"No." I heaved breathlessly. My body was too insanely out of shape for all this running. Leaning against a tree, I stared into the black sky. The full moon illuminated everything from the dew to the snarled limbs of every branch that hung just above my head.
"This way!" My head snapped towards the voice, followed by many others. They can't find me! I began to run again, ignoring the splitting pains in my sides. I was running away, from home? Yes. From life? Trying to. From people? Hell yes.
In my line of vision I made out an abandoned house, more like a cottage. Instead of debating my wits I fled inside. Yanking the hard wood door open and shut behind me. I slid down to the floor and began to sob softly. Why was I running away? I'll tell you...
I like fire, I like the feel I get when I burn things. By things I mean Animals, bugs, people's pets, this time it wasn't so easy to control my urges. My adventures usually happened at night, but this time I slipped, I couldn't hold back. I gutted, poured ignition fluid on and lit the neighbors poor little cat. All just before dark. All in the front lawn of their home.
If only I could have waited. I wouldn't be getting chased. I didn't choose to think this way! The tears finally fell and my sobs grew. I saw movement. A figure rising from the corner. The bottom half blended in with the black, blankness of the room while his jacket...no Hoodie glowed in the moonlight from the broken window. My eyes fell on the figures face.
A man. I thought it was a man. His hair I figured was black, and his skin as white as the moon that hung in the sky. Looking bleached almost. His eyes, never blinking, were rounded in black rings. But what caught my attention most was his smile. A smile cut into his cheeks, two curved slits towards his temples almost.
He casually walked over to me, sighing, annoyed. A glint in his hand,...a knife. As he came closer I noticed his hoodie and the knife were stained with blood. Taking note of my glance he tucked the knife into the pocket of the hoodie. He sat next to me.
"Who...are you?" I choked out, wiping the tears from my face. "Jeff. What are you doing here, little lamb?" His accent was Northern. Why was he in the south? And why was he hiding and blood soaked? I looked into his staring eyes, "Natalie. My names Natalie, not Lamb. I'm being chased." At the last word I let loose of all restraint, burying my face in my hands and began truly crying. The voices were faint but he and I heard them, I didn't care anymore.
"Shut the fuck up or they'll hear you!" He growled. I snapped my face towards his. His voice changed. Almost animalistic. He placed his hand over my mouth, and adverted his eyes away from mine and whispered, "Sorry, just keep it down. Once they pass you must persuade me." My eyes widened, "For what?" My speech was muffled but he heard me clearly. His smile widened and he flicked his eyes back to mine, "Persuade me not to kill you."