand why should he care, he is teaching science and hasn't been around a lot in my life. But of course that could be because he also didn't know me until I was five when he found out by accident, thanks to my uncle. Oh my lord what am I going to do, I am utterly scared now and I am hurting everyone else.

As Qhuinn was thinking all of this, her mother was thinking to.

My poor baby, I have to help her calm down now. Then we will deal with the whole pregnancy. She is as probably freak out as I am and also then there's the fact that we still have to tell her dad too

"Oh Qhuinn it will be alright, sweetheart"

Qhuinn looks up at her mother and says" But mom I know." as she continues to cry

" You know what Qhuinn."

" I know you and dad didn't want me to repeat your past" cries even more know and continues" and now I have"

Her mother leans down and hugs her.

"Oh baby girl, sweetie don't worry about our past as your parents, just worried about you and that baby right now"

"I am trying mom but I am so scare that you and especially dad will be disappointed in me"

"Qhuinn, me and your dad love you and we could never be disappointed in you. But that doesn't mean that we don't have to tell your dad because we do."

" I know mom" as Qhuinn, cries in her mother's arms, while Braden looks worriedly at the two women.