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~~~~~~ br Shining brightly in the cloudy, night sky, gently hung a blue tinted moon. A silvery object darted across the orb disturbing the black clouds that drifted over it, leaving specks of glittery light in its wake. br A great iron warship pursued the small, delcate ship. A boy stands behind the wheel, unaware of its hunter. br Within the bridge of the warship stands a fancily dressed blond man, his hair carfully styled, his blue eyes filled with arrogance and overconfidence, He is Admiral Alfonso, a spoiled an selfish man. Beside the blond man is a gray armored soldier, it is unknown what he looks like, as he is covered head to toe. They stand upon a platform, in front of which sit two blue armored soldier, the helms were lifted up, revealing brown hair and preoccupied expressions. br Alfonso laughs, his voice thin and high, he speaks haughtly to the officer at his side, "We've finally found him..." br The Officer beside him replies with confidance, "Admiral Alfonso, his ship is in range of our canons." br Alfonso Smirks, sensing eminant victory, sure of is strength and power, he gives his orders, "Excellent, prepare to fire concussion shells on my command but avoid hitting his ship directly. We need him alive so we can "question" him." br He flings his left hand into the are, a dramatic motion that only his Vice Captian sees, he shouts the order to fire. br Blasts of fire and black smoke expells from the cannons that cover the Warship, bombarding the small, seemingly fragile ship that flies gracefully throught the air. A shell explodes beside the ship, rocking it violently, causing the boy to hit his head. Dark gray smoke flows from the damaged ship. br The warship pulls up beside the small oddly shaped and desighned and strangley decorated ship. ~~~~ br Alfonso and the Vice Captain watch as they overpower the ship. The Vice Captian reports, "Your Excellency, the boy has been knocked unconsious, but he's unharmed. He's been taken aboard our ship." br Alfonso flips his hair back, chucling, he contemplates, lost within his visions of glory, "The Empress will be very pleased with me. I'm sure to be rewarded... rather handsomly, I might add." br The bridge rocks as a low muted roar sounded several times through out the ship. Alfonso graps onto the metal bar that rings the platform, he is greatly shocked. "What? Where did that come from? It sounded like an explosion. Status report, now!" He demands from his officers, the Observation Officer gives him the report, "Th... the lower hull has been hit! Someone is attacking us!" br Alfonso looks bemused and suprised at this statement, he exclaims, "Attacking us?! Who would dare attack a vessel of the imperial armada?" br The 1st Obs Offc reports that, "There is a small ship hiding in the clouds off the port side!" The 2st Obs Offc reports that, "Th... that flag... Air pirates!!!" Everyone has a shocked expression. ~~~ br A flag waves in the wind, it is a white flag with a blue smiling skull, wearing an eye patch with wings on either side and two swords framing it. The ship that belongs to the flag is wooden with white sails that are swelled with air, each sail also has the standerd on the flag emblazened upon it. br In the crows nest stands a figure hidden by shadows, he seems to be waiting for something. br the two ships fly side by side, pirates throw grapling lines to th other ship, and lower a plank to bridge the gap. br The figure jumped from the crows nest, he grabs onto a line and uses it to guide him onto the other ship. br The figure is a boy, around sixteen or so years old, with reddish brown hair and golden eyes, a rather plain boy, he has a single scar, under his eye that calls attentian to his face. br ~~~~~~~