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The sunlight streamed in through the window, shining upon the desk that was filled with clutter. The people outside were buzzing, happy and completely oblivious to what was happening inside the building. Sky stared out the large window that took up his wall. It was right behind his desk, so all he had to do was turn. He sighed at the normal civilians. They had it easy, only having to care for the few that were dear to them. He was the one to care for an entire army. He slowly started to drift asleep in the warm sunlight. His comfy, velvet chair wasn't helping.

"Um," A squeaky voice stated from behind him. Sky woke up, only a bit. He shook his head, trying to wake himself. "Sir Sky?" Sky turned his chair to see a small recruit, looking uncomfortable in his office doorway. He was decked in armour, budder and iron.

"Yes?" Sky inquired. He knew it must be something important. It would probably lead to him not being able to sleep. Gosh, he was really tired. Only because of last night's squid attack. Well, not the attack itself, the meeting afterwards was the real chaos. Constant arguing on what the squids would do next. Sky had to stand on the table and yell for everyone to calm down before people would just shut up. He felt like he was getting too old for this. He could retire, but he had created this army and he was going to die with it. Besides, just Army would be quite a dumb name.

"MinecraftUniverse asked for you, sir," The guard replied, gulping a bit. Sky smirked at him. Newbies, always afraid of the general.

"Okay, then," Sky responded, standing up. His navy cape rustled and the picture of a budder pick was disoriented for a few seconds. He felt the fatigue when he stood. He just breathed through it and knew he would be sleeping in his nice warm bed tonight. The guard turned to leave. "Wait." The guard turned, a quizzical look on his face. "Could lead me to his office? I'm awfully tired and I will probably end up in the wrong room." The guard nodded and waited for Sky to catch up before leading him through the budder corridors. Sky knew this place like the back of his hand, even if he was tired he could get around. Since he wanted to think, he let the guard lead. He could focus all the energy to his brain. So, why would Jason need to talk to Sky? Did Jason find something disturbing? Maybe a new lead? Or something of the sort. Oh, that would be bliss. He would be sleeping well tonight.

The guard stopped abruptly, almost making Sky tumble into him. Sky felt his sunglasses even move forward from the stop. "Um, Sir MinecraftUniverse? I have brought General Sky at your request."

Sky heard the shuffling of papers and the sound of footfalls coming towards the door. They were slow and sloppy. So Jason must be tired as well. "Just a second," Sky heard his familiar voice from the other side of the door. The door swung open to reveal a spaceman in his spacesuit. Same old Jason. Sky grinned a bit and could feel Jason smile back. He felt Jason's attention go to the guard. "Thanks Frank. Go off and train." The guard, Frank, slightly bowed and then he raced off.

Sky stepped into Jason's office. Jason closed the door behind him and motioned him to his desk. "So, what's up Jason?" Sky inquired, crashing into the chair in front of Jason's desk.

"Well," Jason started while he walked over to his side of the desk. He sat down in his own chair. Sky's eyes scanned Jason's desk. It was filled with a tons of papers, maps, letters, pictures, and it had a few more items as well. One of which was a bulky lamp that shone onto the mess. "I've found a lead. But, you may not like the outcome."

"Tell me," Sky responded, solemnly.

"The note that we had discovered yesterday," Jason brought it out and showed Sky. Sky remembered finding it right after the battle. "It was coded. I identified the key and found that it was the name of a town that is under Budder City's command. I checked some maps and saw it was near here.

"Do they plan to attack the city?" Sky questioned.

"Actually," Jason replied, scratching the back of his helmet. "They decided to take it."

"Whatever do you mean?" Sky stood quickly, making his chair fall. It was bizarre, the squids actually accomplishing something.

"They captured it last night while they attacked us," Jason explained. "We were too occupied with predicament that we couldn't help them." Sky sighed and brought a hand to his forehead. "That city was one of our budder suppliers, as well."

"Oh no," Sky uttered, his hand moving from his forehead to his mouth.

"Do you see it, too?" Jason inquired. "Their plan to shut down our supplies and attack while we are feeble?"

"It's a nightmare, Jason. The squids became smarter, overnight," Sky answered in a whisper. "Impossible." He saw that the supplies of budder had gotten a bit smaller. He only took it as a sign of laziness. Sky picked up the chair that he knocked down and collapsed in it. He rubbed his face, trying to think of a way to stop them.

"What are we going to do, Sky?"

Sky wanted to say, "I don't know." But he knew he couldn't. Jason was his friend and he didn't want Jason to feel alone in this war. Even if Sky was alone. With all the bad stuff happening and now this. How was he going to solve it? He sighed, exhaustion sinking in.

"I need you to gather warriors and transport them to producers of our ores and supplies," Sky answered. "Put more people in our patrols, I don't want people to get hurt."

"How are we going to help?" Jason quizzed.

"Patrol, maybe?" Sky responded.

"Got it."

"And make it so I can get some sleep."

"Well, sleep up, Sky. We are going on night patrol."

There goes sleeping in a warm bed tonight.

Sky slept for most of the day, having Deadlox as leader for a while. When he woke up and started to get ready for night patrol, he had a small headache. He quickly disregarded it and focused on the task at hand. But when it came to waiting for the rest of the patrol at the entrance of the city, it was pounding. His shining budder armour didn't help with the constant slamming in his head. In fact, the helmet just made the pain worsen. Sky knew this whole thing was a bad idea, even without the headache. Well, he knew something was going to happen at least. But, it was just a gut feeling, nothing more and nothing less. After Sky stood for a while, suffering in pain while he spun his sword, Jerome decided to come through the entrance from his patrol.

"Sky!" Jerome greeted Sky, once he saw the general. He walked over, a smile present on the bacca's face.

"Hello, Jerome," Sky stated, sternly. "Report."

"Hunting went well," Jerome declared, looking back at the members of his hunting party. They were filing into the city, game in their packs. Sky smiled, it was always nice to know food was running well. "The forest is still populated. Lots of animals and prey. It's nice."

"Any squids?" Sky inquired.

"No sign of them anywhere," Jerome reported. "It's like they've disappeared." Sky sighed, discouraged. Hope was fading in the army, Sky had to find a sign of their hideout soon. Normally, there was at least a scent to follow. What or who was making the squids better?

"Agh!" Sky exclaimed, a rush of pain flowed through his head. He brought his hand up to his temple.

"Are you okay, dood?" Jerome quickly questioned, bringing his hand near Sky's arm. Sky exhaled, pain still in his eyes, but he brought his hand down.

"Fine," Sky muttered, groaning slightly. Fluffy brought his hand back, but kept a wary eye on the leader. "Just a horrible headache.

"Are you sure about patrol? Deadlox really wants something to do and all,-" Jerome started.

"I'll be fine, Jerome," Sky retorted. "Besides, Deadlox is playing leader, I don't want to mess up his mojo. Also, I did promise Jason."

Fluffy sighed, knowing Sky was all too stubborn. He noticed his hunting party was still hanging around. Pausing the conversation, Jerome turned his head back to them and called out, "Go home you guys! I'll see you all tomorrow!" Once the group had dwindled off, Jerome turned back to Sky. "Jason would understand about your absence because of a medical condition."

"I am perfectly fine, Jerome," Sky stated, firmly. "I haven't gone on a patrol in forever." He fake smiled, hoping Jerome would buy it. Though Jerome was wary, Jerome didn't question any further.

"If it gets any worse, tell Jason," Jerome ordered. Sky nodded, slowly, not wanting to agitate his headache anymore. "Immediately." Sky rolled his eyes. Jerome just sighed and walked away. Sky sighed, noting that his friends were so overprotective. They were so worried about him, he wasn't acting that weird. Dawn did just up and leave him... NO! NO, no, no, no, he promised to himself that he would never think of...her. Heart-broken and alone, that's all he was now. He even promised himself that he would never fall in love again. Sky's eyes and throat started to burn. NO CRYING! He yelled to himself. Thinking about love and heartbreak was making Sky gloomy.

"Sky!" Sky heard Jason yell over to him. Sky blinked away the burning and tears. He had no time to feel sorry for himself and cry; he had an army to lead. He turned to see Jason and three other guards walk up. Their armour clanged as they ran up, causing Sky's headache to worsen.

"Good afternoon, Jason," Sky addressed back, hiding his pain. He smiled at Jason's small wave and returned with a tiny wave of his own. "Hello, you three."

"This is Logan, Jordan and Dane," Jason informed, pointing to each of the men while he said their name.

"Hello, General Sky," They stated in unison, nodding curtly towards Sky. Sky smiled and nodded back.

"So, where are we starting?" Sky questioned, his eyes shifting to Jason.

"Well, get ready to get wet," Jason answered, throwing Sky a small boat. "We are going to check some rivers and lakes."

The team had searched for a long time while being on patrol. They had found no clues and zero traces of any sort of squid. Sky was on the brink of passing out because he was exhausted. Sky was grateful when Jason told him to guard on the back. Jason was leading and had the map, giving Sky the perfect break. He was dwindling a bit, straying a bit from the group. He was dragging his feet slightly, in weariness, when he heard the soft scream.

"Ah!" A voice carried on the wind. Sky whipped his head around, wondering what it was. A scream? He stopped and really looked around, thinking on where the yelp came from.

"Did you guys hear that?" Sky inquired, calling up to the others.

"Hear what?" Dane asked, still walking.

"Help me!" The voice called out, again. Sky gritted his teeth, they couldn't hear the calls for help and they most likely wouldn't believe him. So, either keep on walking and pretend it never happened, or go in blind and alone and see what was going on. Sky sighed and started to regret was he was going to do.

"I'll be right back," Sky told them, turning and diving into the thick underbrush. He heard some yells in protest, but no one came after him. Sky walked, trying to remember where the cries came from. Then, Sky neared a clearing.

There, Sky saw a beautiful woman. Long brown hair that shimmered in the dying sunlight sat atop her perfectly crafted face. He eyes were closed and she looked as if to be in pain as she lay in the soft green grass. Her white hoodie, that had turquoise stripes, was blotched with red. She had on jean shorts with a belt that had a large assortment of budder weapons. Each weapon looked as if it was crafted by a skilled craftsman, there was no edge out of place. He saw that her legs were cut up and some cuts were bleeding. Her black, high-top converse were scuffed green around the edges, as if she had been running for a while. And that's when Sky realized the squid hybrid standing with a whip in it's hand. Sky growled and waited until the hybrid's back was to him to attack. Once everything was in position, Sky lept out and stabbed the hybrid through the chest. It gurgled and then became still. Sky kicked off to the side, his face was filled with disgust towards the creature. He turned back to the god-like lady and saw her eyes flicker open for a second. Her mouth curled to a small smirk as Sky studied her dazzling bright sky blue eyes, that were like mirrors.

"Thank you," Her smooth voice uttered, breathlessly before she fell back to sleep.

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