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A young girl no older than eleven stood nervously in front of a large train. She was olive toned with blond hair that hung just above her shoulders. She was wearing a pair of ragged jeans and a faded yellow t-shirt and warn brown tennis shoes. Her ocean blue eyes stared the scarlet smoke billowing from the engine warily before pushing her trolley towards the train. She pulled her large, dark brown trunk behind her and a cat carrier in the other hand searching for an empty room. She found one at the back of the train and quickly settled in.

She opened the cat carrier allowing a small calico kitten to leap into her lap. The small bell on her light pink collar jingled quietly. It purred softly curling into a small ball in her lap. There was a soft knock at the door causing her to look up. A boy with messy black hair and bright emerald green eyes looked around nervously before settling on her. "Do you mind? Only, everywhere else is full." She smiled nodding and he quickly put his belongings away before sitting across from her. "I'm Harry. Harry Potter." She glanced up at the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. "I'm Sarah Griffin. Nice to meet you." There was a slight pause before she continued. "This is Kairi by the way." She said petting her kitten. "She's cute." Sarah smiled. "Thanks. I found her. She was a stray near my home." "Did you know about magic?" Harry asked. Sarah shook her head. "No. Professor McGonagall came to see me and told me about Hogwarts and gave me my letter. I always knew I was different than the others." Harry looked at her in confusion. "The others?" Blue eyes bore in green. "At the orphanage." She watched him expecting the same look everyone gives her when they find out, but it never came. "I don't live with my parents either. I live with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin." He turned away with a scowl and she didn't press for details.

The door opened and a little plump lady with a trolley full of snacks smiled kindly. "Anything off the trolley dears?" Sarah shook her head. "No thank you. I brought my lunch." Harry browsed the trolley picking out a couple snacks and two drinks. He paid his fare and shut the door with a thank you. "Here you go." He tossed one of the drinks to Sarah. "Thanks." She said softly. "You're my friend." He said simply and bit off a chunk of liquorish wand. The rest of the trip was spent chatting and getting to know each other. When the sun set Sarah guided Kairi back into the crate saying she thought they'd arrive soon. Harry stepped out allowing her to change in to her robes and vice versa. Sarah was right and they arrived shortly after. Both Harry and she were shocked at what they saw. Hogwarts loomed over them in all its glory with the large lake sparkling under the full moon.

They stood there unsure of where to go. "Firs' years over here! Firs' years!" They turned to the large bearded man by the lake. Sarah's eyes grew wide at the sight of him. "That's Hagrid." Harry stated. "He seemed nice when I met him." Sarah followed Harry towards the large man. "Tha's right, three to four to a boat. There yeh go." She followed Harry into a boat that had a girl with bushy brown hair. She shuffled in nervously. The boats seemed to be pulled by an invisible string and soon enough they were marching up the castle stopping in front of a set of oversized doors. A tall, thin woman looked over them. She had grey hair tied in a tight bun. She wore dark robes with a tall pointed hat and a stern expression. "That's Professor McGonagall." Sarah whispered to Harry. He nodded in acknowledgment. "Good evening." She said with a clear, crisp no nonsense tone. "I am Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and your Transfiguration teacher. In a few moments you will be sorted into your houses. Now, while you are here your house is like your family. Throughout the year you will earn or lose points. You earn points through triumphs and good behavior. Any rule breaking and you will lose points. I will come for you all shortly.

The student body began to whisper excitedly. "So it is true then. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts." There was quiet murmuring as attention fell between Harry and a boy with bleached blond hair that was slicked back. He stepped in front of Harry. "I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." Sarah covered her mouth hiding a smile. "You'll soon learn that some Wizards are better than others." Draco eyed a red headed boy nearby with a sneer before looking back at Harry. "I can help you there." He held out his hand. "Harry eyed it a moment before looking at Sarah. She shrugged. "Er. Thanks Malfoy, I'll keep your offer in mind." There was a collective gasp as Harry shook Malfoy's hand. "This is Sarah by the way." Malfoy gave an appraising look to Sarah. "A pleasure to meet you." Sarah smiled slightly. "Likewise." Before any more could be said Professor McGonagall came back. "We're ready for you now."

Sarah observed the Great Hall with wonder and amazement. "It's not really the sky." She heard the bushy haired girl state. "It's bewitched to look like the sky. I read about it in Hogwarts: A History." The Professor called for attention. "Now, when I call your name, you will come up here and I will place the sorting hat on your head. First up, Hannah Abott." Sarah turned to Harry who was listening to Malfoy talk about how grand the Slytherin house is. "Sarah Griffin." She looked fearfully at Harry and he gave her an encouraging smile. Sarah walked up the steps hoping that she wouldn't trip. She sat on the stool and felt the heavy fabric of the hat fall on her. Hmm. Very interesting. Even I thought this line died out years ago. You don't seem to belong in that house though… No, you will do well in… "SLYTHERIN!" The hat called out. Sarah turned to the table that began to clap and with a nervous smile went and sat down hoping that Harry too would be put in Slytherin. When Malfoy was called up the hat barely seemed to touch his head be the hat sorted him into Slytherin. He smirked sitting across from Sarah. Sarah paid him no mind though as Harry was called next. She didn't know why the entire room fell into a complete silence, but she suspected it had something to do with him being famous.

Harry sat down nervously scanning each table before settling on Sarah. She smiled encouragingly as the hat fell, covering his eyes. Hmmm… Difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage I see, and a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you. Harry thought about when he heard the red head state that all witches and wizards were evil in Slytherin. Harry thought that the boy had to be wrong though. Sarah was in Slytherin. She wasn't evil. Ah yes… Slytherin. You will do great things Harry Potter. "SLYTHERIN!" The hall was silent. No one clapped. Harry was unsure what to do until Sarah began to clap excitedly. Malfoy followed suit and soon the entire table broke out into applause. Harry grinned sitting next to Sarah. She leaned over to him as McGonagall hesitantly called out the next name. "I'm really glad you were sorted into Slytherin Harry." She whispered. Harry smiled back before he could respond though, he felt a shock of pain in his forehead. He winced rubbing his scar. Both Malfoy and Sarah looked at him in concern. "Are you ok Harry?" Malfoy asked. "Yeah. I'm fine." He answered distractedly. He glanced up at the staff table and met eyes with the headmaster. He seemed to be frowning deeply staring at Harry. "Why is he looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong?" His question brought attention from some other fellow Slytherin's. A girl with long wavy blond hair and light screen eyes laughed lightly. "Old Dumbledore is torn up that the Boy-Who-Lived was sorted in Slytherin instead of the mighty Gryffindors." Sarah looked between her and Harry. "Boy-Who-Lived?" She asked. The table fell silent. "Are you a Mudblood?" A Pug faced girl asked in disgust. Sarah shrugged. "I don't know. I was found on the door step of an orphanage when I was an infant." The blond girl patted Sarah on the shoulder. "Well honey, we're just going to have to find your heritage then. I'm Daphne Greengrass by the way." Sarah smiled hoping she made another friend. "I'm Sarah." Harry frowned at Dumbledore's dark expression whenever he looked towards him. He looked away from the old man's glittering blue eyes behind those half-moon glasses. "So that's Harry's story." He heard Daphne say. He watched Sarah gauging her reaction. "No offence Harry, but I think it's kind of silly to worship someone who was a baby. I mean, no one really knows what happened, right?" There were some collective nods and Harry couldn't help but grin, hoping against hope that he found his family here.