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The Fifth Marauder

"Mom I hate school. Whenever something weird happens I get blamed. Mrs. Whatnot's wig turned purple and she gave me detention."
"There's nothing I can do about that. Go do your homework, Karen."
"Alright." She left the room and went to her bedroom.
"Stupid teachers. They don't know what they are talking about." She opened her math book and started to do the problems when she heard a tap at her window. She turned around and saw an owl. "It's carrying a letter." Karen opened her window and the owl flew in. It stuck its leg out and hooted. Karen looked at the envelope. "It has my name on it." She untied the letter from the owl's leg. The owl hooted and flew out the open window.

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Darkes,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await you owl by no later than July 31.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

"This has to be a joke. I'll call Petunia."
"Hi Petunia."
"Hi Karen."
"Did a owl come to your house and deliverer a letter to you?"
"Yeah. But it was for Lily."
"I got one too."
"Our parents think it's all a joke."
"It doesn't sound it."
"Did you show your parents?"
"No, not yet. I got to go. Homework calls."
"Same here. Bye."

"Mom, I need to go to London today. Lily's dad is picking me up. We are going shopping."
"Alright. Is all of your homework done?"
"Yes." A car horn sounded in the background. "Lily's here. Can I have some money?"
"Here. Make sure to get something nice."
"Thank you. I'm coming, Lily. Bye mom."
"Hi, Karen. Are you ready?"
"Yup. I got my list of books and the directions to Diagon Alley."
"Me too. Here Dad. Follow this map to where we need to go."
"Okay. But I still think this is all a joke. What did your parents think of it Karen?"
"They were too busy worrying about my homework to care."
"This is where you're suppose to be. I don't see any pub. You girls find something to do around here. I'll pick you up at 5."
"Bye Dad."
"Thank you Mr. Arnold. Doesn't your Dad see that pub? "
"Maybe only magical people can see it. I guess we go in here. We'll have to ask someone where to go."
"Um.. Excuse me Sir. Could you tell me and my friend how to get to Diagon Alley?"
"Sure me names Tom. You take your wand and tap the 3rd brick to the left of the trash can."
"We don't have wands yet. We have to get them today."
"Well if you can wait five minutes. I'll take you out there."
"Do you girlies want a drink?"
"Sure. What do you have?"
"Since you two are youngins, how about butterbeer."
"Okay." Karen pulled out some money and set it on the counter.
"What's this?"
"Oh. You two are muggle- borns."
"Yeah I guess."
"Well. I suggest, that you go to Gringotts first and exchange your money. You will need wizarding money to buy your school stuff."
"Well come on. I'll show you how to get to Diagon Alley." The two girls followed Tom to the outdoor garden. He tapped the brick and an entrance appeared before them.
"Just remember girlies, don't go down Knockturn alley. Have fun."

Lily and Karen went to Gringotts and exchanged their money and started shopping.
"Lets go get our books first."
"I can't wait until the 1st."
"Me eith… Oomph. Hey watch it."
"Sorry. Are you guys first years?"
"Yeah. I'm Karen and this is Lily."
"I'm James Potter."
"Nice to meet you."
"I got to go. See you at Hogwarts."
"He's cute."
"Every guy to you is cute, Lily."

September 1st

"DAD! I'm going to be late. Hurry up!"
"I'm going as fast as I can. Look we're here."
"Thank you. I'll see you at Christmas."
"Bye Karen. Send Fluff with a letter as soon as you get there."
"I will. Bye." Karen grabbed her cart and started her search for platform 9 ¾.
"Where is it! Don't tell me Dad took me to the wrong station. Platform 8, Platform 9, Platform 10. Urg…Wait there's James. JAMES!"
"Hello Karen."
"Do you know where Platform 9 ¾ is?"
"Where is it?"
"Right through that barrier."
"You got to be kidding."
"Nope just run through the barrier. Watch me." James started running straight towards the barrier. He got to it.
"Where did he go? Well it's worth a try." She started running, she was almost there expecting her cart to crash when she appeared before a scarlet train.
"Whoa. I hope this isn't a dream." She was starring at the train with awe when someone pushed her down, and landed on top of her.
"Falling for the girls already Sirius?" James snickered.
"Hello? Down here." Karen tried to get up but the boy was still on top of her.
"Oh, sorry. You really shouldn't stop in front of the barrier like that."
"I'll remember that next time. But I think you might have sprained my wrist when you fell on me."
"How can you tell?"
"Lets see, I can move it but it really really hurts."
"Lets get you on the train. Then we can fix it up."
"Alright. Come on Fluff." Her owl hooted and she pushed her cart to the train.
"What's up with your owl?"
"He's just hyper, like me."
"Lets find a empty compartment, if it's possible."
"I wonder where Lily is. She left earlier this morning."
" Maybe we will find her on the train."
"She's probably checking out the guys, or they are checking her out."
"This one is full. We should go to the last one. That's probably empty."
"I agree with you, Sirius. So you two are friends already?"
"Yeah, Sirius lives down the street from me."
"Cool. I live next door to Lily. I'm good friends with her sister."
"Cool. Are you a pureblood?"
"Are your parents wizards?"
"No. Lily's aren't either. Are yours?"
"Yeah. The Potters are one of the oldest wizarding families around. Sirius' grandma was a muggle born."
"Muggle-born that was what the bartender called me and Lily."
"We will explain on the train. Here's an almost empty compartment. One kid won't be too big of a deal. Unless he's a Slytherin scum."
"He looks too… umm… nice to be a Slytherin."
"He looks tired to me. Now what about my wrist?"
"Oh yeah. Well we can't do anything with magic."
"I have an idea." She grabbed the cover off her owls cage and started ripping it. She then wrapped it around her wrist. "Do you guys have any tape?"
"Yeah here." James handed her some Spello- Tape.
"This should hold until we get to school. Do you guys like space and stuff?"
"Yeah did you see the full moon last night. It light up the whole sky. Me and James were playing Quidditch all night."
"Umm… Quidditch?"
It's a sport played on broom sticks. There's a snitch, a quaffle, and two bludgers. There's 3 chasers, who try and get the quaffle through the goal. The keeper tries to keep the quaffle out of the goal. The beaters hit the blugders at he other teams, and keep them from their own team mates. The last but not least the Seeker. He tries to catch the snitch. When the snitch is caught the team get 150 points, and the games over."
"Okay I think I understand."
"Want to play Wizarding Chess?"
"What's the difference from regular chess/"
"Wizarding Chess the pieces move by themselves and talk."
"Okay. Sure."

James, Karen, and Sirius played a couple of games of chess, until the rook ran away.
"The lady with the food cart should be coming soon."
"Should I wake him up?" asked Karen.
"Okay." She got up off the floor and walked over to the sleeping boy.
"Do you see anything with his name on it?" asked James.
"Yeah. Remus Lupin. I wonder if he has a twin named Romulus." She laughed at her joke.
"Who's he?"
"Muggle history. Remus and Romulus were twin brothers, raised from babies by a wolf. Then they fought. Romulus killed Remus and built the city of Rome in his brothers blood."
"Eww, nasty."
"Remus wake up." She sat on the arm of the train seat shaking Remus. "Wake up." She shook him harder. He woke up and screamed. She was startled by his scream and fell off the seat.
"Sorry. Are you okay?"
"Yeah except that I got a rook sticking in my back."
"Here let me help you up."
"Ow. Not the wrist!"
"Opps. Sorry."
"You three are dangerous to my health. I'll be in a full body cast before Christmas."
"I'm Remus Lupin. Who are you guys?"
"I'm James. This is Sirius, and the injured one over there is Karen." The group heard the door to the compartment open. Instead of the lady with the food cart, it was two boys."
"Hello Potter."
"Lucius, Severus." James said almost choking on the words.
"Who are you?" Karen asked, massaging her back.
"I'm Severus Snape, and this is Lucius Malfoy."
"Are you two purebloods?"
"Yes are you?"
"No, I'm a muggle born."
"We got a Mudblood on our hands."
"You take that back." All three boys stood up and walked up to Karen.
"What's a Mudblood?"
"It's a nasty name scum like this call muggle borns."
"Oh." Karen then got an idea. She stood on her tip toes, and looked behind the two in the door way. "Hello Professor." Snape and Malfoy turned around. Karen then pushed them both and shut the compartment door, but not before saying, "Don't mess with this muggle born."
"You shouldn't have done that Karen. They are families of Dark wizards."
"Well, they can't mess with me if all of you guys and teachers are around, now can they. Come on, lets get something to eat." The lady with the cart entered their compartment.

The rest of the train ride was pretty boring except for when Karen shoved a cauldron cake in Sirius' face. They arrived at Hogwarts, and everyone got off the train.
"First yers' this way."
"I guess we follow him."
"Well duh!"
"I think Sirius still has cake in his ears."
"I didn't get any in my ears."
"Come on."

They boarded a boat and was taken across the lake. They got off the boat and looked at the castle in awe.
"Wow. Ump.." Karen was pushed over again. This time by a short pudgy kid. "Hey watch it you rat!" The kid then scurried up to the castle.
"Come on."
"You guys go ahead. I need to tie my shoe. I'll catch up then."
"Okay Karen." The 3 boys then headed up to the castle.
"Hello Mudblood."
"What do you guys want?"
"Oh nothing, just to show you the lake." Severus and Lucius picked her up, covering her mouth and threw her into the lake. They then ran up to the castle.
"School hasn't even started and I already have two enemies. This year is going to be just great." She then walked up to the castle dripping wet.
"Karen! What happened?" James asked when he saw her coming behind them.
"I wanted to go swimming. What do you think happened? Severus and Lucius threw me in."
"Slimy little gits."
"Severus could've used a swim with all that grease in his hair."
"No kidding." The man who had them board the boats knocked on the door 3 times.
"Hello, I'm Professor McGonagall, deputy Headmistress and your Transfiguration teacher. First years follow me." All of the first years followed the Professor.
"When I call you name, you will come up here and be sorted."
"Do you guys know what we have to do to be sorted?"
"I heard we have to wrestle a monster."
"I heard we have to cast spells and the more we know the better the house."
"They are all wrong." James whispered to the other three. " We have to try on the sorting hat. It reads our minds and places us in our house."
"Which houses are there?"
"Gryffindor, both my parents were in there. Slytherin, that's where Snape and Malfoy will be. Hufflepuff, is the weakest house. And Ravenclaw, that for the smarties."
"Oh which one do you guys want to be in?"
"Gryffindor." All three boys said at the same time.
"Well, I guess I'll want to be there too." Professor McGonagall's voice then sounded over everyone's.
"Arnold, Lily."
"There's Lily," Lily walked by, and mouthed to Karen 'What happened?' she then followed the Professor.
"Ravenclaw." Someone called.
"That was the Sorting Hat."
"Black, Sirius."
"Why couldn't I be Zachary White?"
There was a few other names, then "Darkes, Karen."
She walked up to the stool and placed the hat on.
"Another Muggle born. You have the qualities of a Slytherin. Gryffindor would be good too. You would be great in any house."
"Please put me in Gryffindor with Sirius."
"Alright if that's what you want, Gryffindor!"
The table with the red table cloth exploded in applause.
"Way to go Karen, I knew you would be here."
"It wanted to put me in Slytherin."
"You wouldn't be welcomed there. What made it decide different."
"I said 'Please put me in Gryffindor with Sirius.' "
"So you like me."
"Heck no. I'm kidding, You were the only one sorted that I knew, and I don't think I'm smart enough for Ravenclaw."
"I understand. But I still think you like me."
"Oh shut up."
" Lupin, Remus!" "Gryffindor."
"Congrats Remus"
"Pettigrew, Peter."
"That's the kid that pushed me."
"How did he get here?"
"I have no clue. Maybe he said, 'Please put me in Gryffindor with that cute girl who took a swim.' "
"Shut up Sirius."
"Can I sit here?" asked Peter.
"Sorry but it's saved for a friend."
"Potter, James." "Gryffindor."
"Man James, you hardly put the hat on and it yells Gryffindor."
"I am a descendent from Godric."
"Godric Gryffindor. The guy who this house is named after."
"You really need to read Hogwarts: A History."
"Have fun. You'll be the only one."
"Welcome everyone. Just some rules before we stuff our faces. 1st a Whomping Willow has been planted on the grounds. Don't go near it or it will punch you. 2nd the forbidden forest is off limits to all students. Dig in." Karen noticed when Dumbledore said the stuff about the willow, Remus turned a shade whiter than he already was. Food then appeared on the plates.
"Hey Remus. Are you alright?" she asked.
"Oh yeah. I'm just a bit tired. Why?"
"When Dumbledore mentioned the willow you turned white."
"I did? It's nothing. Can you pass the ham?"
All during dinner, Karen kept looking at Remus, Sirius and James were talking about Quidditch. The plates were soon cleared.
"All first years follow me. My name is Bilius Weasley. I'm a prefect. The password is Godric."
"I think that's a little obvious." Karen said while entering the common room.
"They should have something creative."
"Yeah like Slythering Scum Suck."
"That is obvious too."
"I got a present from my dad before I came here." James said when they all sat down.
"What did you get a phoenix?" Sirius said with a laugh.
"He wouldn't let me have one of those. He got me a Invisibility Cloak."
"Clueless Muggle born here. What's an invisibility cloak?
"It's a cloak."
"Well duh."
"When you put it on you turn invisible. It can fit 4 people under it."
"Cool, just enough room."
"Hey guys. I'm Peter can I sit with you?"
"Aren't you hat kid that pushed me over?"
"Yeah, sorry. Severus was chasing me."
"The slimy git. Yeah you can take my seat. I'm going to get to bed." Remus said.
"I was going to head up too, We will finish talking tomorrow. Goodnight guys."
"'Night Karen."

"Morning Karen." A girls face was infront of Karen's when she opened her eyes.
"Five more minutes."
"If you sleep in anymore, you'll miss breakfast."
"Oh shoot." Karen jumped out of bed and grabbed her clothes. "What time is it?"
"Oh. I still have plenty of time if I run down now. How come you're still here? And not to be rude but who are you anyway?"
"My name is Arabella Figg. James and Sirius sent me up here to get you. They said they've been waiting in the common room since seven fifteen or something."
"Oh, okay Arabella. Thanks."
"No problem, I had breakfast already."
"Finally Karen!"
"You guys could've gone down and brought me a muffin, instead of waiting for me. I'll race you guys down."
"Okay, on your mark, get set, go! HEY!"
Karen left on set and left the guys behind. They caught up soon after Karen stopped and was looking at a picture.
"Whatcha looking at?"
"That picture just moved."
"You really are a clueless muggle- born."
"Shut up Sirius. In the wizarding world the pictures move."
"Oh I think Sirius is right. Come on. Breakfast will be done before we enter the Hall."
"Didn't you see the pictures in your room moving last night, Karen?" Sirius asked holding back a laugh.
"No, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow."
"What about this morning?"
"Only think I saw was the inside of the covers, and clothes. And a girls face. What were you guys doing up at seven- fifteen?"
"Peter woke us up. He saw a spider and started screaming."
"I bet that kid ends up with a bloody nose, by a very annoyed person."
"Probably from Sirius for getting woke up from his dream about…" Remus was cut off by Sirius stepping on his foot. "Oww. What was that for?"
"What was Sirius dreaming about?" Karen said, a huge grin spreading across her face.
"Nobody." Sirius started blushing.
"Oh…. Would that nobody be a certain Gryffindor, who was thrown in the lake?" James asked trying not to laugh.
"You didn't hear him? He woke me up."
"I put cotton in my ears so nobody would wake me up."
"It was so funny."
"Shut up Remus." Sirius took a muffin off of the table and shoved it in Remus' mouth. Remus then did the same with Sirius.
"Do you think we can shove another one in each of their mouths?" Karen said tossing a muffin up in the air and catching it.
"Lets try. You get Sirius, me Remus." He then grabbed a muffin and shoved one in Remus' face and Karen one in Sirius'.
"I'll have fun this year, if I get to shove stuff in Sirius' face. After saying this she got a muffin shoved in her mouth by Sirius. James looked at her. He had a muffin in his mouth too.
"You guys are a funny sight." Lily walked up to the group. Karen tried talking but the muffin was still in her mouth.
"Yuck…Banana nut. I'm allergic to nuts. Hi Lily."
"Hi. So how are you? I see you made some friends."
"I'm good but these aren't just friends." Before she could say anything else a glass of pumpkin juice was poured over her head.
"Hello Mud blood." said a cold voice.
"Ugh… Severus. You threw me in the lake yesterday, now pumpkin juice. Tsk Tsk…You're losing your touch."
"You haven't seen anything yet. See you in Potions."
"What is he talking about?"
"You haven't looked at your time table yet have you?"
" Potions with Slytherins. Oh joy. What fun."
"I'll see you later Karen. Bye you guys."
"She's cute." All 3 boys said.
"Oh course she is. She's my friend." Karen said with a smirk. "Come on. We don't want to be late for our date with the Slytherins."
"You will probably end up dating a Slytherin."
"In the next millennium."

"I am your Potions teacher, Professor Lixier. This class will not be fun and games. You will take it seriously."
"That is not a problem." Sirius whispered to James.
"You will be partnered with someone from the other house. In this case it will be Slytherin and Gryffindor. But you may not choose your own partners. These will be your partners all year. I will call off your names. Mr. Black and Ms. Dumas, Ms. Darkes, and Mr. Snape, Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Pettigrew, Mr. MacNair and Mr. Lupin." Professor Lixler called off more names but the 4 friends were trying not to laugh at Pettigrew squirming in his seat.
"Are you any good at potions?" Severus asked Karen after they got their assignment.
"What do you think? I can cook pretty good the muggle way, and following directions. We'll just have to wait and see."
"Okay. Hand me the dragons blood."
"Diluted or not?"
"Here. So what is it like living in a household of wizards?"
"It's alright, but I'm put under a lot of pressure to succeed. Why am I talking about this with you?"
"I don't know why are you?"
"Did you add the daisy roots?"
"The potions already done. I added the stuff while you were talking. And look, it didn't blow up."
"I can't say that for your friend over there." They turned around and Peter was covered with the shrinking potion. He started to get smaller and smaller, right before their eyes.
"He's not actually a friend. He's more like a lost puppy following you." She rolled her eyes and turned around.
"He looking like a rat now."
"That's because he is one."
"Why are you even talking to me?"
"You are nicer than I excepted."
"You too."
"Class you may clean up your potions and ingredients after I grade them. Very good Mr. Snape and Ms. Darkes, full marks."
"Okay. What do you have next Severus?"
"Charms. You?"
"Flying. How much do you bet Peter crashes into a tree."
"He probably will. Oh and sorry for calling you a Mudblood."
"Apology accepted. Just don't do it again." She smiled and left the classroom with James, Remus, and Sirius.
"Her smile's pretty." Severus thought to himself also exiting the classroom. "She's pretty."
"So how did Pettigrew blow up his potion?"
"He put wolfbane in it. How was your session with Slimy Snape?"
"Pretty good. My first potion didn't blow up."
"If he called you a Mudblood I'll kill him." Remus said.
"He didn't. He actually apologized."
"Snape! Apologize to you. You've got to be lying."
"I'm am not!"
"You got to be."
"So that's what you think of me. A clueless, lying Muggle-born. Thanks." She then stormed out the front door and down the stone steps."
"Hi Lily. I didn't know we were taking this class with Ravenclaw."
" I guess you still haven't looked at your scheldue thoroughly. Where's your cute guy friends?"
"Back there, probably thinking, 'What a touchy muggle born.'"
"Why would they think that?"
"Severus apologized to me for calling me a mud blood. And when I told them Sirius thought I was lying."
"Class. Everyone get a broom and lay it on the ground next to you. Good. Now put your hand over the broom and say up. Try this until the broom goes up high enough to straddle it."
"Up." The broom shot straight up from the ground for Karen.
"Wow, Karen. Up." The broom still laid on the ground.
"Maybe you'll get it next time Lily."
The whole class was trying to get their brooms off the ground. Peter said up about 5 times until it got off the ground. But when this happened it shot straight up and never stopped until it hit him in the nose.
"Class I will be right back. Nobody get on your brooms until I come back." Madame Hooch left with peter.
"Come on James, I bet you can't catch me." Sirius straddled his broom and shot off. James shot off too.
"Guys! Hooch said not to get on the brooms!" Remus called.
"Come on Remus. It's fun."
"Alright." Remus, too, shot off.
"Should we invite Karen?" Remus asked.
"No. If she doesn't have the decency of telling us what Snape said, why should we?"
"Maybe Snape actually did apologize." James suggested.
"But why would he? He called her a mud blood, then he threw her in the lake. And this morning he poured pumpkin juice on her. Why would he apologize?"
"He probably thinks she's pretty and likes her."
"Guys, you better get down, hooch is coming." Karen joined them.
"Okay." All of the boys landed. Karen was about to go down too, when she heard a scream.
"KAREN DARKES! GET DOWN NOW!." Hooch was standing right under her. "Everyone you may leave. Karen you stay. Put your brooms by the steps, and head to your next class."
They all hurried off, not wanting to get on Hooch's bad side, which Karen was already on. James, Sirius, Remus, and Lily waited until the rest of the class left.

"She better not snitch on us." Remus said.
"She'd probably lie, and say. ' They made me go up there.'"
"Come on guys. She wouldn't do that." James the peacemaker said.
"Karen never lied in her life. This would be the first time if she doesn't snitch."
"Come on, we are going to be late for class." They all walked up the stairs, still able to hear Madame hooch screaming about safety.
"Transfiguration is next. Maybe McGonagall will play favorites with the Gryffindors." Remus said hopefully.
"You will be very disappointed then. McGonagall is a strict teacher. I had her first period. I have to go. See you guys later."
"Bye Lily." She headed off to the Charms classroom. The others headed off the other direction and entered the Transfiguration room. They were a bit early. Karen soon entered the classroom. Her face was white, her eyes red. She sat on the other side of the classroom, ignoring the three boys. They got up and walked over to her. She was reading Hogwarts: A History.
"No I didn't' snitch on you, no I wasn't crying, yes I got a detention." She said before they opened their mouths.
"Do you want to sit with us?" She looked up from her book and over to where their books were.
"I think someone got there before me." They looked over and Peter was sitting there.
"We will fix that." James whispered.
"Hey Peter." They all said before grabbing their books and walking over to where Karen was. She regained her color, and her eyes were white not red. Remus took the seat next to her, James and Sirius the table behind them.
"Did Snape really apologize to you?"
"Yeah, he probably thought, 'I better make up to her, or she might make our potion explode."
"That doesn't sound like him." Before Karen could object McGonagall entered the classroom.
"Open your books and read pages three to five. Then transform your twig to a leaf."
"That should be easy." Karen whispered to Remus.
"Easier said than done." He replied.
It took many tries before everyone got it. Peter was turning his twig to anything, but a leaf.
"Lunch is next." Sirius said cheerfully.
"I can't believe Lixier gave us homework the first day. Is she trying to torture us by making us spend more times with the Slytherins."
"I have an idea how to relieve our stress." Sirius had a gleam in his eyes.
"No, no! I am not getting another detention. I already have to polish all of the trophy's."
"Can you read minds?"
"Yes. I'm kidding. I know that look in his eyes. I get the same one when I'm plotting out a prank."
"Ooo, another prankster, we will have to have some fun this year."
"We have to make a map. Where are we?"
"Somewhere that is not the Great hall."
"Really James? I didn't know that."
"Well maybe we can find a portrait to ask."
"Okay." Karen left the guys.
"Hey, where did she go?"
"Guys come here!" She appeared out of no where. "I found a room." She grabbed Remus' hand and pulled him up to the stone wall. She pressed a stone next to a suit of armor. A door appeared before them. She opened the door and there was an abandoned classroom.
"Whoa, how did you find it?"
"I went over here and stepped on my shoelace." Sirius snickered. She slapped his arm, " Well I pressed my hand against the wall to help me up and this appeared."
"Well, I think we found the Mischief Makers common room."
"But before we decorate, we have to make sure nobody knows about it."
'We can put a password on it., But I don't think we have enough time now."
"Why do you say that? What time is it?" Sirius barely finished his sentence, when the bell rang.
"Oh no!" They all sprinted up the hall and collided with Professor Lixir.
"What were you four doing?"
"We got lost and missed lunch."
"Two points from Gryffindor each. Now go to your classes."
"Could you tell us how to get to Herbology? As we said we're lost."
"Oh yes. Walk up that hall then turn left. Walk down the hall until you see the door. I advise you to learn your way around the castle."

When the four friends walked in they noticed Peter saved them 3 seats.
"I've already taken a disliking for him. I'll sit with Arabella. Have fun." She walked over to Arabella and introduced herself to the 2 other girls.
"Hi I'm Karen. And You two might be?"
"I'm Gina Centinni."
"I'm Lauren Smith."
"How did you get to be friends with those four?" Arabella asked, meaning Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter.
"I think you mean those three. I don't like Peter, must be bad karma."
"Eeee. You're a seer?" Allison squealed with delight.
"Uhh, no."
"Okay, we better tend to these plants." Lauren said about ready to smack Gina.
"So Karen, how did you become friends with those three."
"Well I ran into James at Diagon Alley, Sirius pushed me over, and landed on me at Kings Cross, and I had to wake Remus up on the train."
"Cool. Ugh, can you believe that Severus Snape? He thinks he's all that. Just because his dad is the Minister of Magic, and his brother is Head Boy." Gina said filing her nails. When she said that Karen dropped the pot she was carrying.
"What did you say?"
"Snape's dad is the Minister and his brother is Head Boy. Didn't you know that?"
"Uh, I got to fix this." She pulled out her wand and accidentally turned the pieces of broken pot into 5 small rabbits, she then turned it back into the broken pieces. "That's not right." She tried again and the pieces formed the pot. She picked it up and put it on the table. She busied herself, trying to avoid questions from the three girls. 'Now I know what he meant by being under a lot of pressure.' She thought.

"I'm still hungry." Karen whined when they went to the common room after dinner, which was cut short because some Slytherin seventh years got in a fight with the Gryffindor seventh years.
"We all are. Should we go on our first adventure of the year?"
"To the kitchens. I'll go get my cloak." James ran up to the boys dorm and ran back down, in a minute flat.
"James set a new record. Well maybe when we find the kitchen we can celebrate."
"For what?" Karen asked exiting the portrait hole.
"Us finding the kitchens, and the first detention of the year."
"Ugh, don't remind me."
"Come on." James threw the cloak over all of them and headed down the hall.
"What should we look for?"
"Well since this is Hogwarts, I'm guessing a suit of armor, or a portrait."
"Okay. Too bad we couldn't find a cook or something and follow him."
"Hogwarts doesn't have cooks, they have house elves."
"House elves? I didn't see that in Hogwarts: A History."
"Oh, look, there's a picture of fruit. Maybe that's the entrance to the kitchens."
"There's probably a password or something on it."
Karen slapped her forehead and remembered something. "Sirius what time is it?"
"Umm, almost 9:30."
"Shoot, I was suppose to meet Severus at 9:15. I got to go." She sprinted down the hall, in search of the library. Earlier Peeves was pouring pumpkin juice on Hufflepuff first years, she didn't notice the puddle infront of her. She slipped on it, but was caught by something invisible.
"Karen, are you alright?"
"Sirius! Why did you follow me? I can defend myself." She pushed Sirius into the puddle and stalked off to the library.
"Severus are you here?" There was no response. "Shoot." She went back to the common room.

"Karen! Where have you been?" Lauren asked when she entered the girls dorm.
"Where's your friends? They better not be putting dungbombs in the Great Hall."
"Why would you say that?"
"I was over at James' house, his dad was having a party for the Ministry. Him and Sirius put dungbombs all over the place. Snape got the better part of them. Mr. Potter wasn't very pleased."
Karen started laughing, "That sounds like them."
"We better get to sleep, before Gina comes. She'll be saying stuff like, 'Isn't James dreamy?' She's a nutter."
"Good night."

"Did you guys find a way in to the kitchens?"
"No, we are going to ask a portrait, you know the one of the knight?"
"You mean the one that was calling us yellow bellies?"
"He's a nutter. He'll probably lead us to the dungeons."
"I can't believe they cut dinner short, we hardly ate anything." Remus said when they sat down in the Great Hall.
"Hey, at least you guys ate breakfast. I'm surprised I haven't burst out in hives yet."
"Well we better eat now. Karen needs all the energy for her detention tonight. And I thought Sirius would be the first to get detention."
"Well you met your match. Lauren told me what you two did at your dad's Ministry party."
"We wanted Snape to wash the grease out of his hair. Can you blame us?"
"We are going to be late for charms if we don't hurry up."
"Did you meet Slimy Snape in the library last night?"
"He wasn't there. I'm still mad at you Sirius. Why did you follow me?"
"Actually, it was all of us. We were going to put Dungbombs in Snape's robes."
"Then I would've been hit. Do it when I'm not around." She smirked.
"I just thought of something we could do to Snape and Malfoy." They huddled together, and Remus whispered his plan.
"Perfect, but how are we going to get them?" He whispered again, "Okay, do it tonight, because then I have an excuse not to get in trouble again."
"Okay, but you better cover for us if we get in trouble."

"Guys hurry up. We got to get out of here fast."
"Okay we're done. As soon as it dries we will put in back in his trunk." James, Remus, and Sirius heard voices coming from the Slytherin common room.
"Quick get the cloak on." James threw the invisibility cloak over the three and they went down into the common room. They sprinted out of it and ran all of the way to the Gryffindor room. There, waiting for their return, was a very tired, and frustrated Karen.
"Finally guys, I almost fell asleep on my History of Magic homework. How did it go?"
"Good, it should be dry now. We put it on Lucius' too."
"How did you get in their common room?"
"We waited 'til someone entered and followed suit."
"Cool, I can't wait until tomorrow."

"Karen, have you ever noticed that Lucius is always on Snape's left side."
"No, but now that I think about it, he is."
"Well look at the back of his robes." She turned around as Severus and Lucius walked by. On Snape's robes James, Remus, and Sirius wrote I R Loser, and on Lucius' they wrote IM With Loser, with a arrow pointing right.
"Oh my, we are going to have a field day."
"Sush, here comes McGonagall."
"Hello you five." Peter sat down next to James before McGonagall showed up. "You wouldn't have any idea how those got on Mr. Snape and Mr. Malfoy's robes, do you?"
"Are you saying you think we did it Professor? I was at my detention, and when I came back these three were in the common room. But I don't know where Peter was." She looked at Peter with a smirk.
"Mr. Pettigrew where were you last night?"
"I..I.. I was in the… the… the library."
"Quit stuttering. I'll see you five later. Good day."
"Later Professor."
"Dear, dear Peter. Lying to a teacher, shame, shame."
"Wha… What do you mean?"
"I was in the library before I went to the common room, you weren't there. Unless you were in the restricted area."
"No.. No I wasn't."
"'fess up before I give you a Truth Potion."
"I… I was outside.. with… With Malfoy."
"What were you doing out there?"
"He.. He dared me to touch the trunk of the Whomping Willow." Remus suddenly went pale.
"Can you be ever so dumb. Are you some kind of idiot!"
"Karen," Sirius put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down in her seat, "eat something. We never know if we are going to miss lunch again." She grabbed a muffin and left the Great Hall.

"Darkes!" Karen turned around. Right infront of her face was a wand, belonging to no other than Severus Snape.
"Yes? What do you want?"
"You wrote this on my robes didn't you. You wrote 'IM with loser' on Lucius."
"No I didn't. I had detention last night."
"Ooo, little Ms. Perfect had detention. That's hard to believe. Guess what? You get to be the first one to see all of the curses I learnt this summer." Karen tried to dart but Snape put a full body bind on her, and several other curses.
"Have fun." He took the body bind off and ran down the hall.
"Great." She left the entrance hall and went in search of the infirmary.

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