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School was uneventful for the most part. Soon it was October and the students began to bundle up in scarves and gloves to endure the dropping temperatures. Halloween night however as eventful a night they could get. It started out normal enough when Quirrel ran into the Great Hall hollering about a troll in the dungeon. After the initial shock panic set in. "SILENCE!" Dumbledore called out, echoing in the hall. "Prefects, take your houses to the dormitories. Slytherins will stay here in great hall. Teachers will follow me to the dungeon. No one noticed Professor Quirrel leave in the crowd. Sarah looked down at her plate with a frown, her eye brows furrowed in thought. "How would a troll get in the school?" She heard a student ask. "Trolls are really stupid. There's no way they could get in on their own." Another said. "Harry." Harry looked up at Sarah. "Isn't Professor Quirrel an expert in trolls?" She whispered. He shrugged. "That's what I've heard anyway." "So then," Sarah continued. "If he is considered a troll expert, why didn't he take care of the troll?" Harry frowned considering the facts at hand. "Well it's obvious he let it in as a distraction." Malfoy drawled. Malfoy smirked at Sarah and Harry. "It's not like you two were exactly being quiet." He said with a slight snicker at their surprised faces. Before the conversation could continue however, Dumbledore and the other teachers entered. McGonagall looked white as a sheet. "I must ask you to report to you common room immediately." Dumbledore stated waving them away.

In the common room, Daphne, Sarah, Harry, and Malfoy sat around the fire place talking. "Am I the only one who thought the professors seemed odd?" Daphne asked brushing a lock of blond hair behind her ear. Sarah nodded. "And did you see McGonagall? She looked as if she saw a ghost!" "I wonder if a student was hurt." Harry said quietly. The others fell into silence. "Well if you ask me, I hope it was that Mudblood Granger." Malfoy sneered. Sarah scowled at him. "I wouldn't wish harm on anyone Draco. What goes around comes around." Malfoy scoffed. "She's just a Mudblood." He stated condescendingly. "Do you call me a Mudblood?" Sarah asked quietly. "Because as far as I know I am!" She began to yell tears threating to fall. Magic is magic Draco. Pureblood or not if you have magic you have potential!" She turned away not wanting him to see her tears. "I'm going to bed." She stated with a near whisper and disappeared down the stairs. Daphne glared at Malfoy. "You are insensitive bastard you know that? You know that it is a sensitive subject for her right now." Malfoy had the decency to look a little ashamed. "Has your Dad found anything on her lineage yet?" Harry asked. "He won't tell me what he knows yet." Daphne answered. "With whatever he's found on her last name, he wants to make absolutely sure it's true before telling us." "Maybe she's a descendant of Gryffindor." Malfoy said jokingly. "Her last name is Griffin. For all we know, she could be." Daphne said softly."

The next day at breakfast Dumbledore called for attention. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am afraid I have grave news for you this morning. A fellow student, a first year Gryffindor, Hermione Granger, was found dead in the girls bathroom. Unfortunately, she had not heard about the troll and she crossed its path. Let us bow our heads in respect to this bright young witch who died far too soon." Everyone, even Slytherins bowed their head as silence fell over the staff and students like a blanket. "How incredibly sad." Sarah said softly. Harry nodded solemnly. "Word along the table is Ron Weasley was making fun of her. She had spent all of yesterday in the girls bathroom crying. That's why she didn't know about the troll. She wasn't even at dinner." Pansy Parkinson said loudly. Sarah looked across the hall at the Gryffindor table and Ron who was chatting animatedly with Seamus Finnegan. A dark look crossed her face. "He doesn't even look remorseful." She said with a sneer.

On the way to the common room that evening Sarah was developing a plan to make sure Weasley would pay. So she decided to write a letter to the daily prophet. She spent a good hour on the letter before she was satisfied with it.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Sarah Griffin, a first year at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Last night, October 31st, a troll was found in the castle and killed another student. While I understand that accidents happen, she was frequently bullied causing her to be where she was that night instead of at the Great Hall with the rest of the students. What is worse though, is Mr. Ronald Weasley, who bulled Ms. Granger to her death, received a simple slap on the wrist. As a concerned student of this prestigious school I want to rectify this situation and see that Hermione Granger gets the justice that she deserves.


Sarah Griffin

"Harry, can I borrow Hedwig?" Harry looked up from his foot long potions paper and shrugged. "Sure." Sarah smiled brightly. "Thanks. I'll be back in a few." As she watched Hedwig fly into the night she shed a tear for someone she didn't even know. She jumped at a sudden voice. "You don't act much like a Slytherin." It was a boy, Neville Longbottom. She thought his name was. "To be Slytherin, you must be sly, ambitious, and cunning. It does not say you have to be evil." Sarah gave a levelled look at Neville. "What are you doing here?" Sarah asked. "Same as you I expect. I dent a letter to my Grams about Hermione. Something needed to be done. I think she'll know who to contact." Sarah stared at him a moment contemplating. "You are good at your act Longbottom, the whole school has fallen for your bumbling fool act. The question is why?" Neville looked out at the moon and stars in thought. "I hate them. Death Eaters. One in particular. He name is Bellatrix Lestrange. She tortured my parents to insanity. They're at St. Mungos now. My own parents don't recognize me." Sarah stared at him. "Why are you telling me this?" Neville sighed. "I have no idea, but, you defended Hermione when no one else did. You have my respect for that." Sarah gave a friendly smile. "Thanks. Walk back with me?"

The next day Sarah waited patiently for the mail and wasn't disappointed when student began to read the Daily Prophet. Soon, the entire student population was staring at one Ronald Weasley. "How could you Ron? Hermione was one of the nicest girls I know!" Lavender Brown called out throwing her paper in his face and storming out of the hall. Even his own brothers looked away in shame. Sarah and Neville exchanged looks from across the room. He raised his goblet to her and she did the same. "This is your doing isn't Sarah." Harry said reading the front page article. "Of course." Malfoy smirked reading over Harry's shoulder. "Very Slytherin of you. This puts Dumbledore in a sticky situation." Sarah shrugged. "That wasn't my intention, but I can't help what his actions lead him to."

Soon the holidays were upon them and all the Slytherins left to their respective homes, save for two first year Slytherins. Harry and Sarah, deciding to avoid their muggle caretakers as much as possible stayed at Hogwarts with a few other students. Including one Ron Weasley. Sarah, who had taken a strong liking to potions, frequently helped Professor Snape prepare ingredients for various potions in her free time. Humming a soft Christmas tune she made her way to the potions lab to do her work. She stopped before rounding the corner when she heard voices. "You don't want me as your enemy Quirrel." She heard Snape say quietly. "W-Wh-What do y-you mean?" Quirrel stuttered out. "You know exactly what I mean, I don't know what you want with the stone, but I am watching very, very closely." Snape said in a soft yet menacing tone. She heard the swish of his cloak and she knew he was gone. She waited until she could no longer hear Quirrel's footsteps before continuing on to the potions lab. 'What Stone?' She thought. 'It must have to do with the third floor corridor. I should tell Harry.'

"Ya know Sarah, most people avoid doing work over the Holidays." Harry said laughing while Sarah studied a book from the library. She shot him an annoyed look. "I'm researching magical stones. Quirrel is after something hidden in this castle. I want to know what." Harry sighed picking up a book called 'Various Stones and their Magical Properties'. "Well, I'll help you then." Sarah gave him a grateful look. What seemed like hours to Harry Sarah suddenly cried out in shock and excitement. "Harry! Harry! I found it! Dumbledore is hiding the Sorcerer's Stone! Listen, Nicholas Flammel created the Sorcerer's Stone. It is said it turns any metal into pure gold and created an elixir that makes you nearly immortal. Nicholas Flammel just celebrated his 665th birthday! This is what Quirrel is after." She paused. I don't understand why though." She trailed off in thought. "Who wouldn't want it?" Harry muttered. "So, what should we do?" Harry asked. "What do you think?" Sarah asked, looking to Harry for leadership. "Snape thinks the Quirrel is after the stone for evil. Maybe even bring back Voldemort. Let's just sit back for now and keep an eye on Quirrel. If he tries anything we'll alert Professor Snape." Sarah nodded in agreement before stretching. She began to scratch Kairi behind the ear listening to her purr. "I don't know about you, but I'm completely beat. Good night Harry." "Night Sarah." Sarah scooped up Kairi and disappeared to her room.

That morning Sarah laughed as Harry stumbled up the steps, his hair tussled and glasses skewed. "Happy Christmas Harry." "Happy Christmas." He muttered flopping on the sofa near the fire place and Christmas tree. "Present?" She offered him, holding up a small green box with a silver bow. He cracked his eye open in surprise. I have presents?" He questioned. Sarah laughed. "Yes, loads of them. More than me." She said opening her own present from Malfoy. It was a rare book on potions. "Who's this from?" Harry asked holding up a shimmering cloak. Sarah shrugged looking at the wrapping. "It says it was your Dad's. Put it on." Harry threw it around his shoulders. "Holy shit!" Sarah yelped backing away from Harrys floating head. "My body's gone!" Harry said in shock looking around at himself. "An invisible cloak?" Sarah wondered touching the now invisible fabric. "Wicked." Harry said with grin.

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