AN;;;I was on Facebook looking at Jason David frank page and feeling a little nostalgic for the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger show, which I use to watch as a kid. So I decide hey I am going to watch the shows on Netflix, then was coming up with "What IF's" ideas. I also have always been a Tomkim Fan or a Kommy Fan, so I know for sure Tommy and Kim will be in this story, just not sure when or where. I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE POWER RANGER SAGAS and if I Did I would have fought for the original cast to be back, So NO COPY RIGHT INFRIGMENT INTEND HERE. I do have some words in here, which are misspelled for dramatic effect so you know. NO this story was NOT BETA either, no I do not have a BETA. Why? Because fanfic is full of grammar punks and other wanna be's and for me its just fun. Also not all of the chapters will be in order and this is just a drabble kind of story; meaning not all of the chapters will be super long. Now onto my first power ranger fiction, oh and please Review too


She walks thru the front door of her home; she gets the shock of her life. He is sitting there right on her sofa. She was so shock and scared that she tosses her mail and keys in the air as she screams, "what the hell"

He sees the papers going flying and immediately jumps up to help catch the papers. The he hears Kim say "what the hell"

"Hello to you to Kimberly" he says

"What are you doing here?"

You called, said it was about Qhuinn? Don't you think I would come for our daughter?"

"Tommy I thought you would call. I didn't expect you to show up but since your already here. Why don't you pick up the mail and I will go into the kitchen and make coffee. You're going to need coffee and to be sitting down for this."

A little scared he replies: "Yes"

30 minutes later Kim makes her way back into her front room with coffee. Tommy is just sitting there, waiting for her.

"Here we go, some nice fresh hot coffee"

After Kim sits down and hands everything out. Tommy looks at her and asked, "So Kim what's up with Qhuinn."

"Tommy I need you to remind calm and collected right now, please for me"

Tommy gets more scared as Kim continues talking but continues to listen, then replies

"Okay I am going to try hard to remain calm, but please just tell me already. I am getting scared here. I mean what could it be, is she sick?"

Kim braces herself and calmly looks at him which is making tommy more scared now then ever before and she replies;" Tommy, Qhuinn is Pregnant with Braden Child. You Know Braden, Adam's student and power ranger trainee"

"Oh my god, Oh My god, Oh my god, my little angel is pregnant….. How is that possible….. Well I know how its possible, but Kim, I thought we talk to her and taught her to keep herself safe….."

" Oh hell no, and with a ranger baby too and she is only seventeen. Oh my god Kim what are we going to do!"

Tommy was speaking so much at such a fast rate, Kim wasn't sure of what to say to him, so she said" First we calm down, then we sit with Qhuinn and try to work it out, much like we did with us"

Tommy stops speaking as he hears Kim speaking; he listens calmly and slowly it calms him down.

He looks at Kim and says "Kim, our baby girl thou."

Kim looks at him because she realizes what he is going thru at this moment and she knows he is realizing that Qhuinn is no longer his little girl and its scaring the crapped out of him, then she replies," I know Tommy, I know, she is not our little girl anymore. She is growing up because of this pregnancy. But we can be grateful for one thing, she is more like you then me because she didn't run away from home, she stayed and told me."

Tommy looks at Kim and replies " No matter what please help me to stay calm and not scare her away because I don't want to lose her like I almost lost you (pause) …..and also I don't want to kill Braden"

Kim gives a little pity laugh at tommy and replies " as long as you help me do the same. Tommy I love her so much but I never want her to repeat our mistake of her having a baby so young. Don't get me wrong, Qhuinn wasn't a mistake but the age I had her at was."

Tommy looks at Kim and replies" I will try and I know how you feel. I am just glad that I was able to convince you to come back to me when Qhuinn was three and eventually married me. Although I know you didn't want to get married because of the evil that is always after the power rangers and also I know it hasn't been easy for you to hide our marriage either like we have had too, I am just grateful that you love me that much."

"Oh Tommy, I wont lie to you, yes hiding our marriage has been a hard thing to deal with but hey we have survived worst and I love you with all my heart, otherwise I would have never agreed to any of it. I am just glad Qhuinn has an awesome dad like you, But please for my sake and hers, don't killed Braden." Kim replied while looking at Tommy.

"Beautiful, as I've told you before, please help me with that."

"Oh my god Kim, I love you and Qhuinn so much, it scares me sometimes" He says as he leans his forward against hers.

She looks up at him and says, "I know." In a almost whisper state of voice then leans forward and kiss him deeply.