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Dead silence.

In the quiet Harry is sure he can hear the skin cells in his chest knitting back together. He clenches his eyes together so tight he's surprised that they aren't bleeding – but wait, he'd have to be normal to not heal instantly and he has never been normal.

He chances a glance up at the other's faces. Clint is still standing with his arm around Natasha's shoulders- offering comfort. Neither have tears but he didn't expect them because- other than him- they are the most aware that there is always the possibility of casualties.

Bruce looks relieved and maybe a little apprehensive but mostly just relieved that his friend is still alive. Harry is glad someone's relieved because looking at the stony face of Tony, his friend- best friend now that everyone else he knew is gone, gone forever- and Steve's calculating gaze.

-line break-

Thor is not surprised.

He is not a mastermind. He prefers action first but has seen enough battles to know some things need to wait to be revealed. He has always noticed the hum of power around Harry. The lingering shadow's in his eyes, the humorless tilt of his mouth when he is lost in his thoughts. However he thought Harry was just a powerful Midgardian.

But Harry's powers have always whispered of the absolute. It occurs to Thor that Harry, if so inclined, could destroy the world with a thought, he pushes this out of his mind because not even the All-father could destroy a planet with a thought. He does not think of it again until Loki comes to visit.

Once, after Loki finished his punishment, he visited the Avenger's Tower. Harry had joined by then and had moved into the tower with a sort of longing and an intensity that reminded Thor of warriors who had lost everything but had found another reason to fight in their new comrades. And by now he knows that Harry has the kind of power to destroy the world and Thor also knows Harry well enough to understand that he will never use it- if only because then he would be all alone once again.

He remembers the day Harry and Loki met well, because Loki stepped into the room with the entire Avenger's team in it and froze. He sucked in a breath and there was genuine sorrow in his eyes when he looked at Harry. And he whispered words to quiet for humans, even the Black Widow, to hear.

"So young." He breathed. "For such a heavy burden. I am sorry." And he was. Because now that his head was clear he could see that it was going to be Hell to live forever, especially when everyone else on your planet barely made it a hundred years.

And Harry gave a brittle smile that spoke of inner pain and long obtained resignation. "It is my burden to bear."

And Thor was glad that he did not know of what they were speaking of. He had learned the knowledge long ago that if Loki thought something was to be pitied then he was right.

And Thor didn't want to know what was wrong with his friend because Harry didn't want pity.

It was too bad he felt he already knew.

-line break-

Of course Tony breaks the silence first.

With a slow, deadly tone he asks, "What was that?" It comes out icy and detached but Tony can't find it in himself to care. He is both disgusted and fascinated as he watches Thor walk over and pop Harry's ribs back in place as he waits for a reply.

Harry's eyes are dead when they meet Tony's. "I told you I was a freak."

And Tony has never hated himself anymore than he did at that moment. Because he knew Harry had some childhood issues and knew that some words should never be used- even if he was joking. And why couldn't he just concentrate on his friend bring alive? But Tony was a Stark so he still he had to ask.

"But your ribs- how did you- how did you even survive?" He croaks out as Thor carries Harry from the floor to the couch.

Thor places Harry gently on the couch. Once on the couch Harry tries to relieve the ache of ribs by leaning backwards and instead releases a pained grunt when it pulls at the wound. He's suddenly just so tired.

"I told you about the Deathly Hallows-"He starts and then stops abruptly, having no idea how to continue.

"The fairy tale?" Clint asks. "What does that have to do with this?"

Harry lets out a soft, exhausted sort of laugh and then sighs tiredly. "Is anything just a fairy tale anymore?" He takes his shirt and the team is greeted with the sight of an old wound that seems to have been branded into his skin right where his heart lays.

"But we went swimming and I never-"Tony begins immediately.

"A glamour, Tony. Just a glamour." Harry's voice is soft and gentle and the words still hit Tony like a sledgehammer.

"Someone branded you?! Who do we have to kill-"Tony is broken off by Harry's laughter.

"You wouldn't be able to kill the person who gave me this brand, Tony." Harry states, eyes shining with mirth.

"But-"Tony begins, affronted.

"Tony, let Harry finish." Steve commands, fed up with the lack of information.

Bruce's clam brown eyes meet Harry's and suddenly Harry is aware that Bruce knows, he knew the moment he saw the mark and no matter who he loses today he will at least keep Bruce.

Harry takes his hand and traces the first line. "The Elder Wand," He traces the circle on his chest next, "The Resurrection Stone," The final, outer layer is traced next. "And the Cloak of Invisibility. Together they make the Deathly Hallows. Together they make one Master of Death.

Solemn eyes meet those of his teammates.

"I am the Master of Death."

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