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This chapter is inspired by a Criminal Minds episode. I don't own Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, or the Avengers. And this contains NO Criminal Minds characters.

Chapter 11: Fury and Revelations

It was a typical Friday morning in S.H.I.E.L.D.: a nuclear attack thwarted, some criminals caught, a war brewing. Typical.

What wasn't typical, however, was that there was a very dangerous man aiming to take down S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. He had already killed three; needless to say Director Fury's day wasn't going well. He refused to lose another agent, refused to have to tell another family member that someone they loved dearly was never coming back. Fury was out of options so he called in his secret weapon: Potter. Potter was a lot of things- Kind, friendly, and childish when calm but he was also ancient and powerful and forever so Fury never called him in unless it was important and Potter never volunteered to help. Fury knew the addictions of power and while he was glad someone who didn't crave power had as much of it as he did, Fury couldn't help but feel- in that very small part of himself that still believed in the individual over the bigger picture- that nobody deserved the curse of immortality less then Harry Potter. Regardless of his personal feelings (and they wanted to keep Potter far, far away so he would rest, take a break, do something besides this, awful endless fighting) he called Potter in and made sure none of the other Avengers came.

The hiss of electric doors sliding open roused Fury from his thoughts and he greeted the new comers as he rose. "Agent Melkin, General CaHill, General Hardy. Our last member for this meeting will be here shortly." Even as he spoke the words Potter walked in with his tight dragon-skin pants tucked into black dragon-scale boots that wouldn't hinder his agility. A tight black t-shirt and a thick leather over-coat that hit to mid-thigh were used to shield his skin without causing limitations to his movement. His inky black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail at the nape of his neck. Overall his appearance screamed knowledge: both great and terrible and eyes full of something Fury and other experienced individuals would call weariness and long lingering ghosts and others would call just cool calculation. Idly, Fury wondered just how long those ghosts had haunted his agent and exactly how any more ghosts in those eyes would be his fault. Shrugging off those thoughts for another time- when he let his guard down in his own room and fell into self-pity that humans were always going to do these things to each other and someone good would always have to sacrifice something to keep the peace- He introduced Melkin, CaHill, and Hardy to Potter. He had a job to do after all.

He was finalizing the plans Potter had drawn up with CaHill and Hardy when he heard it. A nasally scoff by Melkin followed by "You know nothing of war, boy." Melkin practically hissed. And Fury turned around so quickly he almost knocked both Generals over. Fury knew that saying Potter didn't know about war and calling him boy were two of his triggers but by the time he turned around Harry- Potter, Potter he reminded himself (He couldn't let himself get close to any agent- he couldn't afford to.)

"I have experience in war." And then he laughed.

Mocking, ancient, and terrible was the laughter that shook the Generals to either side of him to their cores. "Experience: the most brutal of teachers. But you learn my god do you learn." (1)

Sometimes times Fury forgot just how terrible Harry Potter could be. Not in action and not in deed but by the simple fact that he didn't even realize what his words did. The nightmares they haunted. And for that, and that alone, Potter was the most dangerous person he had ever met. He only hoped future generations learned not to provoke him unnecessarily or they would be in for a very rude lesson.

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