A solid thud was heard from the end of the bed as a cold winter breeze swept through the room startling the sleeping figure awake. The figure rubbed its eyes and looked around the room. Seeing the window open they called out, "Jack?" A gasp filled the air and the figure moved down its bed to look at the floor where the Winter Spirit layed.

"Hey squirt," Jack groaned out. The figure's eyes widened at the Guardian of Fun appearance as blood soaked through his blue sweatshirt in multiple places.

"Jack!" the figure cried out, "What happened!? Was it Pitch!? Where are the others!?" Jack tried to laughed, but soon started was coughing up blood.

"Their ending us," Jack gasped out.

"Who, Jack?" the figure questioned. They had grabbed their blanket to help stop the blood.

"The ones that created us. That created the Man in the Moon. They already got Tooth and Sandy. North and Bunny are still holding them off," Jack told the figure. As he spoke his body started to shine with a blue light. "Guess I'm next."

"W-What can I do, Jack?" The figure asked watching as Jack Frost started to fade away.

"You gotta keep believing, squirt. Promise me that no matter what you'll keep believing. You have to keep us alive even if we aren't here anymore. Promise me," Jack said as most of his body faded into light.

"I promise," the figure cried as Jack Frost disappeared. They stayed there kneeling on the floor for what seemed like hours. Think about everything that Jack had said. Then the figure's head lifted up and determination could be seeing in their eyes.

A few weeks later

Tons of people ages as young as four to as old as sixty talked on phones, ran messages, and called out new places to add to the map. One figure stood in the back looking around remembering the promise that gave to their friend what seemed like only yesterday. "Hey, guys we just got a new recruit!" Someone called out to surrounding cheers.

The figure smiled, "Looks like the it's time for the Guardians of the Guardians to get to work."